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Back to School

Nicole’s Favorite Back-to-School Style Trends, Part 1

Hi girls! You know how much I love fashion, and I believe we can look trendy and modest at the same time! That’s why I created the Instagram account @nicoleweider. Here are some of my favorite looks and pieces for fall!


1. Bold prints. Bold prints will be seen everywhere this fall. They could be on tops, skirts or bags. The great thing about a bold print is that it looks good on anyone of any color or size! It’s all about pairing it with the right color. Here are some of my favorite clothing looks with this trend.

I love this top because of the simplicity of the black and white. The great thing about wearing these two colors is that you can pair it with a fun color, like cobalt blue or burgundy, to make it stand out. Also, don’t be afraid to wear florals in the fall. I think it’s all about the coloring of the floral print…like the one below. Since it’s black and white, it’s not so bright and summery. Know what I mean?

black and white top

Here’s another graphic print that’s pretty—but what’s even better is that it’s only $20! It’s from New York and Co. I’ve never really shopped there, but they have a lot of cute pieces online that are really affordable!

graphic top ny and co

Here’s a beautiful bold floral sweatshirt:

bold floral sweatshirt


2. Graphic tops. I love the playful look of all the sweatshirts and T-shirts I’m seeing with expressions on them—it’s a fun and unexpected twist to a regular outfit! Plus, if it could make someone else smile, who wouldn’t love it? Here are some of my favorites.

I actually just bought this top and it fits so well! I’m going to tuck it into a skirt for a more polished look, but you can wear this with jeans too. It’s from Nordstrom and it’s $39. I love it!

Happiness top

I’ve featured this before, but I just love it so much and it’s perfect for this trend! I found it on Piperlime (I love that site!) and it’s only $29. I love the French word on it, and it looks extra fancy with the gold lettering, which is a nice touch! Because this top has stripes across it, it has a neutral feel and can be paired with basically any color, like with a pale pink bag, as shown below.

l'amour top

How cute is this top? If you’re wearing it, you can’t help but be happy! I just saw this online and I knew I had to have it! 🙂 It’s from Nordstrom online. Here it is! 

born to be loved top

I also just found this cute shirt from Old Navy and it’s only $10! I love it!

graphic top from Old Navy

3. Cross-body bags. What I love about these bags is that you don’t have to worry about holding them as you would a tote bag, and they’re the right size if all you want to carry with you is a cell phone and a few other items. Here are some cute ones I love!

I think every girl should have at least one black purse. Why? Because it goes with everything! This one is super cute, and at only $30, you can’t beat it! This bucket style is also really big for fall.

black cross body bag

If you’re a girly girl like me, you might like this blush-toned bag. The quilted look gives it a classic feel, and the circular size is great for anyone who doesn’t carry a lot of stuff. Plus, at only $30, it’s a great deal.

pink quilted cross body bag

I just had to include this one as well. How pretty is this? The classic black quilted look with gold hardware is similar to the iconic Chanel bag. I love this one! And it’s only $31.

black quilted bag like Chanel


Would you wear any of these trends? Let me know in the comments about what fashion questions you may have, and if you want to see any particular trends for my next article! Also, follow me on Instagram for more fashion and beauty posts: @glamforGod.

Image: Chanel.com


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  1. princessladk

    Posted by princessladk on April 30, 2018 at 09:56

    I had a Vera Bradley Triple Zip Hipster bag in high school and it was the most PERFECT bag I ever had!

  2. EvieLove

    Posted by EvieLove on September 5, 2014 at 22:59

    A cross body bag is the perfect accessory for school. It’s so easy and cute 🙂 I use to be afraid to wear bold prints because I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off but after reading this post I think I’ll give it a try 😉 (I love the floral sweater)

  3. iluvprojectinspired

    Posted by iluvprojectinspired on September 5, 2014 at 11:19

    I loveeee graphic tees

  4. Mariposa

    Posted by Mariposa on September 4, 2014 at 19:19

    Love all these things!!! I’d love to get the happiness shirt 😀 money’s tight so I can just window shop but it is so cute! And especially that bold floral sweatshirt is just awesome 🙂

  5. Jesus_brooke

    Posted by Jesus_brooke on September 4, 2014 at 18:40

    I love graphic tees sooo much! 😀

  6. pinkkitty523

    Posted by pinkkitty523 on September 4, 2014 at 12:42

    Awesome! I just got money from my grandparents for my birthday and I’m going shopping sometime and this is right on time!