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Me Without Makeup


People have always told me I’m beautiful, but i never believed them. In 2010 my parents allowed me to start wearing makeup I got more comments on my beauty, but I realized the comments weren’t from people I considered credible. I found I was wearing it just to be like other girls and to make me less insecure, even though I wanted to be nothing like other girls. I now rarely wear make up and still get comments. What I like best about myself is my eyes, and I have found ways to wear little to no makeup and still accentuate them. Beauty is one of God’s many gifts, and I wish to keep mine the way He gave it to me.

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Image: Courtesy of Nikki


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  1. HappinessBreaksBones

    Posted by HappinessBreaksBones on November 7, 2012 at 02:16

    Your eyes and teeth are awesome :)and you are very beautiful without a doubt.