No, You DON’T Have to Prove Your Love! By PI Girl, Kimberly

    What is love really about? Love is a very powerful feeling given by God to all humanity. There are many people out there who misinterpret what love really means or what it really is. Love is a very beautiful feeling towards anyone you want.

    I am 16 years old and I may not be your best option for advice because I’ve never had a boyfriend before, which believe me is not “lame” in my point of view.

    Let me tell you a little about myself and why I have chosen these paths. I’m a Christian teenage girl, 16 to be exact. I’m in 11th grade and trust me, high school has not been easy for me. I’ve been bullied so much that I don’t think anything hurts me anymore.

    You are probably thinking, “This has nothing to do with relationships,” but here’s how it does: As a human being, we develop feeling towards others and as time goes by, it grows bigger. Well, last year I met a guy in school who made me believe he was my Prince Charming and we continued to be friends. Of course, I developed deep feelings for him.

    As time went by, he started to behave weirdly. His text messages began to worry me a little, but I never paid attention. That’s when I began to hear rumors about him around school.

    I began to lose friends because I would try to defend him. One day I went to talk to him in front of his friends and he completely ignored me, which made me feel bad, but I just ignored it. Days later he texted me saying, “You think you can come over my house?” and I said “Why?” and he said, “Because if you want to be my girlfriend you have to prove your love to me.”

    That’s when I realized that was it. I said “NO.” He began to swear at me. I just ignored him and until today I didn’t talk to him. I’m nice to him because I have God in my heart. I’m a very positive person and God tells me to forgive 70 times 7.

    Well, I have been single all my life for the reason that guys my age are very immature and I believe God is saving the one special someone who I will share the rest of my life with.

    Any girl out there who thinks they will stop being bullied if they do wrong things, or that they will be more loved by their boyfriends if they “prove their love,” and especially all those girls who think they are going to be “forever alone” — let me tell you: I know how you feel and trust me, it’s not worth it. God does special jobs for each one of his children. If you don’t believe in Him, trust me, when you come to Him and hold His hand and let Him lead your way, you will live a wonderful and happy life because a father wants the best for his children and you are not the exception.

    Girls, you’re beautiful the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not. But do remember that you’re created by God’s hands and He makes pure perfection.

    God is LOVE. First John 4:8

    Written by PI Girl, Kimberly


    1. I’m a 16 year-old, Christian girl who’s never had a boyfriend as well! 🙂 It’s great to know I’m not alone in this! This was amazing, relate-able, and it made my day! Thanks SO much!

    2. Glad to hear I’m not the only single high-schooler out there. 🙂 Well-written and really good to hear. Miss Nicole, please post more stories like these! They are SO encouraging! Am I right, girls?

    3. this is amazing!!! this is truly an amazing article-thanks so much for writing this! truly made my day! i love how you are not ashamed to have never had a boyfriend and how you don’t care if people think its lame. God bless!! <3

    4. I’m about to be 18 years old and I have never had a boyfriend let alone kissed anyone. Not that I didn’t have a chance to, I just never wanted to get serious with someone who wasn’t serious about me. I am not ashamed of my “prudeness” because I know God is keeping me pure for my husband, cause he sure isn’t at my high school!

    5. So glad to know I’m not alone! ( ps have you ever tried writing letters to your future husband? I have it helps me remember what I am waiting for and I think it will help him to know me better)

    6. I’m 17 almost 18 and have yet to have a boyfriend 🙂 I had a similar experience. The one guy who I really considered dating played me. He told me he loved me for a year and said he’d wait until I was ready. I found out he was fooling around with one of my friends when I didn’t text him one weekend. I forgave him, because like you said, God requires us to forgive. But I realized after almost another year of torture on what to do and feeling pressured by him to date him, that just because you forgive you don’t have to forget or do anything stupid.

      If I were married to him, I would have worked it out no question. But while you are single considering dating, it’s the time to be picky!! Don’t go out with guys who don’t love God more than they love you or want you to go against your morals. God has someone out there for you that is perfect for you! Just think about that. Your boyfriend/husband is out there alive and looking for you right now 🙂 Fall in love with him and fall in love with God so that no one can come to you but through Him <3

    7. i strongly agree. im 17 and never had a boyfriend. Could have, but God has granted me with a very wise older brother(20yrl) who is also my best friend. He always explains to me that if i seek the Kingdom of God first then everything will come with it, and the most amazing boyfriend as well. so i shouldnt waste myself and my feelings on anyone. i need to wait and sooner or later God will begin my love story 🙂

    8. I think this is an great article, it’s really awesome. Let me point something out though, love is not just a “powerful feeling” or emotion. I go to a catholic school so we have religion classes, and our teacher taught us all about how we should view love. It isn’t just an emotion, it is defined as “A decision to desire the good of another” and we shouldnt just treat it like a physical emotion or feeling. But besides that i completely agree with you, i have a boyfriend and i shouldnt have to “prove” my love to him. Awesome article 🙂

    9. Yes!! I’m 17 but I’ve never had a boyfriend! So glad to hear of other young Christian girls who are waiting for the one God has already picked out! Thanks sooooo much for sharing! This made my day!!!!!

    10. I love it. 🙂 Before I really devoted my life to Christ I was in an horrible relationship. I was threaten, mocked. And yet I stayed because I was to scarred to tell my parents the truth about what was happening. I pretended I loved him so I wouldn’t get yelled at. Sad. But that is what it took. It took God rescuing me from rock bottom, before I realized that He really cares. I was sent away and God did a complete work in my life. I have no idea why I just shared that but that’s my testimony and God has made me new. And you don’t have to be something your not to be loved. I know that God has an amazing guy for me and I am keeping my self pure for my husband one day and it makes me so happy to know that there are other girls out there that are looking up to God instead of being defeated because this world told us we had to be something we are not and that we have to prove we are worthy.

    11. I love your post! and i know exactly how it feels, im 5, in the 11th grade and i,ve also never had a boyfriend and i,m also bullied and disliked because of it. a lot of times i feel like giving up and giving in to peer pressure but your post just gave me new hope. it,s nice to know that there are others out there going through the same thing. THANK YOU!:)

    12. PI Blogger who wrote this article:
      I can’t even begin to describe how close your story matches mine. I am also in the 11th grade and I have a very strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Last year, during my sophomore year, I had a guy who developed strong feelings for me through our friendship. Although he did not ask me to “prove his love to him”, I still got indirect messages from him that suggested that we should take our relationship to the “next level”. I strongly declined and he was very understanding about it. I thank God everyday that his heart was softened enough to see that he was not the right one for me. We were never dating, but we were as close as siblings and we treated each other that way. I love him to pieces because I have the love of God in my heart.

      I can tell that you are a very mature young lady (I know that makes me sound really old-ha ha) and encourage you to keep contributing your blogs. 1 Timothy 4:12 all the way 😉

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