From a Project Inspired Girl, Kaitlyn – Not Everyone in a Christian School is a Real Christian! Here’s What You Can Do!

    I get a lot of people telling me that I don’t know what it’s like to be picked on or tormented by my peers because I went to a Christian school and my dad is the pastor of a church.

    This the farthest thing from the truth.

    I want to reveal to you how hard it’s really been for me as a teenager. It hasn’t been a picnic.

    For starters, just because the school is called a “Christian school”, it doesn’t mean all the students there are Christians. You would be shocked if you went to a sleepover with some of the “Christian” girls there and have seen the movies they watch, hear the music they listen to and the things they talk about. I’ve been so burdened for my fellow students that I’ve lost sleep crying to God for them and desperately begging for them to see the truth of the Lord.

    The thing is, they went to a Christian school and were fed the gospel left and right in Bible class, Wednesday chapel and through the Christian curriculum. For some of the girls, this education merely gave them a good cover. They would say they were Christian and point to the Christian school they attended in order to convince people that they were Christians. However, their lives, actions and words CLEARLY said otherwise.

    For others, they got so used to being told about the gospel, that they could easily tune it out at will and therefore the gospel had no impact. I have lost friends because I wouldn’t be around people who cuss or talk about nothing but hot guys. I stayed up all night crying and praying for seven long years for my schoolmates to find the Lord.

    Being a pastor’s daughter, my fellow students thought different of me. They thought of me as a Goody Two-Shoes (Not that there’s anything wrong with being one. Goody-Goodies ROCK!!!) and they disregarded everything I said because of it.

    If you have friends at school or at church who are obviously not following God, here’s what you can do:

    1. Pray… A LOT – God has a way of reaching into a person’s heart and convincing them. With dedicated prayer, God will move mountains and even soften the hardened hearts of those who’ve turned their backs on Him.

    2. Understand that God has the power… NOT YOU – Without God’s help, there would be no soul-winning. There would be no youth pastor leading a teenager to Christ and no sermon on earth could ever bring a person to his knees for salvation. These are all tools God uses to bring people to Him (and that includes me and you). We have no power aside from God.

    3. Speak the truth in love – Okay, let’s face it. When has walking up to someone and saying, “You’re a sinner and you’re going to Hell” made anyone turn to Christ? This happens a lot and it’s the reason why some people think of Christians as mean, rude or judgmental. Sometimes, the best way to give truth is not necessarily in the most blunt or straightforward way. Remember to be kind when witnessing and be sensitive to the fact that the person is not saved and may not understand.

    4. Be patient and wait for God’s timing – This is the hardest one. We may want the person or people we are praying for to repent and turn to God right away, but God may have something else in mind. EVERYTHING GOD DOES IS FOR A REASON. We may be praying for years and years before the person or people finally turn to God and get saved.

    The point is, you should love your peers because Christ loves them, and you should never give up on those you love, because God never gives up on us. It may not happen right away, but with dedicated prayer and witnessing, God can soften any heart, no matter how hardened it is.

    Submitted by Project Inspired fan, Kayla Connell


    1. This is SO true! Many times, being fed the Gospel so much makes kids turn away and rebel from it, which is what these girls are probably doing. I’ve met many kids as well who I’ve seen listed as Christian on FB and I remember sitting there thinking “…really?? I would have never guessed”. But the only thing I can do right now is show love and Christlike behavior myself, so that others can see the Truth thru me

    2. This article really helped me. I go to a public school and some of the kids make fun of me because they say I am super religious. Some people have thought that I was going to be a nun when I am not even Catholic. All of this is because I wear a cross and I try to do the right thing. It is good to hear that there are other people who are going through similar experiences. Thank you!

    3. I completely understand. For one, im definitely one of those goody-two shoes 🙂 my school this past year had a huge problem with online bullying. it was really sad. i had no clue about it because it was mostly in the grade below me, but really? i go to a high school! The school had to close some of the areas of the school we are allowed to hang out in, since we are high schoolers, but it really sucks that we have to pay for what one group of immature & inconsiderate teens did. I pray that more Christians, especially teens, will truly devote themselves to Christ & show his true love to others! sadly, i know many people, including my own father, who dont trust Christians because they believe we dont live by what we say anyways. Pray for our generation! and especially your friends!

    4. Reading this has been like reading my own high school career. Not the part about being a pastor’s daughter, but with everything else, I know EXACTLY how you feel! I’m continually shocked and saddened by the things that fellow students at my Christian school fill their lives with. If I had met them at a public school, there really wouldn’t have been anything that would have professed them to be Christian. Believe me, you’re not alone.

    5. I used to go to christian schools in elementary school, I was too young to notice then but the kids there weren’t Christ-Like either, I remeber the girls use to gossip nd always fight, but I apprciate this article cuz I know how it feels also 🙂

    6. Kayla, this is an amazing article! You should write for the page! Thank you so much for writing this because I know personally from experience that its hard in living a christian life at public school and loving and following God like I should. I pray for my lost friends every day! And each and every soul that needs Him! Im happy to know that I am not alone in being laughed at because im a”goody goody”. So once again thank you Kayla! (: God bless! And thank you too Nicole for starting the page!

    7. this is such a great article! My school is just like this, its a small private christian school, but most of the people in my grade alone you can tell they arent leading the life God wants them to. Especially the guys, which makes me sad that not even one of them will step up for Christ. I have been awake crying at night just like you have for my classmates. I will be praying for your school and for you!

    8. I agree so much with this!! I’m a fellow ‘Goody- goody’ and it’s not easy when some of your friends who claim to be christians sit around talking about things they shouldn’t and cursing.

    9. I feel the same exact way. I really understand where you are coming from.
      My dad is the principal at my Christian school, and it’s tough.
      Sometimes being made fun of can really knock me down, but when I look at the people’s lives, I understand that I really do have a better life because I have Jesus. Even my friends from church who go to public school visit my school and say, “Those people call themselves Christians?” I just pray for them and hope that someday God will be able to change their lives.

    10. funny I have good Christian friends that go to public school and I have “Christian” friends who go to a private Christian school and they can be rude, gossip,and leave me out. I don’t mean to be judging, if I am because I have a couple of flaws I’m working on aswell. Like what Kayla said, they just kind of tune the Gospel in and out and have heard it plenty of times and that’s what I did I went to church and I said a prayer to be saved and I don’t know how many times I tuned the Gospel in and out,but one day this year God just kind of woke me up and I spiritually was born again. Great artical! God bless you Kayla!!! 🙂

    11. Love it!! Its encouraging!!! I have a friend who is so hard hearted and this is really comforting because although no one has told me there is no way he will ever become a christian i know they think it and it brings my hopes down, a lot! i have been praying what seems like forever, about two years but i will keep on waiting and praying!!

    12. This is so great! I don’t go to a Christian school but I do go to a very conservitve charter school where almost everybody claimes that they are Christians. I also feel bad sometimes because lots of people thing that I’m a goody-two-shoes. Thanks so much!

    13. i love this article! i go to a Christian school and lots of kids there are using the “Christian” part as a cover-up….. im so glad u wrote this because i have felot bothered by this too!! i feel so much better now!! <3

      • I’m glad I could help, Maggie! It makes me soooo happy when people say things like this on the article that I wrote! That you! You are so encouraging and sweet!! I wrote it so I could help you girls and I’m so amazed that the Lord is using it!

    14. i love this article! i go to a Christian school and lots of kids there are using the “Christian” part as a cover-up….. im so glad u wrote this because i have felt bothered by this too!! i feel so much better now!! <3

    15. Thank you so much for this post!! I was homeschooled my whole life but then went to Christian school for 7th grade. I was shocked at the moral standards and how grossly low they were… I naturally expected everyone to have the same morals, values, and standards as me. They didnt. In my class, even though everyone said they were a Christian, there were really only about 5 that actually acted like Christians. In may, my friend and i did get to witness to this boy in our class who was really running away from God and didnt understand. (he cuts, smokes, has a new gf every other week and has sex with some of them, drinks, and hangs out with really bad friends.) please pray for him!!!

    16. I too go to a Christian school and I also am looked at differently because I follow Jesus. I lost friends as well because I didn’t want to stand around people who disrespect God in actions or words. I really want my school to know Jesus in their hearts. Thank you for your words and I will not give up praying.

    17. Thanks for posting this! I have been concerned this past year about my classmates and have even told one of my teachers about it, but it didn’t really help! This will be of great help! Thanks so much!

    18. I can totally relate to this! I also go to a Christian school, and I am TOTALLY a goody goody(Goody Goodys UNITE!!). Sometimes I don’t understand how the kids in my class can act the way they do. They don’t really curse or anything(not much..), but most of them are SO ungrateful, which is really discouraging. Thanks for the good advise! I appreciate it.

      • You’re welcome, Erin!!! Haha goodie-goodies ARE awesome because that means we have a reputation for doing right and following God’s word. I’m so glad I could encourage you through this. God bless!!!

    19. It is really nice to know that someone out there feels what I feel and sees what i sees and actually want to talk about it and address the issue it makes me feel even more normal to know that other teenagers want to be a part of god

    20. I love all you Project Inspired girls so much!!!! When I wrote this, I was hitting the keys, but God was actually writing it. I fell He used me to convey this message that he wants all of you to know. I love you guys and you are so sweet!!! <3

    21. I go to a private Christian school and there has been so much that has happened that at times I second guess if it really is “Christian” school. Most of the students do not act like Christians at all. I found a group of friends that I keep myself around so that we can avoid any and all temptations together.

    22. Wow, my friend Jacob was just telling me how most of his classmates at the Christian school he attends aren’t living Christian lives at all. It’s sad to see that it’s not just his school, it happens all over.

      On another note, I attend public school, and while most people aren’t living as a real Christian, my lunch table openly talks about God and Jesus, and two of my friends and I started a girls Worship club at our school. So all schools are different, but every school still has the good seeds.

    23. Thank you guys so much!! You girls are so sweet!!! You have no idea how awesome I feel when I read these comments. It’s so encouraging! Thank you again! I love that this has made an impact in some people’s lives. THANK YOU LORD!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!! AMEN!!

    24. This article is so amazing. I have always heard different advice about sharing my faith, but this is the first time that it really hit me. I realized that, in reality, it all is entirely up to God. We can’t change hearts, but He can. Thanks so much!

    25. What’s bad is when one of your own family members picks on you for being a “goody two shoes”… not that I mind that but it definitely gets old… And I have problems with friends who say something bad about someone and pick on me when I defend that person… Not nice! But hey that’s daily life… And God is proud of me 🙂

    26. That’s so true! Thank you for this website! Also I have a question- I got a second earpiercing? Is that bad? Am I making myself an idol? I just love to wear earrings and this way I can wear studs and hoops at the same time. Please reply back. Thanks. God bless! 😀

    27. I totally understand how you feel with this. I’m not a preacher kid, but I feel like one in my school. I’m probably the only girl in my class who carried a Bible around in her backpack all the time, and I go to a Christian school, too. Things have been getting better though, and most of the girls in my class are learning to truly show that they are Christians, but it is especially hard with the movies and music they like.
      I think your second point is the most powerful one, and also the one I forget the most. If I would stop and let God show his power, I think more people would see the need to follow him on their own, without our help. I feel like I get in the way sometimes of people’s faith because of my own problems, and so I try to step back and take the plank out of my own eye.

    28. At my school we have bible class too except, our chapel is on mondays … 🙂 but, yea I can relate to this article when it comes too the people i go to school with, some of them have their eyes on God and some need God to open their eyes to show them the truth but, i just keep having faith that God will help them out 🙂

    29. i go to a christian school and its pulled more away from God than closer… and i dont understand how not being friends with people who cuss and stuff will help stop them praying can only go so far

    30. I also attend a Christian School and can totally relate to this!!! Even people at my school call me too Christian or a Goody-Goody, but I understand now that if you aren’t being persecuted than you aren’t doing what you are supposed to. Jesus said (paraphrasing) If you love me the world with persecute you.

    31. Thanks for your words and encouragement to witness! I’m a pastor’s daughter who goes to a Christian School and it saddens me when I see kids who claim they are Christians but do not follow Christ. I’ve been picked on for following the rules,but I know God is the only one I have to worry about pleasing 🙂 thanks so much for sharing!!

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