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October Book Club: “Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending”

Hi beautiful girls,

Does it feel like fall yet wherever you are? I love it when the air turns crisp and cool, and everything feels fresh and new, don’t you? Fall brings such a sense of excitement and anticipation as we start looking forward to all the fun-filled events and family traditions that surround Halloween and Thanksgiving and lead up to the Christmas season.

I know from all your sweet letters, emails, posts, and our live chats that many of you are also filled with excitement and anticipation as you hope to one day find yourself in the middle of a real-life, romantic fairy tale. Well, I can tell you that your wait is over if you learn to fall in love with Jesus! That’s what author Dechari Cole shares with us in her new book, Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending, our October Book Club selection.

I love Dechari’s story because she is so real and honest about how she handled (and sometimes mishandled) her dating life throughout high school and college. She is real about all the ups and downs of dating guys who were great, not-so-great, and downright terrible. Along the way, though, the most important lesson Dechari learned is that no guy could win her heart and fulfill her needs like Jesus. Only when she fell in love with our Savior could she finally see the real-life fairy tale ending He had planned just for her.

Just like me, Dechari found her earthly prince after she started searching for Jesus. She found true love now and for all eternity! I love what she says on p. 156, when she describes how much Jesus wants each one of us. She tells us, “The search for you has already begun… Jesus loved you before you ever even knew Him. He accepts you for all that you are, and He wants to be with you always. He wants to protect you and guard your heart. He is ready to fight for you and rescue you. He’s already laid down His life to save you. He is searching for you. And in Him, you will find true love and, yes, there is no greater thing. Jesus is the Prince you’ve been searching for.”

Doesn’t that make your heart melt? So grab a hot cocoa, curl up in a cozy corner and read Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending with me and all our Project Inspired Book Club girls. You’ll be so glad you did! You can find it here and here or look for it in your local Christian bookstore.

Happy fall, my lovely ladies,



Image: iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Project Inspired


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