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Our Favorite Time-Lapse Hair and Makeup Videos

You may have already seen this extremely creative viral video that shows the token beauty “look” from each decade of the last 100 years. It’s fascinating how hair and makeup trends change over the years! Just think—your mom, grandmother and even great-grandma rocked these beauty fads in their day.


That fun video got us thinking about a few of our other favorite time-lapse hair and makeup moments. Check them out below!

One of the most powerful videos that ever went viral (all the way back in 2006) changed the way many people look at beauty advertisements. The Dove “Evolution of Beauty” video shows how very unrealistic many beauty ads are. The woman in the video is very pretty when she first sits down in the chair. A time-lapse of all her hair and makeup shows the kind of changes styling products can make. When it gets really shocking is when you see them Photoshop everything from the woman’s neck size to her eye shape and she becomes a totally different person! In the end, it’s haunting to see two girls strolling by the billboard, ingesting the unfeasible form of beauty without even realizing it.


While this video technically isn’t a “beauty”-themed time-lapse, it does show how drastically different someone, even a man, can look with a makeover. Dégagé Ministries commissioned this on behalf of their nonprofit organization for homeless veterans. In the clip, real-life veteran Jim Wolf had struggled with homelessness and alcoholism for decades. He receives the all-star hair and wardrobe treatment, and by the end, he could be any man on Wall Street. You can tell that having all of the hairdressers and fuss is a foreign concept to him, but the look of pride he demonstrates at the end is compelling. More than anything, the video conveys the power of second chances and shattered pretensions.


This one is also not necessarily what you picture when you think of “makeup”—it shows that it really can be a work of art! The video demonstrates the entire process of transforming a man into monkey for the movie Planet of the Apes. The application of everything from prosthetics to fur is incredibly intricate. It takes the makeup artists hours to do just one person…and the movie is filled with hundreds of them! It’s hard to believe that they just remove and wash it off after filming!


Have you seen any of these videos before? What is your favorite time-lapse video?



Which year of beauty is your favorite?

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  1. Shyanned

    Posted by Shyanned on January 3, 2015 at 10:02

    I hate watching advertisements now ever since my dad showed me the evolution of beauty video. I cant stand watching advertisements for beauty products that say you’ll look better, just take a look at this celebrity with her happy life and glowing face when in reality she has pounds of makeup on. I am fairly happy with who I am and I’m joyful for God making me the way He did and other girls should to. People struggle with who they are sometimes because of these advertisements who send off a secret message that say your not good enough if you don’t look like these people in the ad do.