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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Film Is Set to Hit Theaters This Easter!

The transformation, mission and ventures of Paul the apostle have gripped Christians for generations, not only in the formation of the church, but also in the shaping of theology and spiritual growth to this day. It’s been recently announced that Affirm Films has decided to take the apostle’s life to the big screen this Easter, starring familiar actors such as Jim Caviezel from The Passion of the Christ.

The film takes place toward the end of Paul’s life, with the introduction of his relationship with Luke and their decision to record the Acts of the Apostles. During a turbulent time for Christians, Paul sets out to get his final messages to the church of hope and redemption through Christ.

Check out the behind-the-scenes story of Paul, Apostle of Christ: The Heart of the Story below and let us know what you think!

To check out further details about the film, click here.


Image: Instagram @paulmovie


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