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Paying It Forward: Man Buys Meal for Hungry Stranger

Hey girls, “paying it forward” is a great way to give back. I hear so many amazing stories about people doing things for those in need, and without expecting something in return. How inspiring!

My hope is that the stories I share with you will inspire you to “pay forward” an act of kindness. They don’t have to be extraordinary offerings, but even the smallest kindness can make the most amazing impact.

Take a look at the following story, for example:

I pray these posts inspire you to perform similar acts of kindness. It could be offering someone a hot cup of coffee on a cold day or a tasty burger, because an act of kindness has no price.

Ladies, do you have an amazing story of someone you know who paid it forward — maybe from your church or school? We may feature your story next week.

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Image: YouTube Video


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  1. GorgeousSpirit2011

    Posted by GorgeousSpirit2011 on February 1, 2013 at 17:07

    That was kind of him to do that for that man.