PI Day: Project Inspired Girls Dream BIG!

    Gorgeous Girls! You have such amazing and beautiful dreams. I’ve received so many wonderful photos and stories from you and here are my favorites! Girls, You inspire ME to be better, dream big and love God each and every day.

    Today we are celebrating YOU and your BIG dreams. I’m so proud of you!

    Here are your photos and beautiful dreams!

    “I want to be a psychiatrist or endocrinologist (hormone doctor) when I get older. I know I will have to be well versed in my sciences, so I am already studying ahead for next year! I also drink lots of coffee, and I turn to my Bible for Psalms for strength and encouragement!” – Kayla Hanszek-Bril


    “This is me following my dream – I am a soul runner. I want to be in the Olympics someday. I run about 3-10 miles a day. I learned this from Autumn Miller, a famous dancer: That if you set your mind to something and never give up then you will achieve. So far I’m doing pretty good. I will always remember to do everything you do to the glory of the one who made you. I worship Jesus Christ as I run and I also remember that I’m running with him whether it’s from cross country, track or just practice. I love God and I will never forget that he is there to be my best friend and to encourage me. And to save me :)” – Rebecca Lesley


    “I am a fifteen-year-old girl, almost sixteen, who struggles in school. Not in the usual falling-behind way, but I’m so far ahead academically that it’s hard for me. So, I decided after my sophomore year that I would skip my junior and senior years of high school and go straight to college. And guess what? It happened. I’m going to college this fall to learn more and more. In the picture, I’m sitting in front of the University of Oregon’s School of Music. My dream is coming true thanks to God, my mom and a lot of hard work.” – Jenny Kelson


    “I want to be a photographer. On June 16, 2012, I got to photograph my first wedding! I had lots of fun and the couple was gorgeous. Hopefully, God willing, I’ll get to be the photographer at many more weddings, family and senior photo shoots!” – Kandis Spurling


    “My dream is to be a Missionary in Africa. Even though I’m too young, this may have been my first step to do help. My bible study group made little girl dresses for orphans in Africa. Their made from pillow cases and they are very simple to make. This picture is of me helping to make the dresses.” – Emily Hood


    “My dream is to make an impact in others lives. (That’s me in the bright yellow T-shirt!) I recently started a Middle School Girls Bible Study and through that I’m able to teach middle school girls and spend time getting to know each of them. This is a picture from the swim party we had not too long ago. One day I hope to be a teacher!” – Melissa Jennings


    “My dream is to go into the ministry. I was recently elected to be the first youth elder in my church’s 200 year history. Serving God is truly my top priority in life. I love serving him in and outside of my church.” – Audrey Canfield


    “Here is a photo of me on the first day of horse ownership. I trained this horse 100% myself — I was one of the first humans he ever interacted with! He is 3 years old and a big boy! He’s really helped me improve my horse training techniques and one day I hope to become a certified horse trainer. I’m so thankful that Jesus has given me this opportunity!” – Amina Abdelatey


    “A few years ago, I found out that I had a Connective Tissue Disease that affected my heart. After a little while of waiting, my dream came true. Last summer Make@Wish flew my family and me out to New York City and I became a model for a day. It was so much fun! I was pampered and treated like an actual model all day. I spent hours getting my nails, makeup and hair done. I tried on so many beautiful dresses. Some were even once worn my celebrities like Beyonce! After I found the perfect dress with the help of Mary Alice Stephenson, the photographer from America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker took my pictures! I came home with five pairs of shoes and over thirty dresses! I am so thankful that God allowed me to live my dream out for a day.” – Angie Deep


    “Besides my dream of getting married and becoming a mom (when it’s time), I can’t wait to become an interior designer! Yesterday I posted on Facebook some of my designs that I did in a class at school this past year.” – Baiyli Boyd


    “What I want to do when I grow up is to be a youth pastor and teach kids the word of God. I also want to make art and show people who God is by my artwork. In this piece I made I was inspired by the song “Jesus Paid It All.” I don’t know if you know that song, but there is a line that says, “My sin had left a crimson stain, He washed white as snow.” The red in the background represents the sin and the cross in the middle represents that you can only become clean through Him.” – Abby Degraff


    “This picture is of me posing with the guitar I used when I recorded my first original song to put on Youtube 🙂 This is a big step for me because I feel called to be a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter one day. I’ve loved music my whole life and have been writing songs since I was a kid. I got really serious about my songwriting in 2010 after watching and experiencing how music and lyrics can move people. I know I have a long road ahead of me because I know this is a big dream, but those who have experienced much pain usually have big dreams. In my life I have been bullied, watched my little brother almost die more than once, and helped friends through their own personal tragedies. Writing helps me get through these things and when I sing I feel God with me. Psalm 22:3 says, “The Lord inhabits the praise of His people,” and I can feel Him near when I pour out my heart in a song. Music has helped me through everything tough I’ve had to go through. I want to help people through hard times, and see lives changed for Christ through my music. 🙂 Here’s the link to my song if you’re interested.” – Katie Vestal


    “I am so blessed to have been a part of the Casper Children’s Chorale, a choir from a small town in Wyoming. My choir was chosen to go to NYC in April and sing in the National Children’s Choir festival in Carnage Hall! Not only that, but we got a solo performance on the stage for 15 minutes! When we sang, I felt an energy come through us like never before, and I felt that we did great and the audience (literally) leapt to their feet when we finished. I almost cried because of how amazing it felt, and I know I would have ever been able to do that without God’s help. I thank him so much for an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope God helps me accomplish my dream one day to become a professional singer, but I will let his will be done for my life.” – Aly Szymczak


    “I’m an aspiring actress, and Project Inspired has really encouraged me to keep on with it. This picture just a random shot of me on-set as I was working on one of my own short films. I am convinced that God has called me to act, and to eventually direct. Two years ago I would have thought that was crazy… But God has worked so much and shown me that this is what I’m to do. Your website is such an inspiration as I work towards my goals. (Auditions, auditions, auditions.)” – Abigail

    “Ever since I heard about it my freshman year, I dreamed of going with my school theatre group to perform in Scotland during the summer of 2012. One year later, my parents decided they’d let me go. Since then it’s been hard fundraising over $6,000, but I did it! Rehearsals started after school ended. The picture above is us practicing the final scene of the play. I’m the one in the jean shorts with the script covering half my face.” – Jocelyn


    “This is me, Briyah. I want to be a famous actress while shining God’s light. I want to prove that being sexy doesn’t make you smart and sophisticated and loving God is cool. I wanna be an actress after God’s own heart :)” – Briyah Phillips


    “When you told all the PI girls about today and DREAMING BIG, I was so excited! I kept thinking about my dreams and what God has in store for me! There are many things I’d loved to do, but some of those things may not be in God’s plan. One thing God and I have in common on what I want to do is to change the world! I have this feeling God wants me to do some thing big for Him! I don’t know what it’ll be. Whether it’s living in Africa taking care of orphan children or just being a pastor’s wife here in America. God knows His plans for me and I will follow Him! DREAMING BIG is taking whatever gifts God has given me and using them for Him!

    My dream is to be an actress who pleases God! One that doesn’t fall into sin and follow the crowd! While I’m being an actress, I want to design clothes that are modest and ones that every girl can wear without having to show everything for guys. Also, I would like to model the clothes I design.

    In this photo, I am singing in the school’s Christmas program. I am the girl in the purple outfit with the white headdress. I played the part of Mary. It was so much fun! This week I found out that I will be acting again in the school’s Christmas play. I am so excited!” – Brenna Thies


    “This is me making my dream come true. I’d like to be a big-time author some day and sell books that encourage people in their walk with Christ while entertaining them as well. So I’m working on a project that is based off of my life for the last few months. It has been a crazy time, but also a learning time. And some of the best times in my life. I’m in the midst of writing everything down as I remember it from a big event last week. I believe God can and will use me in this field some day.” – Dianna Skelley


    “This is actually the first step in working towards my dream — Discovering my talent. I learned that God gave each of us a special talent that we should use to glorify Him and spread His name throughout the world. Yesterday at church I played a song on the piano and sang it and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I stopped thinking, “I hope I don’t mess up” and thought, “I hope they feel Your presence like I do through this song”. Now I’ve decided that this is one thing I want to do to use my talents for Him. I want to use music to touch others with God working through me so that everybody who hears me hears Him.” – Adrianna Ward


    “I had the chance to be a counselor with two close friends for two weeks at Kokrine Hills Bible Camp in Alaska. It was all for the Lord, and I know that He was with me the whole time. The camp was for junior high school girls and boys who may or may not have heard the gospel. Most of the kids come from the bush Alaska. The girls in my cabin were all from the village of Selawik. Each and every one of them made this trip special for me, and God really did shine through in my life, and I hope into theirs.” – Carin Foster


    “This picture is of me and my cheer bow from last year getting ready to work on my scorpion and a new dance routine. I’ve always wanted to dance or cheer professionally. It’s always been my dream. I do cheer for school, dance on my free time and will hopefully be taking classes again this year!” – Charity Anne


    “I love being on stage. Singing, playing guitar and dancing are my absolute favorites. I would have to say that God gave me a passion for singing.” – Abria Tucker




    Team Project Inspired
    We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence – how to be your own best selves – through leading a Christian life. Who are we? We're a team of girls, like you. We edit the site, we post to social media, we hang out in the chat rooms and forums. We talk with you, we listen to you, and we love you!


      • I was gonna send me in a photo of me at my theatre and on set I am a 13 year old actress and i perform at a pro theatre amd i got the part over 200 pros. And im just an amateur. I also was recentlu in a movie. i sing opera. I know God wants me on Broadway. I know he wants me on the west end
        And i know most people on here or anywhere wont make it but i know I will. I have no other talents. I can dance pointe perfectly and ive never been to a dance lesson. And i can sing any range.<3

        • so you do opera and Broadway singing? That’s great 🙂 But guess what? I don’t believe that you don’t have any other talents! You can be good at many things, whether you choose to follow one over another. So good luck!

    1. Wow, I just LOVE reading other peoples passions and dreams. I wish I could post a picture of my passion. All these are SO inspiring! I really wanna be a PRO. rider and go as far as I can. I ride horses three times a week, and love everyyy second of it! The Lord has blessed me SO much!

    2. Wish I could’ve sent in a picture, but I forgot. And honestly, I’m not completely sure what my dream is yet and even though I have some passions and ideas, I don’t think I would have known how to put them into a picture. These are awesome though!

    3. These girls are just amazing! God has truly blessed theses girls with big dreams! I wish to one day write a book about surviving highschool while keeping your testimony intact. My biggest dream is to be a highschool Christian school teacher. Maybe, I can impact girls like my teachers have impacted me.
      Psalm 71:14 <3

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