PI Day: Write a Love Letter to God!

    Hi, my beautiful PI Girls! Did you know that Valentine’s Day has Christian roots? I think that’s so cool. The holiday is named after the Christian Saint Valentine who was imprisoned for ministering to Christians in the Roman Empire.

    It’s so fitting that this “day of love” is actually a Christian holiday…because as Christians we are ALL about love for God, for our friends, families and even strangers! Yes, it has become commercialized, but with your help, I’m taking back Valentine’s Day!

    For our February Project Inspired Day (Thursday, February 7th!), let’s write love letters to God. Girls, I know that Valentine’s Day can be so tough, especially when you don’t have a boyfriend or the boy you like likes someone else. But you ALWAYS have God’s love and He will ALWAYS be your Valentine. Every single day.

    Starting today, ask God to be your YOUR Valentine and write Him a love letter in the comments section below. We will pick our favorites and create beautiful shareables that we will post on the Project Inspired Facebook page and website.

    I can’t wait to read your love letters to God!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


        • I’m kind of the same. I have trouble praying so sometimes I’ll start writing out my prayers, then when my thoughts are running faster than my hands I just pray.

    1. Dear God,
      Valentines day will be here soon. You know what it feels like for me. I’m here today to ask you to be my Valentine this year. I know sometimes I’m falter in my faith and I know that I lose my trust in you. But I don’t want that to happen. On valentines day I ask that you walk with me and help me feel loved. Thank you for the great spiritual life week this week and I pray that you would be with my future husband.
      Forever your daughter, Camille

    2. To my Heavenly Father,

      I think it is right to send you a love letter since you already wrote me one through the men you have chosen for scripture. Thank you for writing the bible for us and showing us that you love us. Who says love can’t be between a heavenly father and a daughter for the king. I just wanted to say that you be my Valentine and my focus for valentines day and that you will be the one to hold my hand and that I get to show you how much I love you. Just like earthly relationships, we also have to work at coming close to You by Your word. It is like a friendship on earth. And I want You to be my valentine. My permanent Valentine.

      In Jesus’ name,

    3. I love doing this! I think it’s a great way to express to God how much you love Him! For a suggestion, poems are also a lot of fun to write to Him! It’s amazing, plus, it’s so easy and fun, but it really shows God that you care. 🙂

    4. God, I’d like to start off by saying that I know how many times I’ve failed You and how many times I’ve ignored You and how many times I’ve tried to look for ways apart from You to be happy. But despite all these things, You waited and were patient. You didn’t even just stand around either; You spoke to my heart in the deepest places where no one else could ever have reached and softened. I know now that everything that used to hurt me and break me would eventually turn out for the better. When I cried all those times You heard me. When I acted out in sin after sin, Your heart hurt for me and You were still patient. I turned my back on You and even looked for excuses to, but You kept me searching for You. You are the only one who could have changed everything in my life for the better. I didn’t deserve it whatsoever. You helped me before I even really came to You. The ways you revealed Yourself to me were so miraculous; You took me out of horrible circumstances, brought so many people into my life who love and care about me and are always there for me, and You have most importantly changed who I am. I’m in a place where I live in denial of who I was and hate everything I did and everything I thought and simply who I was at all back then. Even in this place of regret, You are still working to heal my heart.
      God, with Valentine’s Day coming up so soon, there is a certain guy in particular on my mind a lot, I suppose. Even the thought of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships in general are on my mind a lot. Lately I’ve been feeling lonely because of not having a boyfriend, You know how I feel.
      But even with the thought of romance on my mind so much, I just realized that when I look back at my life I can see Who the real love of my life is. I cried, inside and out; I screamed; I became distant from You and from other people; I sinned and sinned; I ran the other direction from You; I gave up on hope in You the first time one little thing went wrong; I was broken and felt unloved by everyone and thought it would stay that way; I’ve been in places where I finally tried to believe in You and follow You, ended up falling, doubted, or felt beyond forgiveness or love. When I think about it, and really take time to think about it, remembering all the pain and fear, I can’t help but want to give You praise forever and ever. My point is, God, that I can never thank You enough for what You’ve done for me. You are indeed the true love of my life. You are the One who has led me to You and allowed me happiness and love and grace and peace.
      God, I guess I don’t completely understand this whole thing, but please help me to let You be my Valentine. I want my heart to be Yours and to love You more than anyone or anything, even the boy I love so much. I know if it’s Your will that You’ll eventually lead me to the man of my dreams, one who will strive to love me the way You do. Please don’t let my focus be taken off of You this Valentine’s Day.

      • @Musiclover88 This is a beautiful letter! It shows your desires in the Lord, and there’s no doubt that God will continue to pursue you! Especially your honestly, way to go Sister. Don’t worry, God will never allow pain unless he was allowing something new to be born! (That’s a bible verse, forgot which it is lol)

    5. Dear God,
      I can’t really sum up how my love for you can be. I’ve failed you many times, yet you continue to show your gracious love towards me. Many doubts, fears, past struggles I had, you got me through because of your love for me. Your love to protect, and carry me. Your daughter. I thank you for continuously showing me my worth in you. Thank you for finding me when you did. God, I ask you..Will you be my Valentine this year?♥ Thank you for the time I really had to write this letter to you. ♥ I pray this in your name, Amen 🙂

    6. Father,
      Words cannot even contain how much I love you. There is not an entry in the dictionary that would fully express my love for you. And yet, it’s not enough. No matter how much I love You, it cannot even begin to measure up with how much You love me. No matter what I say or do, it cannot begin to make up for how many times I fail you. How much I’ve messed up. How many times I’ve let you down.

      But therein lies the beauty of it all. You love me anyways. Jesus, Your Son, died so that my sins could be washed away, and I could spend eternity in Your love. Your mercy is greater than my sin. Your love is deeper than my iniquity. It’s stronger than my resistance. It’s PERFECT. Even though I’m not.

      So this Valentine’s Day, while others are giving valentines to their friends and family, I’m giving mine to You. My gift is not candy, or flowers, or even a fancy-schmancy box of luxury chocolate. My gift this year… is my heart. ♥

      I love You, Father. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    7. Daddy,I can’t explain how much I love you.And I can’t explain why you love me so much,but that dosen’t matter,long as you never stop. I don’t always pray like I should,or talk like I should,or don’t always do the right things,but Daddy,thank you for still loving me no matter what I do or did.But,I have to say,one of the things I love you the most for is sending your son to save me from my sin.You didin’t have to,really.You could’ve let us destroy ourselves with sin,but you thought enough about me to send your son to die for me. P.S Jesus,thank you for loving me enough to obey your father and willingly wanting to die fo me,even thought you didi’t have to either. Love ALWAYS,Paris.

    8. To my best friend and my heavenly father,
      Valentine’s day is coming up soon, you are so kind, patient and loving to me, I couldn’t imagine a better Valentine. As you also know the valentine’s day dance is coming up so I hoping you would be my date for that to, and when I get married and have my own valentine date every year, I still hope that you will be forever my valentine.

      Love forever grateful,

    9. Dear God, I thank you for the blessings you have given me. I thank you for all your beautful creations: the sun, moon, stars, etc. Thank you for giving me a family and friends that love me. Thank you for the miracles you’ve done in my life! Thank you for giving me a wonderful BFF! I thank you that I’m your best friend! Most of all, I thank you for dying on the cross for me when I didn’t deserve it! I’m asking you to be my valentine today!


      Your Darling Daughter! 🙂

    10. Dear God,
      I would like to start this love letter by saying thank you for everything you have given me! I am so grateful for you. This year I don’t have a Valentine of my own, but as you have shown me, that is ok. This Valentine’s Day, help me to feel loved and cherished, just like you do every day. Help me to be patient in my search for my own Valentine. I know you will choose someone for me when you feel that I am ready, but for the time being, will you be my valentine? “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Thank you again for everything you have done for me.
      In Jesus name,

    11. Dear Heavenly Father,
      I know hearts are the most common decoration for Valentine’s day and you know mine better than anyone. I think more than anything, I’m most thankful for the guy you HAVE placed into my life who I know cares about me. I know that he gets his amazing love from you. I want you to be my Valentine. You are the root of all love and that makes you better than any earthly person I could pick. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me. You make love easier to give and easier to receive.
      Your daughter <3

    12. Dear God,
      I love You so much, and I know You love me. I can’t even wrap it around my mind; I will never truly understand how You can love a wretch like me. I fail you so many times every single day, yet You never fail me. Your love has no boundaries; it’s what keeps me going everyday. You make me happy. When I spend I time with you every day, I feel whole for once in my life. Thank you for never disappointing me when others have.
      Love, Your Daughter

    13. Dear God,
      We’ve been in a relationship status for almost 20 years. It’s been so long that I don’t even what it’s like to be without. It hasn’t been easy, sometimes I fight with you, and sometimes I try to run away from your commands. But you always forgive me, even when I really don’t deserve it. I can’t remember the last time I put it in writing, so here’s a message I tell you every day in a brand new format: I love you. For better or worse. For richer or for poor. I love you.
      Happy Valentine’s Day,

    14. Dear God,
      You know how much I want that other half. But then I got thinking, thanks to Nicole (bless her), would you be mine? I always think about my ideal “type” and God, you’re it:) you created types! Your beautiful. You sing to me when I’m alone, and dry my tears when the pain seems unbearable. No one has considered loving me like you do, but I’m only 16 so it’s ok.All along I was looking for something more. You’re SO much more. So since you are everything I want and all I need, Lord, be mine?
      Your Valentine, if you’ll have me <3 🙂

    15. thats a great idea nicole! i am so glad you shared this with us i want to do one and i also think everyone should write a letter of love tie it to a balloon and set it off and see where it goes! and to do it on valentines day! <3 i love you sisters in CHRIST! <3 😀

    16. God you have been there my whole life and I know you will always be my guide whenever I fall in the wrong direction. You are my savior my Father my counselor and the love of my life whom has helped little by little grow my faith towards you. It’s been a very tough road in my life but I have grown to know that you are the only one whom I can trust. Thank you God for opening your doors to me and for not abandoning me in the darkest moments of my life. I also want to thank you for giving me that light of hope that you do exist and deep down inside I have that hope you have given me. God always bless me and everyone.

    17. Dear God,
      You are love. This is Your day, Dad. I hope you’ll be my valentine and together, our love can be unstoppable and encouragement to everyone around us. I love you, Dad and thank you for showing your love for us, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Thank you, Valentine!
      Love always… Abby <3 P.S. i love you

    18. Dear Heavenly Father,
      I want to thank you for giving me Your unconditional love even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for Your grace and mercy. Thank you for beautifully creating me. Thank you for all of my friends and family. Thank you for sending Your one and only Son to die on the cross for our sin and punishment. Thank you for the life you’ve given me. Please make me be more like You each and everyday. Also, be my Valentine everyday. I am in love with You,Lord. I love you with all my heart and mind; thank you for loving me first.

    19. Dear God,
      I know that there is no one on this earth that loves me (or ever will) more than you do. I thank you for loving me unconditionally and being my faithful friend every single day! Please help me to show your love on Valentines day and really any other day too!

      Love you lots,

    20. I actually wrote 2, I guess I’ll post them both here. (Funnily enough, I wrote these way before I saw this article. Tonight I was wondering if there was a way to share these with somebody, and I found it!)

      Dear Jesus,
      I want to see you, and run to You,
      And fall down in front of You
      And I want to cry in Your arms
      I want to gaze on your unfathomable face 
      And I want to feel the creases in Your warm hands
      I want so desperately to hear Your voice 
      I want to look into Your eyes and thank you for everything
      I want you to hold me and rock me and kiss me and sing to me
      I want to dance for joy in Your presence
      I want to kiss your cheek 
      And hold Your hand in silent reverence 
      I want to bury my face into You and weep into Your shoulder
      Until I can feel all of my fears going away, and Your peace melting into me
      I want to worship You and obey You like a king
      I want to wrap myself around you and never let you go
      I want to feel Your arms surrounding me and holding me to Your chest
      I want to forget myself in Your embrace
      I want to hear Your laugh, and your deep chuckle
      I want to see Your face shine with joy as You smile at me
      I want to even see a tear in Your eye as You welcome me; the love of my life finally, finally taking me home
      I want You
      And I love You with the depths of my soul
      My music is poured out to You
      My head bowed for Your glory
      My art is created for You
      My pain is suffered for You
      My tears are cried for You
      My dreams are consumed with You and You are on my mind when I wake up
      The food You have given me I eat with great thankfulness 
      Every fiber of my being is hopelessly, desperately, endlessly, everlastingly, fearlessly in love with You
      I love You 
      With all of my heart 
      And all of my mind
      And all of my soul
      And all of my strength
      My heart aches with the extent of love I feel for You
      I ask You one thing:
      That, through Your merciful loving kindness, You allow me to spend eternity with You in Heaven so that I can love you more effectively

      2. Glowing bride
      Weakly beaming at her infinite true love, spinning on the dance floor
      Caught up in His eyes—oh, His EYES—overflowing, unable to contain her love
      The groom smiles at His bride and turns her heart over in her chest just like that
      He opens His mouth, and she reaches shaking fingers up to touch His lips
      “don’t say anything, I can’t handle it” she says
      “I love you,” He says and her eyes well up until she can’t see and she is shaking
      Overcome, she buries her face in His shoulder and sobs in great embarrassed gasps
      He strokes her hair, and closes His eyes as He comforts her
      “Jesus.” she says
      “My child,” He says, “I died for this moment.”
      They stop and He looks up at the assembled Heavenly Host. His great voice rings out across the very universe.
      “My child has come Home!”

      Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Happy Valentine’s day, Jesus, my true love.

    21. One of the love poems I wrote about me and Jesus (and all of you and Jesus as well!)

      Glowing bride
      Weakly beaming at her infinite true love, spinning on the dance floor
      Caught up in His eyes—oh, His EYES—She is overflowing, unable to contain her love
      The groom smiles at His bride and turns her heart over in her chest just like that
      He opens His mouth, and she reaches shaking fingers up to touch His lips
      “don’t say anything, I can’t handle it” she says
      “I love you,” He says and her eyes well up until she can’t see and she is shaking
      Overcome, she buries her face in His shoulder and sobs in great embarrassed gasps
      He strokes her hair, and closes His eyes as He comforts her
      “Jesus.” she says
      “My child,” He says, “I died for this moment.”
      They stop and He looks up at the assembled Heavenly Host. His great voice rings out across the very universe.
      “My child has come home!”

    22. Glowing bride
      Weakly beaming at her infinite true love, spinning on the dance floor
      Caught up in His eyes—oh, His EYES—She is overflowing, unable to contain her love
      The groom smiles at His bride and turns her heart over in her chest just like that
      He opens His mouth, and she reaches shaking fingers up to touch His lips
      “don’t say anything, I can’t handle it” she says
      “I love you,” He says and her eyes well up until she can’t see and she is shaking
      Overcome, she buries her face in His shoulder and sobs in great embarrassed gasps
      He strokes her hair, and closes His eyes as He comforts her
      “Jesus.” she says
      “My child,” He says, “I died for this moment.”
      They stop and He looks up at the assembled Heavenly Host. His great voice rings out across the very universe.
      “My child has come home!”

    23. Dear Daddy,
      You love me no matter what I do. You love me when I don’t deserve it. You are the only guy that will never leave me. You are the perfect definition of love and kindness. You are amazing.

      Even though this world has nothing to offer me, I still somehow get lost in the temptation. Lord, you are all I want and all I need. Help me to stray away from the world and look to the beautiful sky. You are my Valentine. You are my love. Thank you for always being there for me, even if I didn’t want you there. I cannot wait till that day that I get to give you a hug and look into your loving eyes and say I love you.
      In Your amazing name,
      Amen <3

    24. Dear Abba, How do I begin? Our journey so far has been rocky. But you didn’t let that stop you. You held on tight to me in the storms. You never gave up on me. You are beautiful and wonderful and words can’t even begin or describe. You made me and you think im beautiful. You think I’m beautiful even when I don’t. You gave me a wonderful life where I can see the good and awesome in this world that sometimes people miss. You are so good to me and you answer my prayers. You make me laugh when things are too serious and you try to give me joy when I’m feeling down. You died for me, and now I’m pretty sure I would die for you too <3 <3 <3 <3

    25. Dear God,
      Thank you. Thanks for creating me, believing in me, being patient with me, and seeing me as so much more than I realize I am. You do soo many things for me everyday and most times I fail to notice them. I am not perfect, I am well aware of that, but you treat me as if I were the most precious jewel on earth and cared so much that years before I was even born you saw it in your heart to come down and be made man and die so that I may be saved and have a future with you. So Lord, I want to thank you for LOVING ME. I know I am guilty of failing you many times but you still show me mercy and compassion and forgive me anyways.
      February is the month of love and there is no greater love than the one that you have for all of us so father, this Valentine’s day, I’m asking you to be my valentine. I want to spend this day spreading your love to everyone but also learning more about your love by spending more time with you. Lord, I don’t only want to be your Valentine on this day but everyday for the rest of my life. I pray to fall more and more in love with you everyday.
      I love you more than the sun loves the day and the moon loves the night.
      So what do you say Father, will you be my Valentine?
      Love always,
      Chidera Christ!

    26. Dear God,
      There’s so much I could say to you about everything you’ve done for me, but that would be nowhere near what you deserve. Though I struggle and fight and try to hide from you, you always find me and push me to follow the purpose you have for me to fulfill. I want to remind you just how committed I am to you and how serious I am about you by continuing to honor you with my entire life and my choices. So, I’m letting take out any and everything that may keep hindering me from moving closer to you, including myself.
      Love always,

    27. Dear God,
      Thank you for your forgiveness and the love you have for me. You see me at my worst and yet you sill say I want her, and I love her. Your love is like no othe. It is Not a love that has stipulations. Or a love that is jealous and self seeking. Your love is our and holy and you only want the best gr me which is your son, Jesus Christ. I don’t even know how to thank you enough for the love you have for me, to sacrifice your own son, for me. I love you with every inch of my heart.


    28. Dear Lord…
      This is just a simple letter that it would not be enough to express how much you love me, that it would not be able to express what you have done for me, The life you give me every morning when I wake up.
      Thank you Lord, for being so merciful,Because Every time I fall youre there me to help get back up, when I feel sad and alone youre always there beside me to remind me that Im not alone.
      I especially wanna thank you for not leaving my side.
      even though I’m a little ungrateful, and sometimes I go to sleep without thanking you for the blessings in my life.
      I just wanna ask you one more thing.
      Please If I ever become someone completely different that what
      I am now, and I decide to forget about you and how great you are,Just please Don’t ever
      forget about me Lord.

      Your Daughter Ana ♥

      I wanna dedicate to you lord the song
      “This is the stuff” By Francesca Battistelli

    29. Dear God,
      Thank-you for loving me no matter what I do. Thank-you for bringing me right back to you when I go stray. It’s always nice to know there is someone I can go to with all my problems. I know even though I cannot see you, you are always with me. So every Valentine’s day, for the rest of my life you will be my number ONE Valentine.
      Your Daughter,

    30. Hey Daddy,
      I can’t brag about how much I love you. I sin. I love you, but I will never love you enough, and I will never love you as much as You love me. Sometimes I get down, because it’s the first year I am allowed to date and I still have no boyfriend. I can tell Valentine’s Day will be hard, but You have gotten me through everything else, I KNOW You can get my through one simple day. I still don’t understand why boys don’t like me, but You say I am beautiful, so they must be crazy. I truly do love You. Even on the days when I feel so distant. Even on the days when I am angry. I know in my heart that I LOVE YOU. I screw up. I screw up A LOT! But You love me soooooo much anyways. It really is hard to trust you sometimes, I won’t lie. Not because I don’t believe in You but because, Hey, I’m still new at this… Help me to trust You. I really want to, it’s just still hard for me. Please take care of me this Valentine’s Day. You know where I’m at and my situation, so you can be the best Valentine. Thank You sooooo much for everything.
      Love, Your baby girl!

    31. Dear God,
      I want to start out by saying how much I love you. You have guided me, helped me and been one of the main constant people in my life. There have been times when I have doubted you. When things have gotten rough and I didn’t know if things would be okay if you were really there for me, but it turns out you were. Everything happens for a reason. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME! My life is pretty amazing and I know it is because of you!

    32. Dear God,
      There is so much to say about you that well words will never be able to explain!!!!!! I love you with all my heart. You are there when I need you and you are there even when I think I don’t. You love me unconditionally even though I continue to fail you. You will always love me and never fail me! I may be young but you have brought me through so much so far. The time I am living in isn’t easy but I believe you put me on this earth for a purpose. You will be with me along they way and with that I know I am going to be O.K. And when it is all said and done and my life is over and my legacy is left behind, in the end I just want to end up with you. Forever and ever! With you forever is where I belong and I will make sure my life proves that I deserve it. I LOVE you with ALL my HEART and SOUL! I can never love someone or something as much as I LOVE YOU. And if I don’t end this letter now I won’t ever be able to stop writing to you. Of course that is not a bad thing I can write and pour out my heart to you as long as I am able to but I finish studying and doing my homework 🙂 So, with that I just wanna ask you one thing WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY VALENTINE?

      -Sincerly your daughter
      Britney Jones 🙂

    33. My beloved,
      Thank you for always being there for me. I couldnt live without you. You have been here for me in my darkest times.Thank you for being there for me when I was ready to give up because of my mom having cancer last year and falling apart when she got it again this year. G-d thank you so much for creating a miracle in her today, you took a mass away and even the doctors couldnt even explain, thank you. Thank you for the gifts you leave behind for me, for the sunrise and the beautiful singing birds. I thank you for all of your blessings and miracles. Honestly my L-rd I couldnt live without you, you make me a better person. Thank you for accepting all of my imperfections. I love you so much my King.

    34. Dear God,
      I know my faith was weak, shallow, and temporary growing up. I spent 19 years of my life searching for love and happiness in other men. I wanted something I could see and touch. I claimed all those years to be your child but my pain inside kept me from sincerely meaning it. I never fully surrendered. I had fear of the unseen and the unknown. All the times my back was turned and I brought shame, you were waiting with open arms and an abundance of grace. The salvation that only comes through Christ Jesus was still open to me. I was consumed by a life that I made, destined to crash. When I saw nothing but darkness in my life, you saw the beauty that would come out of it. You made everything right and turned my dust into a beautiful symphony. You ARE love. You created the whole universe but still want an independent intimate relationship with each and very person you molded. I used to think you were distant from me, but I realize you never really left me. You were with me, protecting me from the harm I was sure I would fall into. I love you, and as Valentine’s Day comes up, I ask that you would remain with me.

      Love, your daughter,

    35. Dear Lord Jesus
      I give it all to you, i know ive done wrong lord and lord i repent. Jesus i love you and need you in my life lord would you stay with me and bring me to the right path and be there with me me while on my spiritual walk. lord i pray that you will show me your love for the rest of my life and that you will speak into my life and show me the one and only way. i love you Jesus will you be my valentine. i know ibve done wrong lord and i am sorry but would you please be my valentine and be here with me.
      In Jesus name i pray
      Amen. 🙂

    36. Dear Lord ,
      thank you for love,i love with alll my heart ,all my soul and aall mind. your love is indeer forever.i love you god because you god and you send you son died for me and my family.

    37. Dear God,
      This year you have showed me your love more and more everyday and my love for you has gotten stronger. I know that I’m not perfect and that I will never be but thank you for loving me as I am. This year you gave me someone who I love but no matter what you will always be my first love and the one who is most important to me. This Valentines day I hope that you will be a valentine to me and Ben and that together we can have an amazing Valentines day <3

    38. Dear God

      You have given me life. You have given me chance after chance after chance. You have provided for me. You have always been there for me. You have raised me up when i let other things drag me down. I have had many ups and downs in my life. I have felt like a failure and yet your arms are always open to me. I can remember times in my life when i wanted to do things my own way and thought everyone else was wrong. I have done things against you that i do regret. I know that Miracles and Blessings came happen from you father God. You are the ONLY ONE who can help me with my life. You Love so much that you have given us laws and rules to live by, not because you want us to be miserable but because you want whats best for us all. You have given me a special calling and i am sooooo greatful to You. You have given me things i take for granted. I have been told so many times that Accepting Jesus Christ into my heart is the best decision i will ever make and it’s true. You have given me so much and in my hear i felt it was not enough. You have let me breathe, walk, run, have a home to live in, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, shoes to wear, friends, a good church, and Good influences. You have helped me to understand better that no one is perfect. I have been insecure, selfish, unking, rude, mean, and you still forgive me. It’s amazing what You can do. I know that you can help me through my problems, i know that you will bless me with the right influences in my life. Thank you so much for-giving me a another chance, and for providing for me. And i am so greatful about the amazing things you have in store for me. Thank you for-giving me life and love and trust.


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