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Project Inspired Day:

The Meaning of Christmas

Reason for the Season

I know Jesus is the real “reason for the season”, and this year, everything is blown up 5 times. I hate it when people talk bad about church or anything related. It makes me feel like Daniel from the bible. How he didn’t fight Goliath because he was making fun if their armor! Daniel fought Goliath because Goliath was saying bad things about God. It just makes me angry that they don’t know how powerful and loving God is; but this year, when I go home to my family, no one will even think about those bad things. So even though this picture was obviously taken at Easter, this is what Christmas means to me this year (And these are just my first cousins and my grandparents). My family just moved to North Carolina after living on the border of Texas and Arkansas our entire lives and we were REALLY close to our family. It’s been very hard, and we miss them so much, but I know for a fact that God’s taking care of us. And I could really care less about the presents this year, because we get to go see my family after six months of being what I call ‘family-deprived’… Although, since I am a teenage girl, presents are a good thing.