Worth Celebrating


    I used to celebrate Christmas as any child does; Jesus’ birth, presents, toys, bright lights, bold wrapping paper, and good food. I went through a phase of hating the season. I felt all the family bonding were a bunch of lies. Mainly due to my family arguing every holiday. What point was there to celebrate when you have only negative connotations to go with it? Last year sparked a change. We found out my only living grandfather had cancer and he would not see another one. My entire view of holidays blew up in my face. I am running out of Christmases. I am running out of time with those who may not be here next year. We lost him in February and after him many more church members and family members were lost. I went to a funeral every three weeks. We have people who could go at any time now. This Christmas though I hold this season with a warm regard. We have lost a patriarch, we have lost one of the fight starters, we have lost the joker of the family. In that loss I have found truth: I miss those fights, I miss those jokes he told over and over, I miss him picking on me. We still have fights, but I hold each one as a treasure. It may not be the picture perfect Christmas that they display on TV. It is MY family Christmas and I will remember that now each holiday that comes. Hold tight, find something worth celebrating even if it is not what advertisements tell you it should be. Each Christmas is special and celebrate it like it is your last one because you never know when it will truly be your last.

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