PI Gets a Makeover!

    PI Girls, as you’ve probably realized by now, we’ve given Project Inspired a little makeover! We’re so excited for our brand-new look and all of our fun new features:

    • Our newest and freshest stories and giveaways at the top of the homepage, and in our new rotating slideshow
    • An expandable area all about Nicole
    • Your very own profile pic at the top of the site when you log in
    • A birthday wall featuring YOUR special day
    • A fresh look on the profile pages
    • A fun, shareable graphic called Today’s Good Word
    • New photo galleries

    Plus, we’ll have online games, new Girl Talk forum updates and a brand-new mobile design coming soon!

    We hope you’ll love the new look and features of the site as much as we do! As always, we’d love your feedback on our new look–send us an email!

    Team Project Inspired
    We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence – how to be your own best selves – through leading a Christian life. Who are we? We're a team of girls, like you. We edit the site, we post to social media, we hang out in the chat rooms and forums. We talk with you, we listen to you, and we love you!


    1. I love how the website is organized! I’m not the best at finding things, but now I have (so far) no trouble navigating this website! Keep in mind I still get lost in my own house every few months or so…and I’ve lived in it for five years :/

    2. I don’t like the new layout- the font is harder to read, and the new girl talk section looks messier and the replies on the forums are too close together, making it hard to tell who’s saying what.

      I like the background though, it’s very girly and pink. However, I feel like you might be alienating some girls that aren’t into the color pink and little hearts and what it could represent.

      However, I like how the sidebar is separated with little bubbles- like the Nicole’s Live Chat Count Down has a little bubble around it, and the birthday girls thing is cute too. I’ve never seen it before, is it new? I like it.


    4. I like the new design and I came on the website and literally said, “Woah!!” haha also if you make an app I would appreciate it if it was also available in the google play store!! Thank you!! :))

    5. I really like the new design! It’s a great improvement. 🙂 Although, it did take me a few minutes to get used to all the very bright pink. It would be really awesome if you could make an app also! I tried getting on here with my phone today and while everyone was talking about how cool the changes were I was like “Changes? What changes?” But now I see what the talk is all about! Hahaha

    6. There have definitely been some improvements – there are a lot of things that look better! The only thing I’m not as happy with is the Girl Talk forums. It’s hard to tell who’s saying what, you can’t see their profile pics, and you can’t click on their username and go to their profile. I don’t know if you’re in the process of changing that or not, but I hope so! That’s pretty much the only suggestion I have to make it better. 🙂

      • Yeah that would be another problem you can’t see other peoples profile pic’s! But whoever did this did a GREAT AWESOME job overall. They actually fixed the forums, so now they are easier to read! Now my ONLY complaint is that the profile pic does not show up when I post in the forums. If you could fix that then PI would be 100% PERFECT!!!!

    7. I like the new layout. Normally I don’t like it when I’m so used to a website and then the whole thing is changed, but I really like it. I was so confused when I first got on, though! I was like, “Wait, what happened?! This isn’t Project Inspired!” Haha xD

    8. I DO like it although I think It need more features
      I really liked the inspirational wall which i dont see anymore, nor the me without make up section and also i dont know if its just me but I cant see the lastest updetes in my profile, I also dont see the picture of the girls whenever they comment on a topic 🙁

      I love the new birthday thing on the side and I really hope one day we can be able to message each other privately and like and dislike button on the comments would be cool too 🙂

    9. I may be a girl, but I’m not big on pink… If I was new to this site, I’d definitely close it immediately after opening because the new look makes it look a lot less official and like no serious talk happens here. And on a side note, can I ask what happened to the Anti-Cosmo campaign? I missed the memo on why that disappeared– the campaign was the biggest reason for why I became a PI girl…

    10. The new makeover is awesome 🙂 Pink is NOT my favorite color, but I LOVE the new features. Everything also looks bigger, which is great considering I seriously need glasses, great job.

    11. I like this design, but I did like some of the older version better 🙂 This seems a little more like a news website layout than a fun place for teen girls, and I did like the header of the other one better. I do love how you have the Birthday girls on the side and the profile box at the top, though! 🙂 Awesome job, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. 🙂

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