Poll: Are You a Sports Fan?

    Sports: Some people love ’em, while others are totally indifferent to them. But most of us have at least one that catches our attention and interest, whether we play ourselves or have a home team we love rooting for. We can’t wait to hear all about your favorites, if you’ll be hitting up any games this summer and if any of you are actively involved with any teams at school or at your local park!

    Answer the three polls below then give us more details in the comments below! 

    Do you like sports?

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    Which sport is your favorite?

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    Do you play a sport?

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    1. In 7th grade I played volleyball and ran I play tennis and I hope to become a professional player! Actually, yesterday my sisters and I were playing and some other man was on the court next to us. As he was leaving I heard him say to my mom that I was the next Serena (Williams). I get that a lot! Haha 😀 I love sports! <3

    2. Which sport is your favorite?
      Pro: Baseball HS: Football College is pretty good for everything:) But I think pro football is boring lol.

      I don’t play any sports now, (I just do dance) but I want to play some this summer, find put which I like best, and play it for real:)

    3. Yay! I love sports! I am a crazy sports fan! Football and Basketball are my favorite sports! I also love competitive sailing! If there is a sports event on tv or near by I will watch it. My friends and family think I’m crazy, but it is a passion of mine. I play basketball and sail competitively and am hoping to play softball for school next season.

      • Ya…most cheerleading doesn’t get credit for being a sport. I’m not the biggest fan of cheerleaders (because the ones from schools I compete against are annoying,) but I definitely LOVE it when cheerleaders can do stunts instead of just clapping. I greatly admire precise stunt work!

      • I did cheer last year (then just decided not to this year) and I would definitely say its a sport… I mean whenever we fell out of stunts we had to do 50 pushups and 50 sit ups… thats pretty good conditioning!

    4. I swam when I was in kindergarten, I did track in 3rd grade, I played basketball in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and I’m starting up again this year (I didn’t play this past year cause i had so much hw), I can play volleyball but not good enough yet to be on a team and my friend who is like the star of the volleyball team is teaching me, I might be on the track team again this coming school year, and I also have rode horses all my life and I really want to get into some competitions this year so I might! 🙂

    5. I am(or was; I got injured this year and training is on hold for now) a national level swimmer. I was on track for the olympics in 2016 but now everything is on hold. I fell down a flight of stairs on christmas day and fractured a vertebrae in my spine and all my training is on hold for at least a year

      • This is my 10th year playing volleyball 🙂 My season was cut a bit short this year because I broke my wrist in a game. I love the sport so much, and its so cool to see God work through each and every season.

    6. I played soccer in grade school, but there was no team once you got to middle school, so I couldn’t play anymore. I love watching sports! My family never misses the Super Bowl. This year my family was divided between teams. My mom and I were for the 49ers and my dad and younger sister were for the Ravens. We’re planning on watching the College World Series on Saturdate since the Oregon State Beavers are playing. My dad’s even talking about getting some tickets to an Oregon Ducks football game this season or next season, so I’m pretty excited about that (:

    7. I’m into running right now- I’ve done many years of tennis (lessons) , but can’t find a team to play on, so this fall I’m going to try volleyball and do tennis in the offseason 🙂

    8. My family is huge into basketball and no matter how hard I try….I always suck. But I love playing and watching it still 😀 I played park and rec long as I culd, but then gave up because it was just a fun thing to do but a lot of girls take it WAY too seriously, so it’d be no fun if I made it past try-outs.

    9. I used to run track and do long and triple jump. I even threw the javelin….Now I’m a softball player (and not to brag, I’m the fastest on my team) however I screwed up my ankle sliding onto the base, but it healed up now.

    10. I found this from a different PI article 🙂 So I am completely addicted to baseball! I sort of like hockey, but only if I’m watching my friend play. I’m just a fan, although I’ll play catch with my brother (who is a catcher). GO DETROIT TIGERS!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I guess I used to dance and I really like that. I guess I like two sports (one mainstream).

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