Poll: Dog Person? Cat Person? Tell Us All About Your Pets!

    While it’s been said that a dog is man’s best friend, we know some cat people who might tend to lean in another direction! It’s an age-old question: Are you a cat person, a dog person or just an animal lover in general? Maybe you’re really unique and have a horse, snake or even (gulp!) a spider.

    While some of us go our whole lives without pets, many of us have cherished animal companions that brighten our lives in unspeakable ways. This week, we want to hear all about your furry friends and how they came into your lives!

    Answer these three polls, then give us more details in the comments below! 

    Do you have a pet?

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    What's your favorite animal to have as a pet?

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    If you could have any pet that you wanted, what would you get?

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    1. I have 2 dogs but the one dog is kinda more mine. Her name is Lily and she is a Redbone/Lab mix. We got her from the shelter when she was about 6 weeks old and she is my baby lol I love her so much. I just love her personality so much haha I did have a ferret once and those critters are just so adorable! I would love to have another 🙂

    2. I used to have a black lab named Dixie. She was so cute! When we first adopted her, the groomer painted her claws hot pink! Gosh, I miss her so much!! <3

      But I also love my mom's friends' dogs. They also have a black lab named Maggie and a Doberman named Cyrus. And Cyrus is HUGE! And he thinks he's a lap dog..haha.

    3. I recently got a rabbit, and I’ve wanted a rabbit since I was 4. His name is Gandalf and he is adorable! I also have a Prembrooke Welsh Corgi mix dog named Leia, and I love her more than anything except God.

    4. I have two dogs and one cat. I love to have both around because dogs are good for protection, and cats are good for killing snakes and lizards etc. I love horses too, and was very close to having two once, but it didn’t work out.

    5. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 tortoises, and 4 geckos. My dogs and cats are rescues, but the tortoises and geckos we got at our local pet store. I absolutely LOVE my pets, they’re the greatest thing in my life, hands down: I don’t know what I’d do without them! 😀

    6. I used to have a dog until he died. I also used to have a fish, but he died after a year. That was pretty long though. I also used to have two cats, but we had to give them to my uncle because we were moving into a rental house and only brought our dog. I also think that it would be fun to have a guinea pig or hamster or something.

    7. I currently have five guppies, but the males always attack on the females 🙁 I wanted to get a pet rat after reading _Stargirl_; Stargirl’s pet rat, Cinnamon, totally won my heart and convinced me to get one! 🙂

    8. I’m a cat and dog person. The two doggies in my photo are Chester and Daisy, but sadly they both passed in the last two years from cancer. My family got a new puppy, Millie, who’s also a golden retriever. We also own two cats, one who is 13 and the other is like 7 months old. My house can get crazy at times. Lol. And I haven’t even moved out yet… just wait till I get my own home and adopt my own pets. 😛

    9. I have two cats, but I’d really like something exotic one day, something wild, free, gorgeous, and kind of big, and fluffy, which I can give an epic name to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cat to pieces and my other cat, well…I love her but, I’m not as close to her as I am to my baby boy. Maybe a lion. I’d like a unicorn, “if they were really real”…But…

    10. I have 8 pets: 3 chickens, 2 horses, 1 rabbit, 1 guinea pig and 1 dog! I love them all but there’s a special place in my heart for my dog, Beauty, who was the first pet we got. I begged and begged my mom for a Golden Retriever puppy when I was seven, but she has allergies and knew that the fur would bother her a lot. So she compromised and found a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle) breeder in Arkansas! Beauty has gorgeous golden, curly fur, and the best part is, she doesn’t shed!
      I think I’ve wanted a Chinchilla for a while, but my mom doesn’t want to get one now. She says when I move out in 2 years I can get one for wherever I’ll live! I am a BIG animal lover and feel extremely lucky to have so many! 😀

    11. You didn’t have “I used to have a pet” in the first poll! I used to have one pet, back when I was like 3. It was a quail named Pop and I loved it ♥ That’s the only pet I’ve ever had so I guess that’s my answer to poll #2 xD My dream pet would be a giant tortoise, particularly an Aldabra tortoise, because our zoo has them and they’re really adorable 😀

    12. We have a dog, turtle, 2 guinea pigs, hamster, and we used to have 3 fish, but they all died :(. If we could, I would want to get a little kitty, but because my brother in allergic, we can’t :-/.

    13. I have a kitten, two dogs, and two horses. But I’ve always wanted a hamster or guinea pig. But if I could have any animal in the world it would be a polar bear as long as it didn’t eat me!

    14. I have four Dachshunds. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for them, they are like my children. I like cats but unfortunately I am extremely allergic to them. I will always have weenie dogs but one day I’d like to have a basset hound and/or black lab. ♥

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