Poll: Have You Picked Out Your Back-to-School Outfit Yet?

    Many of you PI gals will be heading back to school this month or early next, and that got us to wondering if you’re already planning your back-to-school outfit. Back-to-school shopping and planning your first day outfit can be a fun and exciting thing to think about and put together! We can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve got in store for your first day back in class!

    Answer the polls below then let us know more in the comments!

    Do you already have your initial back-to-school outfit planned?

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    What kind of outfit do you prefer for back-to-school?

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    Is back-to-school shopping a big thing for you?

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    1. I go back and forth between jeans with a top or dresses during my school year (ok, and sweats when Im just not feeling it) I think my first day will be my skinny jeans and a top (haven’t decided which one). It really just depends on what I am feeling like that day.

    2. Sadly I have to wear a uniform. 🙁 But I did put much thought into my open house outfit:) I wore pale pink soft cordoruy (sp) shorts, a skinny mint belt, a white v-neck from the beach, and silver t-strap sandals.

    3. I’m actually not sure… I mean, I keep deciding on one thing, then changing my mind. Any tips on good first-day outfits for college freshmen going to a community college? Or just college in general?

      • I’m in the same situation as you too! I was thinking since it was first day at community college I’ll go with something like skinny jeans and a cute top! Nothing too fancy but definitely better than sweats haha 🙂

        • I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one worrying about their first day to community college outfit! 😀

    4. Luckily my High School is SUPER spirited, so the first day is always a “red wave” day! Everyone wears a ton of red with their class shirt, so it’s fairly easy to pick out my first outfit! 🙂

    5. I usually wear like athletic shorts and a t shirt for several reasons. 1. It’s what I’m most comfortable in. I have more muscular build, so things like skinny jeans are often super uncomfortable for me to wear.
      2. If I’m God’s masterpiece, shouldn’t I look good in everything? Well not absolutely anything ,haha, but I feel like me choosing to wear longer shorts and loose t shirts is my way of dressing modestly.
      3. It’s what I like to wear. I’m an athlete, so I spend a lot of my time at practice and stuff like that.

    6. I’m doing online school so I don’t really have to wear anything different. And I’m am taking two classes at a Co-op near by and everybody needs to wear a specific T-shirt so I don’t care what else I wear.

    7. It’s my first year in the high school for me so I decided to pick something a bit nicer than what I usually wear. The school banned so many extra things like skinny jeans (skinny jeans take up most of my jean population) so I’m opting for a navy blue skirt with a hethered grey capped sleeved top that has navy blue polka dots and navy blue Converse 🙂 I’m actually a 10th grader, but the school system is a bit…different 😛

    8. What I wear depends on my mood. I want to look nice, but I also want to feel comfortable. You don’t want to spend all day pulling your shirt up or your skirt down. I’ll be a junior this year and I think they are going to be more strict with the dress code so I don’t want to spend money on something meant for school that I can’t wear at school.

    9. well i started school august first so i already did my back to school outfit i just wore a pink blouse with jean Capri this was the first year i didnt go back to school shopping because my family is pretty tight on money now but im okay with that i already owned what i wore but i think its a cute outfit

    10. I’ve been going to a school with a uniform for the past few years, but this year I am going to a public school so I actually get to wear what I want! I’m really excited about it, especially since I like making my own clothes and haven’t been able to show them off that often.

    11. I will be wearing dark dark blue (or black) jeggings, I just got them and havn’t washed them yet so i’m not sure if they are black or dark blue . . . any way I will be wearing jeggings with a white cotton baseball blouse with a navy blue scarf and my brown boots

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