Poll: How Craft-y Are You?

    All around the world, crafting is becoming more and more popular, with tons of girls of all ages coming together for craft night parties with friends. Which is great, since most of us, whether we ever realize it, are already crafty in some way!

    Crafting, in its wide array of forms, is a relaxing and fun way to channel positive energy and get your creative juices flowing. It also helps you become a remarkably fun gift giver – how cool is it to receive handmade goods from your loved ones?!

    In the polls and comments below, tell us a bit about your crafting background and what projects you’re thinking of getting into next!

    Answer these three polls, then give us more details in the comments below!

    Would you consider yourself to be crafty?

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    What is your favorite form of crafting?

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    Have you ever had a crafting day or night with friends?

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    1. I adore everything crafty! Recently I’ve really gotten into sewing, and my latest project is a Mirkwood elf costume from The Hobbit, based on one of Tauriel’s costumes, for the next movie in the trilogy, “The Desolation of Smaug” premiere. And I also adore crochet, making jewelry, origami, drawing, and photography. Pretty much anything I can get my hands on. 😉

    2. I absolutely LOVE to knit and crochet. My favorite form of it is amigurumi. Amigurumi is a style (originally from Japan) of knitting and crochet where you use a smaller hook/needle than you normally would with that type of yarn. It makes the results tightly gauged. Most often, it is used to make adorable toys. The tightness of the gauge allows the stuffing to stay in the toy. The toys can vary from people (“chibis” for you Japan-follows out there), pokémon, animals, whatever. If it’s adorable, it’s most likely amigurumi. 😉
      For you fellow knitters/crocheters…you’ll LOVE this site:
      It’s got patterns a plenty for all your needs…amigurumi, clothing, accessories…whatever. You name it, It’s probably on there.
      Here’s some of my works:

      I’m also a fan of card-making. For a while now, I’ve been getting a card-making kit. It has wonderful ideas, beautiful paper and supplies, and best of all, it teaches you techniques that you can use many different ways, and continues to spur your creativity. For you other crafty card-makers:
      Similar to that, I often make binder “endings” for school.
      A great product to get for ANY of your paper crafts are Colorbök’s patterned paper books. (For example:×12-Inch-Rosewood-Patterned-Paper-Pad/product_656020?cid=PS:GooglePLAs:656020&KPID=656020) I have about 5 of them, and I absolutely LOVE them!

      Keep Crafty! 😀

    3. I like sewing. Currently, my projects have been sewing My Little Pony plushies. I have a really awesome Nurse Redheart and Big Mackintosh 😀
      I’m going to try to get started making my first quilt, and once I get more fabric I’m going to try to make some fun dresses and skirts.

    4. I enjoy painting very much. But what I do with the paintings is where the creativity comes in. I paint sillouhettes, and I spatter paint a lot. I also melt crayons onto canvas to create a painting. What I really like to do is something I like to call dynamic painting. I take a song and take the dynamics of the song and outline the dynamics on a graph. Then the picture the dynamics outline on the graph I paint to look like the title of the song.

    5. I love taking and editing photos I am a beginner at painting and I love it just went to pottery place with some friends yesterday and painted a fairy sculpture. I do make jewelery because my sister taught me a little and I also sew my clothes for example I brought a shirt from debs and it comes with a attach shawl so I decided to sew a button on it and cut a hole in the shirt just in case I ever want to wear it one way or another.

    6. I sew almost all of my own clothes (not jeans though…haven’t been brave enough to try that), from dresses and skirts to shirts, and I’ve even made a ball gown! Sewing is something I do to get away from the world; I just put on music, shut the door and sew! I find it a helpful skill; because of today’s modern trends, it’s hard to find (at least for me, because I’m even uncomfortable in just plain jeans with no skirt) cute, fun, modest clothing.

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