Poll: What Clubs Are You Involved In?

    While some of you gals may not be heavily involved in clubs, we know that others are likely logging hours after school taking part in some of your favorite extracurriculars. With everything from band and theater to yearbook and newspaper to Girl Scouts and Christian clubs available, there are tons of options for getting involved with like-minded peers after class…so we want to know what kinds of clubs you’re involved in and why you love them!

    Answer the polls below then let us know more in the comments!

    Are you involved in any clubs?

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    Which of the clubs you're involved with is your favorite?

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    If you could start your own club, what would it pertain to?

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    1. Chorus, A select chorus group, SODAA (Students against drug and alcohol abuse), PYEA (Pennsylvania Youth Education Association), Literary Magazine, School Newspaper, NHS (National Honor Society), Musical.

      I guess sports don’t count, or I’d list those too 😀

    2. I’m in FCA, my school writing club, Dreamcatchers club (which helps grant the last wishes of terminally ill patients), the Asian cultural club which has been very inactive, and an anime-lovers club still in the making. ^^

      If I get into contortion I’d love to start a circus arts club at my school, but otherwise I’d probably start a Christian club, maybe a musical one!

    3. I’m in my school’s NHS, Christ on Campus (but ours is becoming FCA soon!), I’m sort of in Writer’s Circle (I go whenever I can but not all the time), I’m in my school’s band, and next year I’ll be in the chorus. 🙂

    4. I lead a First Priority christian club on my school campus… we are at about 20 regulars, and I LOVE IT!!!! I also do band, choir, and a leadership thing. I love being involved in things as long as I don’t become overwhelmingly busy!!:)

    5. I’m involved in a club called Best Buddies! In Best Buddies, a general education student is paired with a special education student and they become friends!! It is such an awesome thing to be a part of! Many of the special ed kids have never had a friend before, so it’s such a rewarding experience to see them so excited when your buddy gets to hang out with you!! It’s an international program! If you have a club at your school I strongly encourage you to join!:)

      • I’m in that too! We’re really small right now (the only super involved members are the 3 officers.) but we’re growing. 🙂 I’m the BB secretary for my school, but we all kind of do whatever needs to be done at that moment. 🙂

        • I should talk to counselors at school to see if we can set this up at my school! That sounds like such a fun and wonderful way to make a difference.

    6. Im in a club called First Priority. It was ran by a senior in my school and a fantastic lady named Renae “supervised” us and what not. We would read and discuss scripture and we met every Monday in the art room because i think the art teacher Mr. LeFever was Christian (but i dont want to say anything if he isnt). My brother is going to run it next year but im not sure. But thats the only club im in at the moment. Hopefuly next year it will be Yearbok Club. (and first priority)

    7. I’m in National Honor Society (NHS) and Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC). I wish there was a Model United Nations club at my school but unfortunately not. I don’t really know of any Christian clubs so that sucks 🙁 Technically, I’m in Key Club but forgot to do the service hour requirements so I’m pretty sure I’m out! hahahah!

    8. I’m in a Natural Helper club, where like 30 or so kids are trained to help our peers with problems, listen to them, and be there as someone to talk to, we don’t fix their problems because we aren’t counselors.
      I’m in French club and CSF ( scholarship club) 🙂

    9. Zoology Club (I take care of the chinchilla), GSA, Marching Band, Key Club, etc! I’d want to start a club in which we split musicians into small groups and work on duets/trios/whatever according to how advanced each group is, so no one is bored quickly!

    10. I’m in Girl Scouts, 4-H, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (an Honors Math Club), Astrohikers (astronomy and hiking), Book Club, and a member of my youth group, my schools Teens for Christ, a Girls Bible Study, and playing soccer this year. So a lot of volunteering and a lot of fun EVERYWHERE!

    11. In high school, I was in concert and marching band, Japanese club, Mu Alpha Theta (Math honors group), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and National Honors Society. I also did dance outside of school. Now, I’m in a community college honors group known as Phi Theta Kappa.

    12. School: NHS, Newspaper (but at my school it’s actually a class), Spanish Honor Society (though I don’t get much information as to happenings because I’m no longer in Spanish at school, I might start up again in college)

      Outside: I’ve joined a couple Bible studies and am involved somewhat in the proceedings of the hs ministry (well I’m a senior anywho).

    13. I’m on Student Council, in SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), on my school’s Science Bowl team, in band, choir, and two church bands, and I manage the volleyball and wrestling teams.

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