Poll: What Does Your Hair Look Like?

    Your hair is a huge part of your overall “look.” Whether you go totally natural, dye it consistently or flatiron it daily, there are tons of options for how to style, wear and accessorize your mane. Changing your hair–even just choosing to wear it up or down–can change your entire style. Which got us curious about what kind of hair you have, how you style it and what you think about it!

    Answer the three polls below and then give us more details in the comments below!

    What is your natural hair color?

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    What is your natural hairstyle?

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    Do you dye your hair?

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    1. My hair is naturally medium brown but I have dyed it so much over the years. I had blonde highlights then cut off all my hair, then i put in some more after it grew out a bit. then after that i dyed it blue and green then a really CRAZY bright red. like crayon red. and then i dyed it blue and purple and then auburn and now im about to go back to the crayon red cause i loved that colour.
      My hair is naturally straight and I dont really have to do anything to it, its either down with the bangs flipped up and to the side, or its in a pony tail or braid. other than that i dont curl it cause i hate heat treatments on my hair. im really careful with it since i dye it so much. like i smother it in conditioner and get it trimmed very often. but its still very sleek and shiny. i dunno how cause it should be DEAD. ive dyed it three times in the past two months. i mean really i dont know why its not falling out haha.

    2. My hair is weird in the color department. I’ve never dyed it, but it looks like I have. It’s a dark brown at the top, in the middle it’s an ombre to blonde and at the end its bleach blonde! It’s so weird!

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