Poll: What’s Your Family Like?

    No matter what your family’s like, one thing is certain: Yours is unique! Whether it’s large or small, spread out across the country or all in the same town, the differences are worth celebrating–they help shape who we are!

    Do you have lots of pets? Tons of people over at your house during the holidays? Are you the oldest, middle or youngest child? We’d love to hear what your family’s like and what you love about what sets your family apart.

    Answer the polls below then let us know more in the comments!

    Are you the oldest, middle or youngest child?

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    Do you have any pets?

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    Does most of your immediate family live near you?

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    1. There are six kids in my family, and I’m the second oldest! :-). We have a dog, four cats, two geckos, and some fish! And we live in Georgia, while most of the rest of my relatives are in Mississippi!

    2. I’m the youngest with two older sisters, most of my family lives in the Houston area, but my mom’s side of the family(which aren’t really apart of our lives; personal reasons) live in Colorado or Minnesota, and my eldest sister lives in Colorado, but she used to live down here. We’ve got two dogs, a pigeon, and I’m getting either a rabbit or guinea pig soon 🙂

    3. There are 8 kids in my family, 5 boys and 3 girls. Most of our family lives in Michigan, my oldest brother lives in Pennsylvania and one aunt lives in Ohio. We have 2 dogs, a cat who thinks he’s a cat and two other cats 🙂 And all of us but one play hockey! And 4 of my siblings are at the same college right now that’s only 20 minutes away so we’re all fairly close 🙂

    4. I am the only child in my family, we have 5 fishes and we live in Arizona. It’s not as hot right now it’s actually really nice here…so far. Rest of our family go on vacations a lot so there not here often, my grandparents and my 1 aunt (my Mom’s sister) lives here in Arizona too. Other than that, all of our family are in Ca, Virgina, Oregon…And Phillippines.

    5. Four kids, I’m the second oldest, though I really might as well be the oldest. 😛 When I lived with my family I was the one who sorta kept everybody in line.
      They have nine cats. Indoor cats. NINE.
      One dog, one guinea pig, one betta, and one cannibalistic hamster.
      We live in Texas, everyone else is either in California or Louisiana, with some distant relatives spread out everywhere else.

    6. I’m the only child. Most people say I’m lucky, but I rather have a brother or sister! I’m hoping my mom will get “accidentally” pregnant, even I’d be 19 years older than the baby. But she refuses to have another kid. So it’s just my mom, my dad and I. I have a cat that I’ve had since I was four and a dog I got when I was eleven. I have a huge extended family. Most live in North Carolina too but in different cities.

    7. there are nine kids in my family. i am second oldest. we live in south carolina and our relatives are scattred all around. (we have a huge extended family too.) we have a dog, a miniature goat, chickens, and rabbits. our house is like the gathering place for all the kids in the neighborhood, especially in the summer. so we are never bored! also, i have the greatest christian parents ever!!!

    8. There are five kids in our family, and I’m the second oldest. I love being in a semi big family, although sometimes it gets a little crazy. We don’t have any pets, because my dad says that we have plenty of siblings instead.

    9. I grew up in a foster family which has me my mom and dad and my foster sister. My parents has parents who live in town and own a church. I am the youngest of 19 kids that were in foster care in my family.

    10. I’m the oldest of four, three girls and a boy. My aunt lives in Portland, my uncle, his wife and my cousins and my Grandmother live in Cali, my other Grandma lives here, and the rest of my mom’s family is in Connecticut. We have a dog, cat, 6 chickens, and we used to have a gerbil and two livestock pigs.

    11. I’m the youngest of four, and my brothers are 10 and 9 years older than me and my sister is 7 years older than me. I have a dog (Cooper), a black cat (Mal) and a turtle (Dharma), and my sister has a cat(Peanut). We live near my grandmother, three aunts, one uncle, and all my siblings live with me and my mom, excluding my oldest brother, sister and law and nephew who live an hour away in the same state as us. My other two aunts and two uncles all live in other states in New England.

    12. I am the oldest sister to one brother. I live with my mom and step dad and our two dogs a basenji and a karelian bear dogXD
      i have cousins and an uncle near seattle where i used to live, more cousins and an aunt and uncle in idaho, grandparents and distant relatives in topeka kansas and step family all in northern new york and B.C.
      all of us (not including step family) used to live in seattle together until my parents moved me and my brother down here to texas and then everyone else spread out hehe:)
      While im actually very close to my step family, i rarely get to see my cousins in idaho, probably because they are my on my fathers side, and he stays distant to me….

    13. I have four siblings and I’m one of the middle kids, although, since it’s only my younger sister and I living at home, I’m kind of the oldest. My parents, my little sister and I live in southern Oregon, my older brother and his family live in Minnesota, and my older sister and almost everyone on my dad’s side of the family live in the Portland area of Oregon. Most of my mom’s family live in Arizona.
      We have three horses, two cats, and a dog who thinks she’s a person. (:

    14. I am the oldest of two children, my sister in 18 months younger than I am. 🙂 We have two cats, and in the past we have had dogs, fish, and more cats. =) My grandparents all live in the same city as I do, and one of my dad’s sisters lives nearby as well. All of my other family lives in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Iowa.

    15. I’m number seven of eight kids! My oldest brother is married, and I have four nieces and nephews. We have three cats and a dog. And most of my family lives in town, but we have relatives all around the country 🙂

    16. I’m the youngest of three sisters, though I have a younger half-brother. He lives with his mom, though. My mom’s living relatives, we never really know where they are (it’s kinda complicated). As far as my step-dad’s they live in Virginia while I live in Ohio. Most of my dad’s relatives live in the same city and surrounding areas as we do. I have two cats (love them!) and some fish. My family’s kinda strange, but I love them, too!

    17. we live in AL and my aunt does too. our grandma (moms mom) lives with us but other than that our family is all over the place! we always have people over though so they are like our extended family 🙂

    18. Oldest of four, but at school i have one close friend who is just like a sister. all my families’ hamsters died quite suddenly and we are not gifted with keeping other animals alive, heh. i live in Ukraine–try finding that on the map! 🙂

    19. I have 2 half brothers on my dads side 1 half sis on my dads side than 1 half sis and 1 half bro on my moms side than only one real full sister. I’ve never met the siblings on my dads side though :p

    20. I’m the oldest of 2 and I’m also the oldest of all of the grandkids on both sides. My grandparents on my mom’s side live right around the corner and I’m very close to them. The rest of my family lives in surrounding towns less then an hour away and my great grandparents and great aunt in uncle live in Portugal and the Azores. I have a cat and a dog but I’m constantly at my grandma’s house where we have goats, chickens, ducks, quails, doves, rabbits, a whole bunch of cats, and two dogs. I grew up around animals so I love being with them.

    21. we have 5 kids in my family I am second oldest and only girl, all of my aunts and uncles and grandparents live in a totally different country :/ my brother love animals… I don’t really like animals, actually I voted against our two dogs but my dad and I were outnumbered :P. We had a german Sheppard, but he was stolen.. twice he was stolen then he was gone, German Sheppard are super valuable were I live. THen we got to mutts 😀 and they both died, the week before Christmas when we weren’t even home 🙁 yeah 😛

    22. I am the fourth oldest in a family of six kids! I live on a farm with cows, and so those are my pets! 🙂 Most of mom’s family lives within the state! Then, my dad’s family is all over the country!

    23. I am the 2nd oldest of 5, I have an older sister and then 2 brothers that have autism then my younger sister. My dad and mom have been together for 18 almost 19 years and yah….. um my mom is the youngest of 8 and my dad is the youngest of 2 so i guess thats it 🙂

    24. I’m the youngest(13) and my older sister is 16. My dad was an only child so there are no family members left on his side of the family. My mom has 4 siblings- two brothers and two sisters. I have six cousins, (how do I explain this…) Three of them are 8 and three of them are 6. It’s weird because each family has a kid that’s eight and a kid that’s six. My sister and I are the oldest in our family, therefore the babysitters during family get togethers 🙂 We all live pretty close together.I love my cousins 😀

    25. I am the middle child of 3 kids, the youngest being 5 and the oldest being 15. It is really hard being the middle child because you are expected to be a good role model, but also expected to follow in the older sibling’s footsteps.

      • On my mom’s side, all of the family lives here in North Carolina. But on my dad’s side, they live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and California. So, we live pretty far away from all of them.

    26. I’m the oldest of two kids {including myself}.
      We have four dogs. One Golden Retriever, One Chihuahua, and Two Morkies {Yorkie/Maltese}.
      Our grandparents literally live behind us in another subdivision. Most of our family is within 2 hours. One of my cousins live in Virginia, about 6 hours away and another lives in Texas, about 12 hours away.

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