Poll: What’s Your Favorite Type of Art?

    In school, you may have had to take a fine art class at some point. In it, you likely got to experience a wide range of disciplines, much like you would see in a large art museum…paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings and more!

    While each type of art has its merits, there are probably one or two that personally speak to you more than others. Maybe you’re quite good at that particular art form yourself, or maybe you just enjoy it on a visual level more than the others. Not a big fine art person? You might be more into music, film or even food, which are all certainly forms of art themselves (if not precisely fine art!).

    Whether or not you ever take another art class after high school, you’ll come in contact with all the forms of fine art throughout your life, whether you’re visiting a museum or just hanging out in a coffee shop. We can’t wait to hear about your favorite art forms, artists and ways of absorbing them!

    Answer the three polls below then give us more details in the comments below! 

    What's your favorite fine art?

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    What's your favorite way to take in art?

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    Do you like to make art yourself?

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    1. I love art! It’s so much fun to create and look at. It’s also great to see progress you’ve made through our your art “career” haha. It’s so relaxing and just a really enjoyable hobby to pick up!

    2. I love to draw and take pictures! I’m not much into painting though…My art teacher is really trying with me though xD I feel bad for just always being like “Sorry…not my thing ^^'”

      • Don’t feel bad! 😀 Art isn’t about what someone wants you to do, it’s an expression of whatever’s on your mind at the moment. For a class, you should participate in whatever the teacher asks, but it’s okay if it just doesn’t turn out to be your thing. Some people take to one form of art, and nothing else really does it for them! It’s perfectly normal.

    3. Photography, hands down. I have a pretty good, dependable digital camera, but in the next year or two I’m hoping to save enough money for a nicer one. I’ve been doing some “shopping” online (:

    4. I love to draw! I always post my drawings on Instagram and Twitter but I would like to have a website or a blog dedicated to my art. I also love photography, but I wish I had a professional camera to work with!

    5. I just kind of look everywhere. Haha Art is everywhere there are people! My favorite art is colors, whether it’s in clothing, hair, makeup, painting, or whatever.
      I’m a writer, however. Words are the medium I use to portray pictures. I use words to make a point. I just love writing! That’s my art. 😀

    6. I actually like graffiti… not like the cheesy “thug-life” stuff, but the unexpected art you stumble upon accidentally in the city, or on the walls of a open mic coffee shop. I guess that’s considered vandalism, but some of it is truly unique and beautiful and has an element of secrecy and intimacy that makes it all the more special.

    7. I do all kinds of art with all kinds of mediums. I’ve been doing art my whole life and my dad’s an artist. I have won contests for my art — I hope to involve art somehow in my future career.

    8. My favorite form of fine art is photography 🙂 The best I can do at other artistic things are drawing stick figures haha
      I really like performing arts, such as music, acting, and writing, too!

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