Poll: What’s Your Ideal First Date?

    Whether you’re waiting to date or are already seeing a great guy, it’s fun to think of ways to make dates special! While walks on the beach, dinner and a movie, and long talks over coffee are pretty standard first date situations, it’s fun to dream up ways to make the first date with your big crush super personal, unique and fun. Though limited funds and/or resources might handicap your real life options, a girl can dream, right? In fact, with a little creativity and positive thinking, you might be able to pull off more than you think!

    Answer the three polls below and then give us more details in the comments below!

    What kind of date would be ideal for you?

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    What's your perfect first date outfit?

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    Where do you think is the ideal first date location?

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    1. My first date would have to be so unique and original. It has to something that my date would have to creatively have to think about. I want to be so surprised that I would want a second date.

    2. It would depend on the time of year for me. Its cold and rainy or snowy (or both) 3/4 of the year, so on those days roller skating would be fun (My friend tries, but I just am not an ice skater…It freaks me out.) On the 1/4 year its sunny or at least warm even if raining, I think a hike on a man-made mountain would be fun. (One side it the city side, but the other side by the pretty water is what I’m thinking xD)Yes…of course, I’m not really the dating type anyway, so whatever. Too much drama for such little cause.

    3. I’d like to go on a picnic for a first date. It’s fun and relaxed with a lot of possibilities. We could go for a walk or play frisbee, or just sit there and talk for a while, whatever we feel like. 🙂

    4. Before having a “first date,” I’d love to go out with maybe some other friends with the guy in the group. After that, I’d be ok with going out just him and I. I personally love the outdoors…hiking, fishing, etc. My family hates it lol, so my ideal first date would be to go hiking to maybe the top of a mountain (a really easy one because then we’d get all sweaty and gross). We’d reach the top and have a little picnic there, talk, watch the sunset, and then walk down. 🙂

    5. My first date WAS at a coffee shop (Scooters:D )Then we went to dinner. Of course because of my family’s rules, there had to be chaperones so his parents went with us but did not sit with us. Basically they just had to be able to see us lol. It was wonderful!

    6. My first date was amazing. It was homecoming at my boyfriend’s school but it was a saturday so I went to his house in the morning (he lives about 2 hours away) and spent the whole day with him. We went bike riding about his town, went to the beach, and went to the park. We got to watch the sunset together and then go dance the night away at homecoming 🙂 The ride back to where we meet half way to get together we spent holding hands and cuddling. That for me was a perfect first date <3

    7. How about a sporty date? I’ve heard that it’s kind of a bad idea to do anything too fancy on a first date, like going out to a fancy restaurant, or even a movie. Mostly, because it’s really awkward! You just started dating, so you might feel weird in a setting where everything is too fancy. My ideal for a first date would be something sporty like going to a baseball game!There are normally a lot of people there, so you don’t feel like it’s just you and the guy. It’s a lot more relaxed! I understand that some girls aren’t really into sports, but a sports event would be my ideal.It’s really fun, relaxed, and you don’t have to feel like you have to make awkward conversation:)

    8. My ideal first date would be going to a ballet or some sort of contemporary dance show. And then a really nice dinner afterwards and ice cream (good things usually include ice cream 🙂 )

    9. I think a really good first date would be like painted earth, going on an adventure. And a really good date like maybe 2nd date or 3rd would be build-a-bear workshop! they are so fun, and you could make a bunch of memories together that would last forever.Build a bear is my dream date. <3

    10. I would LOVE to just take a walk and talk. That would be just amazing! But it would be so fun to go to an amusement park and just hangout together. I can’t wait for my first date!

      • And if he plays a sport than going to his game would sort of be a date..I hope he plays tennis like me so we can have a tennis date and play together and against each other. Ohhh I want my first date to happen already! <3

    11. If I didn’t know the guy as well, a movie would be just fine for me, so it’s not as akward and you don’t have to talk as much. But if I did already know the guy pretty well (hopefully I will) I would love to do something random like go for a walk, hang around town, go a for a drive, picnic, whatever! lol

    12. For my first date, I went to a Navy Ball with my boyfriend but this was before we started dating. It was so amazing 🙂 It was basically a formal for ROTC, so I got to dress up which I love to do 🙂 I kinda felt like a princess that night 🙂

    13. I am going to court, so I would love to go to Shenanaganz with our friends and parents. Because I want to stay pure and wait for my first kiss to be on my wedding day. 🙂


    14. For a first date, something like a carnival or go dancing. Like a old fashioned date. Something where you talk and pour your heart out should be saved for later dates. I mean, you have to get the guy to get into you first, so that he had fun and he wants to come back. You should give him the exact right amount of information, basic fun stuff, but save the heart to heart talks for when you guys are hanging out having a lazy day.

    15. My perfect date ( for a budget in mind) would be a walk in the downtown area acting like tourists viewing the city for the first time, while wearing an outfit of something simple, trendy and comfortable. Then, since i love cooking, make something delicious together, after which we will watch a comedy movie together, because comedy is the best way to be comfortable with each other and laughing is known to burn off calories and improve your mood. 😀

    16. My ideal first date would be to do some sort of service project with my significant other. For example serving at a kitchen at a homeless shelter. This type of date will prove that he has a servants heart (which is a quality I want any guy who is pursuing me to have); plus we get to glorify God and do his will, while still having a blast and getting to know each other! Then after our day of service we could go get ice cream or something before departing. Plus its nothing too intimate or rushed, because I would want to take it slow with a guy, and make sure our relationship begins with (and is fully focused on) loving our amazing God before each other, but still being able to embrace each other and modeling our love after Christ’s. 🙂

    17. I have never been on a date or had a boyfriend but on my first date, I would either love to go to an amusement park for a first date or go to a beach with friends at low tide and then have a bonfire. And of course s’mores! Yummm!

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