Poll: What’s Your Relationship Status?

    Some PI Girls have told us that they’re in relationships with great guys; others are waiting to start dating. Which one sounds like you?

    We want to hear about where you’re at, relationship-wise! Answer the polls and then fill us in on the details in the comments below. In a relationship? We’d love to hear how you met or a sweet story about you two. Single? Tell us about your current crush or what kind of guy you’re looking for!

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    Right now, would you rather be single or in a relationship?

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    What's the most important quality for you when it comes to a potential boyfriend?

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    1. I’m in a relationship, and am very happy. He goes to my church and is all of the above, My parents know and don’t mind; they don’t mind us holding hands or stuff like that and I am deliriously happy with my relationship. It’s my first time being this close with a guy, but I’ve come kinda close a couple times. Also we’ve been together for three years so it’s also a really steady relationship. 🙂

    2. I have the most wonderful guy in the world! <3 He loves me to death and I love him just as much. (: I don't know what I would do without him. He's my first (real) boyfriend, and I'm his first (real) girlfriend. I wish we could get married now!!! I love him so much. He's very strong in his faith, he's kind and gentle, very smart :D, he has a very unique sense of humor that I love, and everything else I could want. He's there in my profile pic. lol (: We're currently working through a long distance relationship, and it's been really hard but we're committed. We've been through a lot of hard struggles, and we're sticking it out, so to anyone who's having difficulties, stay strong!! Pray and seek God's will for your lives. If that person really means anything to you, don't give up.

    3. More important than he loves God in my opinion, is that he gives his whole heart to God, not just loves God, and that he can teach and lead me in my relationship with God. I want a wise man of God, not just somebody who loves God:)

    4. I want a guy who respects me, my family, and my best friend. I would think it would be a great plus if he loved God! The last guy I was with, was great with my family (loved my sister like his own sister! Maybe it was because they were best friends and had the same name….) Also, he asked my dad before he asked me 🙂 Got along great with my best friend because she technically introduced us. (My best friend is 20 and I’m only 15 but we make it work fantastical! He was 18 and her and him were good friends and I met him through him you could say) This guy, respected my past and what I wanted to do with the future, my staying pure to marriage. He said he thought it was awesome that I wanted to save myself for marriage! He respected my choices and his family was so awesome! Plus he was a Christian guy who had (I thought) good points about God. He wasn’t afraid to ask questions and state is opinion in youth group and that is total opposite of me! I am afraid to speak my opinion because I don’t want to hurt anyone. We did brake up and are still extremely close BUT I still would say I’m not over him.

    5. I’ve never dated anyone before and I won’t until I know I’ve found the one and I have some weird/high standards when it comes to guys… He needs to have nice hands and keep his nails clean and short, needs to have good manners, needs to be really clean, I would prefer for him to be fashionable and likes to go shopping (I prefer more feminine guys Lol I like androgynous ones too.) Someone who is spontaneous, has an artistic mind, is funny, and sweet. I prefer brown eyes and cool hair too. Haha Oh and he needs to be tall so I can wear my heels! 🙂

    6. I have never dated anyone and when I finally do it will be well thought out (with a lot of prayers of course). I don’t want to have a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend but i want to have one because I truly love him and he in turn loves me.

    7. I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends and am a senior in High School. Ladies, what I’ve found to be so crucial is a relationship is his heart. I believe that too many times when looking for a relationship, people target others on physical appearance only to later wonder why the relationship didn’t last. Although it is nice to be physically attracted to the guy you’re dating, there HAS to be something more. Beauty is fleeting, it’s all going to change, just looking at pictures through my Freshman to Senior year is crazy- and my middle school self would be shocked to see pimple-free me now. Point being, outward “beauty” can so easily change, but it’s the heart, the raw emotions and values that makes someone who they are, their personality that will last.

    8. I love when a guy is sincere and compassionate.I want him to realize i have my flaws and that if he can accept mine, I will accept his. I also admire shy guys, and ones with very Southern values. If he doesn’t respect God or my familly then I don’t want him around me because chances are he will disrespect me also.

    9. God is of course most important, but my boyfriend is so understanding to the fact I have a few issues because of what happened to me while growing up. He’s held me while I cried and tells me I’m beautiful every day. I think that’s important too, that he doesn’t try to change you.

    10. My guy needs to love God, and he needs to love me. If he can a day with out speaking to me, it just shows how much I mean to him. I need to feel wanted, he needs to pursue me all the time… Not just when he feels like it.

    11. I definitely think there’s a certain connection that can occur between people that doesn’t have a specific name– you just kind of get each other (or you don’t)! If I ever marry, the two of us have to have that understanding.

    12. There’s this guy at my church who is so sweet and awesome and he’s grown in God since I first met him. It’s hard to like him, though, because I started liking him when we had the time to hang out like 24/7 and now I barely get to talk to him. I can’t give up, though. Every time I try to or pray, asking what I should do, I always get the same message, to try again

    13. I’m in a relationship with a guy who is perfect for me. We had a chance to go out in high School but we both knew we weren’t ready, now about 4 years later we started talking again and ended up taking our friendship to the next level. We are now dating and I cant picture it being anymore perfect. He is the first guy who has received my parents approval. He is a Godly man and strong in his faith, with this comes all the other great qualities such as being a true gentleman, kind, and smart (to name a few).

      Girls you’ll know when the right guy has comes into your life not by your own beliefs alone, the best way to be sure is to pray about it, deep prayers where you get lost in your conversation with the Lord then and only then will it be truly clear what he has in store for you and believe me it will be greater than anything you could have ever imagined for yourself.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

    14. I am now a junior in high school, but in eighth grade, an upperclassman at my school took the time to mentor the girls in my class. (I go to a very small private school, so there were about twenty of us, give or take a few.) She recommended we write up a list of characteristics we were looking for in a guy, so I did. Now this year in Christian Theology, we are going over what it means to be a godly woman/man, and therefore are covering dating. We are writing a list again, but I re-wrote mine since I already had one. I would greatly recommend all you godly ladies to do this. It has truly made me think about not only what I really want in a guy, but also how my character will have to be to attract that kind of guy. I have some starred, which are non-negotiable (Christian, loves God more than me, honest, kind, etcetera), and some that would be nice, but aren’t necessary (can play an instrument, athletic, taller than me, etcetera). It can save you a lot of heartache down the road if you really take time to think about this now. (:

      • I agree! I wrote a list of characteristics down, and looking at it now, it’s like an answered prayer! it’s good to meditate on such things, and get a clear idea of your dream guy, so that you don’t settle for someone less than what you need.

      • Definitely! My junior year a particular boy was interested in me and started pursuing me. I fell HARD for him. He was extremely romantic and very good with words. (He was not a believer and ultimately I made the excruciatingly difficult decision -at the time- to call the friendship off before it became anything more because God convicted me he was not someone I should be with). But in the midst of our friendship the Lord compelled me to write a list of things that I wanted in a man and what his position in our relationship should be. It was extensive with each point backed by scripture. Of course, the boy did not match up to those standards, but I kept the list for years. Then my current boyfriend came into my life and right as we started dating we knew early on we needed to establish the relationship: set physical boundaries and expectations of each other. So I shared my list with him and he shared with me his. We both matched up to our expectations! It is a good idea to write it out and pray about it so that you don’t settle for less!

    15. Every girl loves a good love story! Well if you agree, here’s mine…
      I started homeschooling when I was in fourth grade, and starting taking classes with a co-op once a week. There was a nine year old boy there, but all i knew about him was he was always running around with the other boys in camo and Nerf guns. He was the oldest in his little clique and I was the youngest of mine, so the cutoff was right between the two of us. Flash forward five years, and he was in my choir group. We got to know each other a little more, and one day we started emailing (debating over who would win the 2015 superbowl!) We had now been in classes together for about a year, and we started talking and talking, then I did something stupid. He told me he liked me, and I FRIENDZONED him!! (Because I was with another guy who was very ungodly, bringing me down, and generally a jerk) Well last year I was single and started crushing on him but I was like “wait what??” I found out he wasn’t with the girl he had been with for a little while after I friendzoned him ,because he never got over me well we finally admitted to each other that we REALLY liked each other, and the rest is history! We’ve been together since then, and we’re MADLY in love. We’re totally serious about each other, and we’re fairly certain we’re following God’s will I’m out relationship. He’s INCREDIBLE and EXCEEDS my crazy standards!! We’re following our parents rules, also, and we always pull each other closer to Christ. Our relationship is legit GOALS!! ♡♡♡ I love him so much– I’m his angel, and he’s my cowboy ♡♡

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