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    Poll: What’s Your Relationship Status?

    Some PI Girls have told us that they’re in relationships with great guys; others are waiting to start dating. Which one sounds like you?

    We want to hear about where you’re at, relationship-wise! Answer the polls and then fill us in on the details in the comments below. In a relationship? We’d love to hear how you met or a sweet story about you two. Single? Tell us about your current crush or what kind of guy you’re looking for!

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    Right now, would you rather be single or in a relationship?

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    What's the most important quality for you when it comes to a potential boyfriend?

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    1. changing the word boyfriend to girlfriend in :What’s the most important quality for you when it comes to a potential Girlfriend? From personal experiences the person should be someone who knows you very well and someone you know very well back. Someone who at some point was your best friend (And still is) with an added side of dating. <3

      PS: Yes I am a girl dating a girl

      • Hi there! I guess I’m not exactly sure how to put this, because I don’t want to come off as confronting you, or condemning you, because that’s not my place or my emotion towards you at all! What I would like to say, though, is this;

        The Lord formed you in your mother’s womb; He formed you fearfully and wonderfully. He did the same with your girlfriend; He formed her beautifully and with meaning, just like He did with you. He made you each with so much love, and gave each of you all of the gifts and talents that you would need in this life. He made each of you to have a wonderful, fulfilling, powerful relationship with Him, and to know His truth in your hearts. He made you each perfectly; God has never made a mistake, and never will.

        There is no one, not before, not now, and not ever – no one who will be just like you. The Lord made you individually, and special in contrast with every single other human being ever created by His hands. He made you to love and worship Him with your life. He made you to follow His Word with faithfulness and obedience and love towards Him.

        In His Word, He tells us the story of how at the beginning of time, He created male and female; each for a purpose, but to work together, and to be together, and to populate the earth with other humans that He would form in His likeness.He created man and woman – for one another. He created them equally, but for different purposes; He made them perfectly.

        I’m so happy for you that you have a friend close enough to be able to feel like you know them very well, and they know you just as well. But, the Lord didn’t make you for each other; you were both made in womanly form, and made to be with someone of the masculine form.

        Have a wonderful day! Remember, you are a beautiful Child of the Lord, and He cares for you deeply!! <3

    2. I put “He’s smart,” as the most important quality in a boyfriend. I think “He loves God,” is more important when it comes to a marriage, not necessarily a boyfriend. 🙂 I’m only saying that because I dated someone who loved God but just wasn’t smart, and it just didn’t work out. :/

    3. Im dating the love of my life. He’s in the military. I miss him like crazy, but he will be home soon from his training school. We plan on being married after I turn 21. I am 19 right now. He may be a different religion than I am, but he respects mine and how I feel about certain decisions, which is why I answered “kind” to the most important quality. Because I know no matter what, he will respect any of my decisions.

    4. I’m dating a guy and I feel like he’s the perfect guy. We pray for, with, and about each other and our relationship. I know we are a little young for most people, but when we asked my dad, he said since he knows the guy, he’s a Christian, and my parents are friends with his parents, it was a yes. We make sure we don’t get into trouble by not even letting the chance for something to come up. We are never alone in a house together, we aren’t allowed to spend the night at each others houses (unless we aren’t at the house since he’s my brothers best friend) and if temptation occurs, we find a place with a lot of people so we won’t do anything stupid. We are also going to our youth pastors for advice if we need some. I truly feel that he is who God wants me to spend my life with because it seems like we tie off the loose ends the other has…like he’s really loud and I’ve got good ideas (not to be conceited or anything) so he can get peoples attention. I’m very encouraging and sometimes he’s not as confident as he appears so I can help with that. Whenever I pray about us, it seems our relationship grows stronger. I truly believe this is what God wants for us 🙂

    5. never had a bf but I r only 14 so ok . if I do have a bf he’s GOT to be Christian ,
      and personally I want to have red hair tehehehehe.there would be sooo many
      other things that I would want him to be to, ( I have high standards ) , so the guy
      I end up with will probably be the one I marry 😀 . ( that’s my strategy anywho )

    6. As we think about the qualities we want in a future significant other, it’s important that we work to have those qualities in our lives as well. Hold yourself to the same high standard that you have for the person you want to date/marry. If you’re seeking someone who loves God and is patient and kind, make sure that you’re loving God and cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit.

    7. I think one of the most important things i want in a boyfriend is that he’s really going to be there for me. loving God comes in 2nd, but i think that it’s just more important to me for him to love almost more than anyone else. i want him to know me like the back of his own hand. i want him to think i’m the most special thing ever, and that loves me when i’m cranky, happy, crazy, or just tired.

    8. I think that loving me and loving God go hand in hand. Like all human beings, a potential husband needs to put God first in his life, and not me. One of the main goals of a married couple is to get each other to heaven. There’s a saying that I love: “A girl’s heart should be so lost in God, a guy must seek Him to find her.” Loving God and living a healthy, spiritual life will not only allow my future husband to unconditionally love and respect me, but also for us to keep our marriage healthy and focused on God and the ultimate goal of heaven for many years to come.

    9. If a guy is not a completely committed follower of Christ Jesus, I have zero interest in having a relationship with him. After all, Andy Stanley said, “your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.” If you plan on marrying a Christian guy, why would you date someone who’s not Christian? Dating is about finding the qualities you’re looking for and not looking for in a future spouse. For me personally, I would not want anyone less than a completely committed follower of Christ Jesus to be my other half and to raise my own children. Just sayin’.

    10. Well, actually, I’m not going to date; I’m going to court. Right now I’m not in an relationship, but that just tells me that God doesn’t want me to be in one. I’m happy being single and I, (like Jamie grace in her song) am not lazy about finding love because I only want to listen to God’s voice!

    11. I am in a relationship and I am greatful to be in one. I was bullied for 7 years of my life. I was really depressed. When I went to California School for the Blind, I found myself surrounded by people who love and care for me. My boyfriend is wonderful. He treats me with respect, love, and kindness. He does know God and he goes to church when he can. He doesn’t have a Bible though because he doesn’t have access to one. I might buy one for him someday……… 🙂 I am loving life now. Thank you God!

    12. While I know He loves God is certainly important and it is to me. I need someone I can be comfortable around. I’ve struggled with insecurities and if those insecurities overpower our relationship, it won’t work.

    13. What matters to me is that he loves God; and he knows what unconditional love is and that he is able to show it… And also that he is humble that’s the most important to me. Not fully sure of all that but I believe my crush is on his way, all is in God hands…

    14. For me, a deep loving relationship with God is a given prerequisite for me. So for this poll I would say the most important thing to me in a guy is that he is a strong, true, Christian gentleman: a civilized, educated, sensitive, well-mannered man.

    15. he’s gotta love God, but i’d like someone who is as crazy and adventurous as i am…always ready to go to something drastic and dangerous, who has the same views and morals as i do, and hey, no reason why he cant be great looking! he’s gotta support me and love me for me, but encourage me to do whats right, without being controlling.

    16. I want a guy who will do simple things with me, study me. Want to learn all about me. Someone I can trust. A guy who would be happy just holding me in his arms and not expect anything else (out of respect for me and fear of my dad). A good boy that’ll do crazy stuff with me. 🙂

    17. The main trait a guy would have to have is that he loves God whole heartedly. If he was a strong Christian, his morals and boundaries would line up with mine. I’ve always wanted a guy who was on the poetic side, maybe a bit romantic. But I also want someone who wouldn’t mind going head to head in soccer or a videogame. I wouldn’t complain if he happened to be a sweetheart too. 🙂 Because I come from one of those stereotypically protective Italian families, he would have to be approved by them too.

    18. He Loves and honors God. He respects me and my family. He truly cares about people. He has such a heart for serving others. But yet, he still has struggles an isn’t afraid to admit it and ask for help. He does mess up at times but he always tries to fix things. He is real, and a very Godly young man.

    19. Someone who loves God with all his heart, and wouldn’t date me if I didn’t. Someone who can be crazy and laugh a lot sometimes, and be serious other times. He should respect me and not try to get me to do things i don’t agree with. He would be honest with me and willing to admit to mistakes and weaknesses.Someone I can just talk to. Someone who gets along with my family. Someone who I can respect and who challenges me to be a better Christian.

    20. The “something else” is him being nonexistent. Friends hurt. Boys hurt. I don’t have friends right now. It wasn’t my choice, but I’m trying to make it so it is. I’m making good progress on being so I don’t need friends. If someone wants to be friends, I’ll try it. But I’m not going to go like a hound after a fox after a friend. I don’t need them. (Hopefully)

      • Everyone needs friends. It’s just that we need the right ones. You’re right about not chasing after people, but at the same time, not having friends is very lonely. God will help you find the right people that will care about you and vise-versa 🙂

    21. I want a guy that will put God first. And love him with all his heart. And love me and my family no matter how wired we can be. also be able to be a gentlemen and be ready to help with what God asks him to do. and my family as well.

    22. I am single right now. I am still getting over a hard brake-up. I am now waiting till i know God wants me go get in a relationship. It is a hard spot but i know it is were i am suppose to be.

    23. I am single now and have never dated. I have liked some guys before, but didn’t date because I wasn’t allowed to. I am so glad, too because, I would have ended up being hurt if I would have gone out with the guys I liked. I am waiting until I am allowed to date and I am just waiting for god to bring the right guy into my life. 🙂

      • You could try excelling in that class and raising your hand and volunteering for tings, just don’t seem to eager. It’s always best to become friends or even just acquaintances first that way you need he’ll be good for you. Be positive that he’ll be good influence in your relationship with God and help you advance in it. And be sure to keep your relationship with God first 🙂 good luck girl

    24. I’m single and enjoying it 🙂 I have liked my best guy friend for 3 years now. However, I do not want to ruin our friendship so I am planning on remaining in friends for a while. Its all in God’s plan what happens in the future 🙂

    25. I’ve never dated anyone and I’m currently single. Even though I’m single, I have a guy God has really brought into my life who meets all of my “requirements”. We can’t date right now because his parents don’t want him to have bad experiences with high school relationships. However, I still pray over our relationship and for this guy because either way, he is my friend and brother in Christ and I know that if we are meant to have a relationship, God’s timing will be perfect. However, God has continually showed me that He has great plans for me in my single life. Girls, you don’t have to worry about love. As long as you live, God will always love you 🙂

    26. I’ve never dated anyone and I am also single. I am not interested in dating anyone at the moment because there are personal issues God and I are dealing with it because I don’t feel it’s fair to pair up with someone when I’m not ready. I have no problem becoming friends, that should be the first step anyways, at the time though. 😀

    27. The most important quality in a guy is to put God first and love me for who I am and not try to change me.

      Lena… same thing. Exactly the same… Expect.. he likes me too…. but we just want to be friends. 🙂 which I am fine with.. for now…

    28. As much as all of us want to be in relationships, there aren’t many guys with ALL of these quality’s. Of course we want him to love God, but what about kindness? Would he love God and also be mean? I hate to be picky but I am waiting until I know he’s the right guy for me.

    29. I know this guy that I really like, and he really likes me (we both know we like each other). We both want to start dating, but I’m not allowed to date until I’m 16 (I’m 13 right now). Sometimes he takes things a little to far, like almost holding hands and getting close and stuff. I really want to be friends with him until we start dating, but he’s starting to pull me into the temptation of secretly dating him.

      • Ooofh. Thats a toughy, I can see how rough that is. As great of a guy he sounds like, he might not be as godly of a man as you might think. If he is pushing boundaries and going to far, he’s not respecting you. He’s not respecting your parents, and he’d not respecting God. Talk with him about it. Talk to your parents and God about it – Keep your chin up, doll. I’m not allowed to date at all, but I can court once I’m 17. (THATS tough) Your time will come, its okay. I wanted to date when I was 13 (I’ll be 15 soon) and now i realize it would’ve been a waste of time. As you get older your taste in men will change, your relationship with God will change, YOU will change. So until you’ve discovered who you are, its a good idea to keep away from the heart ache. You have very wise parents, ask them about when they were dating, how they fought temptation, etc. Trust me, they will be SO proud of you for coming to them now rather than later, after you’ve fallen into temptation. I speak from experience, if you like each other SEEK GOD AND WISDOM FROM OTHERS. Praying for you, hope it gets better!

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    We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence – how to be your own best selves – through leading a Christian life. Who are we? We're a team of girls, like you. We edit the site, we post to social media, we hang out in the chat rooms and forums. We talk with you, we listen to you, and we love you!

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