Poll: Which Superpower Would You Pick?

    Would you rather fly or read minds? Walk through walls or talk to animals? Superpowers aren’t real, of course, but they’re fun to think about! Whether we’re imagining our favorite X-Men character or wondering what it would be like to fly like Superman, we all have our preferred superpower daydream.

    Tell us your choice of superpower in this week’s polls and then fill us in more in the comments below!

    Which superpower would you love to have?

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    Which superhero would you rather be?

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    Which everyday superpower do you hope to most embody?

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    1. I would love to have the power to refill things 😀 Refill the gas on your car or jet plane… refill your stomach if you’re hungry… refill the water in your glass…. refill your enemy’s bladder… 😉

    2. I think I’d rather be Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy rather than one of the super heroes 🙂 They’re actually rather unique in their own way.

      As for the every day power, I would like to have the power of love. Which sort of contains all of those traits listed above, but at the same time is something I need to work on.

    3. Id like to be able to read minds to a point, I mean i wouldnt want to read harsh things about me or other people. I’d like to be my own superhero. There is only one me and I think all my characteristics would create a awesome superhero!

    4. Superpower- Talking to animals. You could do so much with that one! You could help with wildlife conservation, talk to them about their thoughts on the Creator, etc. (of course, this is assuming animals could think like humans 😉 )

      Superhero- Black Widow. She is so cool!

      Everyday Superpower- Probably patience.

    5. Superpower: Reading minds, because it would simply be so much easier to understand people, if people could read minds and understand what others are going through, the world might be a more peaceful place.

      Superhero: BLUE BEETLE! I mean who wouldn’t want a alien talking to them in their head…

      Everyday Power: Self-Control

    6. For my superpower:
      The power to create
      Or, the power to make people smile

      For my superhero:
      I’d be myself. There’s nothing better than an ordinary person capable of extraordinary things. Almost like Walter Mitty.

      For my everyday power:
      Though I said kindness, I would most like to embody all of those powers rather than limit myself to only one.

      I am Divergent. I don’t like to fit a mold besides the one God created me to be.

    7. Superpower: Ability to heal others (physically or emotionally. Literally making somebody stop hurting, and being able to comfort them.)

      Hero: Not sure anybody like that exists in the superhero universes, but somebody with the above power.

      Ordinary power: All of them really, but especially kindness.

    8. Superpower: Flying. It would be so cool!

      Superhero: Green Arrow. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock a bow?

      Everyday Superpower: Love. I want to “Look like love, be more than just enough for the hearts that are broken, coming undone.”
      I Corinthians 13: 1-13

    9. Superpower: Self – Healing! That would be super cool!!

      Superhero: Iron Man! Although, Spiderman is a close second. Although, he isn’t my favorite superhero, I love the idea of being able to shoot webs and jump off buildings. Thor and Captain America are awesome, too

      Everyday Superpower: Encouragement! I would love to be able to encourage people to do bold things, and also encourage them when they’re down. I guess Sincerity would also be a part of that, too. 🙂

    10. Superpower: the ability to create anything out of thin air.

      Superhero: I really like the X-Men, especially Cyclops. Spider-Man is a close second.

      As for everyday superpower, I think it would be sincerity, though it’s hard to choose, because I feel like you can’t have sincerity without thoughtfulness, kindness without forgiveness, etc.Minn

    11. I would love to have the power to change probablity because I cauld just change the probablity of me being spiderman from 0% too 100% then I could have two powers. Or just do pretty much anything.

    12. I would wanna have the awesome super power of teleportation ^_^ b/c id feel embarrassed if anyone saw me flyin haha although my fav comic character is batman, i always wanted to be batgirl when i was little.

    13. I’d love to speak every language and dialect so I could get the gospel to as many people and creatures. As far as a superhero I’d like to be like the heroes in the Bible. Then lastly I just want to be like Jesus which is a death threat but with power comes great responsibility, and Jesus embodied that plus He was crucified.

    14. (WARNING: The following message contains a majorly passionate geek out)
      I would have the power of Imagination Manifestation! The power to bring anything from my imagination into existence! I could literally do and make anything!! I could fly, heal, etc., etc! I could create any vehicle! I would go anywhere! I would create a portal to mind, which would be some awesome world! I would make a Tardis! Heck! I would make Dr. Who! I would bring POKEMON into the world!! RAINING POKEBALLS FROM THE HEAVENS!!! And does this NOT sound awesome to you?!
      Loki: I have an army.
      Tony Stark: We have a hulk.
      Me: What if I told you…I could make five-hundred thousand hulks…?

    15. My supper power would be being invisible. (Introverted) personality I sometimes feel invisible when I don’t want to be. Sad I know. Okay seriously on a better note I’d want the supper power to be able to know what to say! Like when someone needs a luagh or encouragement. So kinda like reading minds.

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