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Popular Boyband Member Brought to Tears after Emotional Baptism

I may be revealing my age here but, when I was growing up, the Backstreet Boys were everything and more. They were pretty much the One Direction of today. Yes. Believe it!

Now before I delve into the real topic at hand, how about we take a quick stroll (and a 1-2 step) down memory lane?



Now that that’s settled, on to the point of this article. Last month, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, took a break during the Middle East leg of their world tour to strengthen their faith through a baptism ceremony in the Holy Land. Brian and Howie, who are both Christians, were deeply moved by the ceremony. Brian, who broke into tears after his baptism told BeliefNet:

“I think as Christians we need to join hands and mount up together and lift God up and talk about our faith publicly and talk about all of the things God has done for us in our life to touch other people.”

Wow. Just wow. To see Brian’s emotional baptism, check out the video below.


Image: Christian Post


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