Nicole Weider, the executive producer of the new faith-based movie SWITCHED, sat down with Fox News to talk about how her faith in God took her career to places she could never have foreseen.

    Nicole Weider, the executive producer of "Switched," a movie about what it would be like for a popular girl and social media star to walk a day in the shoes of a girl who lacking in confidence, opened up on her faith and how God gave her purpose and fulfillment after she gave up trying to do things her way.

    Nicole Weider, a fashion model turned women's activist and filmmaker, says the new film “Switched” shows the harms of bullying and advises young people not to attack each other but instead “lead with love” because everyone is facing their own battles.

    The 'Switched' executive producer and star says when she was 'doing things without God' she 'was constantly faced with scrutiny'

    Switched is a faith-based coming-of-age movie in which a popular "mean girl" switches bodies with a girl that she bullies. The movie communicates positive messages such as empathy and gratitude.

    The heart of this film is one that works through all of those issues and comes out with a strong message: Love your neighbor as yourself. And to do that well means that you love the person God has created you to be so that you can love those around you.

    With themes centered on cyberbullying, peer pressure, and idolizing the lives of others, Switched truly centers on issues affecting teens today.

    Vanessa Merrell‘s new movie Switched is out on digital and VOD now!! The 24-year-old YouTuber and actress plays cheerleader Olivia in the anti-bullying film.

    Sometimes, humor is the best way to make your point. Such is the case with Switched, which tackles a number of big issues with a hilarious plot designed to impact tweens and teens.

    Here’s a list of seven new faith-based movies that will be released this summer and fall, some on streaming platforms and others in theaters.

    Nicole Weider, who executive produced and plays Skyler Stone in the film Switched, remembers her journey to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

    We would now like to draw your attention to three more new faith-based films being released in theaters and VOD just in time for the holidays this fall.

    Nicole Weider, who executive produced and plays Skyler Stone in the film Switched, remembers her journey to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

    The success of faith-based films in recent years has led to a resurgence of Christian movies being made.

    Switched shows viewers the nature of extreme bullying in high school as Katie and Cassandra recognize the errors in their ways and how to become better people because of that recognition.

    For fans of Christian and inspirational movies, the next four months will be similar to the pre-coronavirus days, with at least nine faith-based films releasing to home digital platforms and in theaters.

    When Nicole Weider left the world of modeling for Jesus, she knew she had to use her platform to honor Christ.

    She was a Victoria’s Secret and Maxim fashion model at the age of 17 before quitting the industry to inspire young women online and star in faith-based films.

    Denise Richards and John Schneider have joined John K. D. Graham’s teenage faith-based movie Switched.

    Former Victoria’s Secret model Nicole Weider walked away from a lucrative modeling career to follow Jesus and help other women see their worth in God.

    What are Denise Richards and John Schneider doing walking around Louisville? Turns out the veteran actors have been in town to shoot the feature film “Switched.”

    Nicole Weider, an ex-Victoria’s Secret model and founder of Project Inspired, plays Clara in the film, who is a light-hearted, humorous character that Weider resonated with.

    Former Victoria’s Secret model Nicole Weider left the mega-popular lingerie line years ago and now acts and produces faith-based movies that edify her faith in Jesus.

    An ex-Victoria’s Secret model has opened up about how she walked out on her successful modeling career leading her to meet Jesus and pursue acting in faith-based movies.

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards is making the transition from reality television back to the big screen with a new project! Read on for all the details.

    Former Victoria's Secret model left the industry to put faith first.

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