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Purity Movement: Celeb Makeup Artist and “Pure Beauty Project” Founder Jessica Hoffman


Jessica Hoffman is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who has been in the fashion/beauty industry for more than a decade and counting! She is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with our very own Nicole Weider, is Carrie Keagan’s personal makeup artist and has worked with Colbie Caillat, the Backstreet Boys and more! She also has worked on different television shows, doing makeup for America’s Top Model and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, and has worked on the Grammy Awards, the Critics’ Choice Awards, the American Country Awards and more! Whew! You can go to her website to learn more about her.

Not only is Jessica an amazing makeup artist, but she is also an amazing woman of God. Jessica is in her 30s and has remained a pure virgin until marriage. She has written on her blog about singleness, and has been on many adventures with the Lord, but also initiated a “Pure Beauty Project.” The “Pure Beauty Project” was initiated in 2008, inspired by Jessica committing to staying pure to God and to her future husband by waiting to have sex until her wedding night. Jessica wanted to help others see that they are also pure beauties and that waiting is worth it. She has done conferences and events for the “Pure Beauty Project” by doing fashion shows and having guest speakers. Hoffman also blogs about vision, value and true inner beauty.


Jessica truly sparkles for Jesus and is such a light! What a great role model for Christ, amen? I love how she says learn the difference between “rejection” versus God’s “protection.” Check out her YouTube channel -she is AMAZING!


From Jessica’s “Pure Beauty Project” blog:

“Today, April 22nd, is an important day to me…back in 1994 on this day, I signed a purity pledge and vowed to myself I would wait to have sex until my Husband and I could come together as one on our wedding night. Four years ago today, I held my first Pure Beauty Event that launched a beautiful, incredible journey for me and my team of friends who made the event happen. Our journey has taken the message of Pure Beauty Project around the WORLD! I’ve had the extraordinary honor of speaking to thousands of women and hundreds of men on the power of purity and how we can live a life of VISION, VALUE, PURITY and BEAUTY….”


“I’ve appeared on numerous television shows and radio shows, and publications from around the world—even in Scandinavia—have devoted articles and covers to me and Pure Beauty Project. I never knew just how big God wanted to take this dream of mine…in fact, this is HIS dream he placed in my heart…and I am beyond grateful God has allowed me to share this message with the world…with YOU.”

Read more on Jessica’s blog.


Jessica’s purity journey has continued, and she is working on some new projects such as a documentary on true beauty, is traveling and recently hosted with JUCE TV Network. Please pray for Jessica as she is traveling internationally and is continuing her faith walk in trusting God and is expanding her ministry.

PI Girls, do you just LOVE her or what?! Want to hear about a God-incidence (a coincidence but God-ordained)? She is Nicole’s makeup artist whom Nicole discovered on social media, and I met her not through Nicole, but through a Bible study for fashion! What a small world! God is so faithful and answers prayer! I even prayed for more awesome godly people to partner with Nicole and me! God is too good!

PI Girls, do you find that Jessica is a great role model and inspiration to you? Comment below!


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  1. DWImpossibleGirl

    Posted by DWImpossibleGirl on April 30, 2016 at 10:44

    This is amazing! We need more people like Jessica, who get close with celebrities (or are celebs!) and love the Lord. Some Christians seem to think Hollywood and celebrities are lost causes, but I disagree with that statement. It’s NEVER too late to come the the Lord. Thanks for founding the Pure Beauty Project, and I love your blog. You are such a role model to me, and I hope to many other girls as well!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by andriloveschrist on August 27, 2015 at 19:26

    Cool but you do realize that many young girls such as myself are not virgins, &didn’t have an.option, some poeople have gone through too much &have fell into the temptation, we need women in the church who’ve came from secual immorality &teach others how its overcome in their lifestyle not another virgin church girl☺

    • JessicaHoffmanBeauty

      Posted by JessicaHoffmanBeauty on September 8, 2015 at 02:32

      Hey Andrl! I wish you’d add a picture so I can see who I’m speaking with! It’s me, Jessica. You’re right, we do need women in the church who have come from sexual immorality to speak up and share their testimonies, but that’s not all we need. We ALL have stories that need to be shared and heard, God can and will use EACH of our testimonies to inspire others, after all it’s JESUS who gets all the glory, right?! I am a 34 year old virgin… and it has NOT been a walk in the park. But I am also a woman who has come from sexual immorality, I am a woman, like you, who has battled with sexual sin and lost. But our GOD redeems!!! The truth is, we have ALL fallen short of the glory of GOD, and the truth is, we each have the opportunity to allow God to make things NEW every morning in our lives. THIS DAY you can start new, and choose to live in PURITY!!! I may be a virgin, but I’m a sinner. And you may think we have nothing in common, but I think we’d be able to relate on more levels than you know. Us girls need to stick together and remind one another that we can’t be a victim to our past, but we need to empower one another to be a VICTOR in Jesus, and reclaim PURITY! It’s available for me, and it’s available for you.
      Love you… and God bless you!!

  3. soakesie

    Posted by soakesie on August 17, 2015 at 19:10

    This is so great. People like Jessica are such important role models for girls in our society right now. I’m so glad she is following God on this incredible international calling!

    • JessicaHoffmanBeauty

      Posted by JessicaHoffmanBeauty on September 8, 2015 at 02:45

      Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement- it blessed me to read your comment! I most definitely and all the time, have to give God ALL the glory for my life and testimony!!! I had my first kiss at 12 (NOT recommending that!) and was boy crazy at a super young age, but GOD kept putting it in my heart to WAIT for my forever love… and I’m totally, completely HAPPY that I have!! I would LOVE to be used to inspire other girls to WAIT!!!!! It will save you from so much heartbreak!!! And it will allow you the freedom to have so many wonderful adventures with God!! And for the girls that haven’t waited, I pray they allow God’s love to REDEEM and RESCUE them, we each have the opportunity to begin fresh every day. My Mom always told me growing up, “you will never be fully happy until you are in the WILL of GOD!!! And it’s God’s will for us to live pure!” Boy was she right!

      Love you, and God bless!!!