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Purity Movement: Inspiring Spoken Word On Being a Proverbs 31 Woman


There is a purity ministry called the “31 Status” ministry by Lizzie Young, which Janette IKZ’s “Passion for Christ Movement” posted about and is affiliated with. Janette is the one who did the “I Will Wait” video that went viral, which was a spoken word about waiting for the right person for marriage. Janette also did another spoken word—about being a Proverbs 31 woman, not compromising and being a woman of God—in partnership with Young’s ministry to encourage young women to walk in the spirit and not be swayed by what the media projects onto us or accepting the role of women in society regarding beauty.

Use hashtag #31status and also check out the “31 Status” YouTube channel.


Watch the spoken word “31 to Be Exact” by Janette IKZ, and read the lyrics below:

“…And God said, it was not good for man to be alone so He created you

But somewhere along the line someone changed your perspective, shifted your view

Like Eve, you listened to the wrong voice and took a huge tasty bite of deception

Now your stomach is upset cause your spirit won’t digest it

No longer the woman that works in the confidence of ultimate artistic design

Submit your name change: we’ll call you compromise…


This is what happens when your gospel is according to whoever is at the top of your playlist…

And the media has become your Bible (WOW) 

Searching scripture of magazines to be told you are a dancing lead in Satan’s recital….

But you are not her and she is not you

Cause we are called to so much more than makeup, hair, clothes and shoes

And dropping it like it’s hot, even if we’re able to

We are women of a different status, 31 to be exact

We are content, with not looking like anyone else because we know our differences are not reasons to be jealous, but God’s fingerprint

We don’t run around talking about how there are no good men

We know if we apply half as much effort on the inside as we do on the out, we’ll stop drawing the wrong attention

Slow to speak, quick to listen

Receiving intervention from a higher dimension

Seeking purpose, watching our God-given visions come to fruition

Never forgetting that we have been forgiven much

So we eat, we live, we breathe, we give, we even sweat love

Always ready to hear from the women with silver hair

Seeds have been sown

And their wisdom saturates our soil, clipping our dead ends for growth

You’ll find us always promoting unity

Serving in our communities

Using our gifts and talents as an all-glory-to-God opportunity

Wake up in the morning with a grind-for-the-Most-High on our mind

Constantly being refined to be the exact of our Architect’s design 

We have no hearts

So here’s the answer before the question:

Any man who wants our heart will go to Christ knowing it’s in His possession

Yes, we are beautiful

And barefoot in the kitchen of grace

Pregnant with purpose, baking to praise, Jesus is who we crave

Awaiting to come to full-term so we can deliver back what has been deposited

Knowing good and well one day we all will be audited

Mercy gives us second chances so we ain’t receive it, we outta get

We needed an intervention

Christ came to do loss-prevention

On a cross he was stretched and fully extended

And we, we were given an extension

Hear me, an extension

Hear me, cause this price was worth far more than your finest Indian remy

I know we can change the things we don’t like all for a simple cost

But Botox, lipo and implants ain’t got nothing on what was accomplished on that cross

Cause you can’t implant in yourself a new spirit or life will suck away your sin

You can’t lap-band your addictions and you can’t Botox away your depression

We all need Him

It’s time to change your status, 31 to be exact

Don’t be afraid of what’s abstract, let the Spirit of God be what attracts

We are women of a different status, this world we will impact

We are women of a different status, 31 to be exact…”

I also love the vlog that Lizzie Young recently did called “The Calm Before the Storm,” about listening to the voice of God and preparing while in the midst of waiting on God.



PI Girls, do you think it’s important to aim to be a Proverbs 31 woman or do you think you feel the pull to be like the world? Comment below and write a prayer request!

Image: Lightstock | Pearl


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