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Purity Movement: “Worth the Wait” JUCE TV Interview with YouTube Sensation Janette McGhee



In October 2014, Janette McGhee from the Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM) shared her story and testimony with Trinity Broadcasting Network’s JUCE TV network. McGhee is well known for her live spoken word on YouTube that went viral, called “I Will Wait for You.”

The night that Janette performed her spoken word about waiting for her husband and the right man of God, Matt happened to be in the audience. Over time, their friendship developed and they grew in Christ together (discovering they attended the same church as well), and eventually they knew that God had placed each other in their lives for a divine purpose and had a plan for their life and marriage.

In June 2013, Matt proposed to Janette, and they later got married. Learn more about their updates on their YouTube channel and read the recent article on Project Inspired here.

What a testament to God’s faithfulness and the evidence of God’s higher purposes for our lives (Isaiah 55)! I love Janette and Matt’s beautiful love story, and that it can encourage so many people as they wait for their true love in purity and in trusting in God’s timing.


Click here to watch the full JUCE TV “Top 3” episode about Janette and her now-husband Matt on their love story.

Here’s a short interview clip on YouTube:

[Source: p4cm.com/p4cm-blog/2014/9/23/spoken-word-artist-is-no-longer-waiting-for-mister-right#sthash.qiSimczn.dpbs]



Blogger and JUCE TV host Christi Given with Janette McGhee


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