Q&A – Should I Make a YouTube Video?


    In the Bible it says not to chase fame and money, and I really don’t care about that stuff. Should YouTube videos be made anonymously? I want to make some but God says that those who do things publicly already get their rewards on earth. Am I misinterpreting?


    I definitely think it’s okay to make YouTube videos. The bible says we must be warriors for God and “to share the good news.” So, however you can do that, through Youtube or whatever, I feel strongly that you should do it! – Nicole

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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. I think it depends on what you’re saying/ doing in the video. If it is something where you can make it anonymous, for your peace of mind, then you should. Like if you wanted to share a message or whatever, then maybe you could record your voice, and then put it on a slideshow of pictures or verses or something so the video doesn’t actually show your face

    2. It’s a personal decission. Everyone understands the Bible a little differntly and no one is “wrong” or “right.” What you decide is true for you, may not be true for someone else. But remember, the Bible also says don’t do anything that might cause someone else to stumble. If you do something, even though you know it’s okay, and someone else misunderstands what it means and that causes tham to sin, you’re responsible. You should pray to God asking him for advice, and then listen for his response. Whatever you think God id telling you to do, GO FOR IT GIRL!

    3. I think that if you’re trying to spread God’s word, then you should go for it! There is a difference between wanting to be famous and people adoring you than just putting up a video or videos or enjoyed doing for nothing and getting famous off of them. You just have to be careful, especially because of all the cruel people in the world.

    4. I believe that as long as you are not doing it for the glory down here (which it appears you aren’t) then God will give you your reward in Heaven. Be careful not to fall into the temptation of doing it for fame, ’cause it can be easy to slip into that.

    5. Amata – The scripture you are describing about “getting their rewards on earth” is from Matthew Chapter 6. In that scripture, Jesus is talking about the condition of our hearts and the motivations we have for the things we do. Jesus is talking about the difference between 1. Doing things out of obedience to the Lord because we love Him and the people He’s created or 2. Doing things for fame and attention; so that other people will think that we are “good” people.

      The decision to make a YouTube video is yours, but examine your heart. Are you looking for fame and glory from other people? It doesn’t sound like you are. If you just want to make a video for fun or to share a message with others then I think that is fine, but if you are doing it for fame or for your own glory then I would advise against it.

      If you do make a YouTube video, let us here at Project Inspired know about it so that we can watch!

    6. Hi Amata,
      I don’t think there’s anything sinful about making a You-tube video.God doesn’t want our motive for doing anything to be fame or getting rich.You said you don’t care about any of that so that’s great!Some people give to charities and do “good deeds” just so they can brag about it and gain popularity,instead of doing good deeds to please God.If these aren’t your motives then don’t worry.God doesn’t mean He will take away your heavenly rewards just because you posted a video or did something publicly.

    7. I think making youtube videos can be a good or bad decision. If you are going to make youtube videos, make them out of boredom, not to become famous. Also, don’t make videos like Shane Dawson and Sxephil because that’s trash. Make videos that are helpful or that make people laugh or represent Jesus!(:

    8. I think that if your just doing something fun, and Christiam like, then it’s TOTALLY fine! But if you make a YouTube video, and all your talking about is how you gave your clothes to the orphanage, than I think that it’s wrong.

    9. Ok I love performing singing acting. And I admit I feel on top of the world when people cheer for me. But I do pray that God takes the glory and any pride I have to take it away after all it’s because of Him I got there. And I want to become famous one day, I guess money would be nice but honestly thats not why. That just seems like a really fun job. And I’d sing Christian songs and I really would like to become famous so help I don’t want to sin by chasing fame:/

    10. I think its great if you use YouTube for the reason of spreading God’s love and being His warrior. But I disagree with the reasons of being to chase money. But as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s awesome!

    11. Thankyou for posting this because at first I was going to make a you tube account to become some kind of internet sensation. Then I thought of the song “this little light of mine” and how I should let my light shine for Jesus. I made an account but now I know exactly what to say on you tube!!

      • You should go after what you are passionate about, and if God has called you to be a leader and share your talents with the world- then go after it! Just make sure it glorifies Him! And no, God does not view leaders any more important than anyone- we are all equal in His eyes 🙂

    12. It’s great your doing what you can do to honor God. I’ve always felt that it’s the heart of the action, not the action itself, that really means something. It’s good we don’t have to worry about doing things right all the time. Your not saved by what you do, you’re saved because of the blood of Jesus, and he loves you no matter what — there is nothing you could do to lose that love. Remember that! God bless 😉

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