Q&A – How Do I Help Someone in My Life Understand and Get Closer to God?


    How do I help someone in my life understand and get closer to God? How can I help them understand what it means to be a Christian and why it’s important?


    A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35.

    This question is dear to my heart because I also have people that I am very close to in my life who don’t understand or have a close relationship with God. The best way we can help people understand and get closer to God is by living our lives the way God wants us to. Love others the way that God loves us, unconditionally for the most basic reason — because the living God also created them. If your own life isn’t perfect, if you don’t “have it all together”, don’t act like you do just because you’re close to God. People need to know that God loves ‘messed up’ people, too!

    If nonbelievers in your life ask you questions about God, answer them as best as you can. If you don’t know the answer, tell them you aren’t sure, but you’ll try to find out and get back to them. Then, ask a parent or pastor who would have an answer. Make sure you follow through. God is consistent, He never breaks His promises and neither should we.

    Don’t call them “sinners” and tell them that they are going to Hell. This just makes people feel bad. The best way to communicate eternity is to tell them that God loves them and wants all of His kids to be with Him, but He gives us the choice. It’s our decision if we want to spend our lives with God or without Him.

    Live a life that produces the Fruit of the Spirit: Galatians 5:22-23

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    Don’t preach at people. Don’t yell at them. Don’t make them feel bad. Be an example. Love them. Pray for them. Encourage them. Be patient with them. Tell them the truth in love. Be humble. Spend time with them. Love them when it’s hard. This is what Jesus did.

    Written by Jenn Arman

    Jenn Arman
    Jenn Arman is a youth pastor, freelance writer and blogger. She was born in San Diego, California and raised 2 hours north east in the Inland Empire where she lives with her husband David and their cats. Jenn desires to bring glory to God and a healthy dose of reality to Christians through both writing and preaching. Visit for more on her work. You can also connect with her on and


    1. i have always wanted to know how to get people closer to God without seeming all goody two shoes. I’v been called that before but i let it slide cause i knew that i wasnt- am not perfect. Loving them and caring about them, encouraging them, these are all ways to do that. Thanks for the article! 🙂

    2. I have people who I care about dearly who don’t know God, and it breaks my heart that they may not have eternity with them. I want them to understand and know that I care and God cares. This helps a lot. Thank you! God bless!!

    3. I know that it helps when you fully devote your life to God. Not just accepting him into your heart, but surrendering your entire being.Then, people will definetly start to notice, especially if you go to a public school. Some people will ask questions, like, “Why are you always so happy?” “How can you live a drama-free life?” And then you say, “I am not always happy, and I have lots of drama just like you, but I have Jesus Christ in my heart and he helps me through it all” This may stir up more questions or it may scare them off, but you know you have at least tried. If they are curious, tell them about the gospel and the benefits of being a christian (like having a relationship with God and, of course, going to heaven!!!) If they are still interested, invite them to church or your youth group. Just remember, some people will make fun of you, but you must walk the christian walk and turn the other cheek, and not act on angry feelings or thoughts. I hope this helps!!! 🙂

    4. This is very encouraging, thank you.. I’ve been patient for almost a year now with this guy who is a best friend to me. He doesnt believe in God or Christianity and I admit it is very hard at sometimes, but him not being a Christian has brought me closer to God.. I have faith that one day he will choose to believe :)God Bless!

    5. ok so, like ALL my friends LOVE Harry Potter, i dont, i dispise it and they tell me to read it cuz “its good”. i tell them i hate fantasy and that type of stuff. but one particular friend says that she is a “witch” and it waiting for her “hogwarts letter to come”. she says she is catholic but i really want to tell her to dont read or watch any of tht stuff and i have once she got mad and started saying “i read it because its good, and u should too”. then, i get mad cuz she doesnt get the stuff that the devil has put in there about witchcraft. i wanna tell all of them to just stop talking about it. i know all of them are Christians. and i know that its taking them away from God cuz at least once a day i hear “harry potter”. Please can you help me to have them all stop talking and believing this harry potter stuff?

      • I’m Harry Potter-obsessed, although not quite as much as I used to be. But just know that it is not real, and that I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with it in moderation. I’m glad you’re concerned about your friends, though, and if it’s really bothering you just let them know in a polite way that you’re a little bit tired of always hearing about Harry Potter.

    6. I have two friends they both are struggling. One use to love God just as much as me but now she has a hard time believing that he’s even there and she just thinks the Bible is a book of rules how do I help her understand, shes hurting so much and pushing God away while she’s add it please pray for her and please help I need advice.

    7. I have a friend that is very stubborn, picky and strong willed. In all the same i love her, and I’ve wanted her to become a christian for so long. I’ve prayed and brought her to church, but she still wont budge. What else can i do???

    8. I’ve always felt this way about my dad. He’s not a christian. I know he was baptized and he used to go to church, but he doesn’t anymore and he tells me that he’s not a christian. I love him and I want to know that after he dies he will be waiting in heaven for me, but that won’t happen if he continues acting the way he does. I know this is kind of an old topic but I just started and can someone please help me? I just want to cry whenever I think about this. Please help. I’m praying but I still can’t see anything happening.

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