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    Q&A: Sarah Simmons from “The Voice” on Faith. Plus, Enter to Win a “Voice” T-Shirt!

    PI Girls, we know many of you have been tuning in to The Voice lately…it’s so inspiring to think of how much undiscovered talent there is across the nation, and it’s awesome to know that there are outlets for people to share their gifts with the world!

    Last year on Season 4 of The Voice, Birmingham, AL native Sarah Simmons competed for a recording contract. And while she didn’t win, her gorgeous voice took her far in the competition. But it was her open, outspoken and passionate commitment to God that really impressed us!

    We caught up with 24-year-old Sarah, who is currently recording music in Nashville, about her experience on The Voice and her future plans. Check out our Q&A below!


    What was your experience auditioning for The Voice like?
    My experience auditioning for The Voice was actually extremely peaceful. I don’t know if it was the prayers I had with God before or the chamomile tea I drank to calm me, haha, but it was such an amazing experience.

    Did you feel your coach and the producers of the show were comfortable with how you expressed your faith?
    Yes, definitely! They all were open and some have their own faith as well.

    What has the response from your fans been like?
    My response from my fans have been SO positive, incredible. Literally have so many stories that have touched my heart and changed my life that I had with my fans. A lot are personal, but mostly about how my music helped with depression late at night, healing, and even those who are physically ill and dealing with diseases helped them feel strength.

    What advice would you give teen girls who are interested in singing professionally?
    I always say to God be the glory forever, because He is the one who gives us all our gifts! You can never compare a gift to a gift because how can we do that? Each one has something to share and offer! Don’t compare yourself to other singers/musicians because you each have something to offer; instead, be encouraged by others’ talents.

    What is it like being a Christian in the music industry today?
    So far I haven’t found that many obstacles through it. A lot of people I meet in the industry are not believers, but are very kind people that are not disrespectful to me with my faith. Some have even been open, which has been such a blessing to talk about God with them.

    What was your favorite experience from the show?
    The very first audition, the blind audition. I was excited when I saw chairs turning, but really didn’t get that nervous, surprisingly. That experience performing on that stage was exhilarating!!! I was in the moment just singing the lyrics from my soul to the audience and to the camera! Such an amazing experience!

    What was your favorite song you performed live on the show?
    I think it would have to be “Angel,” by Sarah McLachlan.

    What are your future plans for putting out an album or going on tour?
    I have been preparing writing by myself, as well as collaborating with writers for my upcoming album. I actually start the recording tomorrow in Nashville, TN!!!! SO excited! The tour will follow afterwards.

    If you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing?
    If I wasn’t a singer I would either be doing mission work in and around the country, or acting. I’ve always had a heart for both and have done both.

    What do you feel is the most important thing that people know about your faith?
    That even though I have faith, I am imperfect as we all are. I think its important for those who believe to have a lot of compassion for those that believe different; no judgements.


    Watch Sarah’s amazing audition for The Voice below!

    Plus, in the spirit of The Voice and dreams coming true, tell us what you want to be when you grow up in the comments section below and enter for a chance to win a cool t-shirt from The Voice (size medium). We’ve got three we’re giving away to three lucky PI Gals, but the contest ends next Tuesday, March 25, so enter now!

    UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed; congrats to our winners, Moriahrr, Clairabear and kass4god!

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