Q&A – Should I only listen to Christian music?


    So I was wondering about Christian music… I love listening to it but my friends don’t listen to Christian music much at all. So when I’m with them in their car or at a party I find myself singing along [to their music]. Do I tell them I don’t want to listen to that or what should I do?


    This is such a good question! One of my readers wrote a post a while ago about listening to songs that glorify God. In the comments section there are some wonderful song suggestions. They may not all be Christian songs, but they have an uplifting theme. Here is a link to all of my posts that talk about music…the good, the bad, and the VERY bad! I think you can listen to secular music, but you should be aware of which artists have terrible messages (see: Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj) or devilish intentions and share what you know with your friends. That way, you aren’t isolating yourself, but you’re also helping others make smart choices about the kinds of songs they allow to enter their heads and their hearts.

    Girls, what do you think? What do you do when you’re with friends who are listening to music that you consider inappropriate?

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    1. Most of my songs are chritian, but I have some other songs that aren’t chritian, but its not like they don’t glorify God. I love Swichfoot, 21pilots, Franccesca Battistelli, Hillsong United, etc. I stay away from music that’s on WNCI (a secular music station) but it seems like everytime my friends are driving me somewhere they have it on, it bugs me. I try to show them my music and they like it, but they say they cant find any other good radio stations. I hate it alot. We usually listen to 104.9 (a grown-up-y christian radio station) alot, but it gets old fast for my music sense, but I don’t like RadioU because it has screamo stuff that I hate. So I end up taking my iPod everywhere and send my friends texts listing good music, but they still have WNCI on.
      They don’t realize how much they mindlessly start singing the bad messages in those songs and I tell them alot “don’t you realize what the message is in that song?” but they’ll just say “but it’s so catchy!” many times. Satan has pretty much disguised himself into pretty or catchy songs. It pains me to see my friends listen to it.

    2. Most of my friends know a rule about me. when ur with me no cussing. most girls are like WAT???? i just explain. about music im not that strict. i listen to their music but if its like really really bad like cussing every other word i would say turn that off. Im used 2 ppl giving me dirty looks and everything because im not like them and i explain that, i am proud of being differnt!!!

    3. I think music you listen to doesn’t have to be necessarily labeled as “Christian/Gospel” but you should try to separate music as a good influence or bad. Of course, Christian music is very inspiring and good. I love Hillsong United, Starfield, Chris Tomlin, and many others. You might think Christian music is “boring” or “bad”, but some songs are actually very catchy and inspiring. You might even catch yourself singing or humming them! Try to stay away from mainstream music because some/most songs have cuss words/bad words. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely seclude yourself from all secular music. Just ask God for discernment to decide what songs to listen to or not. 🙂

    4. idk…personally for me…i just listen to a lot of christian rap music and christian pop music…sometimes i catch myself humming secular music that is not considered “bad” but the only thing is…i dont want to get to caught up in regular music….

    5. I think i listen to a bit more country and pop, than i do christian. i don’t think God minds as long as the lyrics aren’t affecting you in a bad way.
      Taylor Swift, for example, doesn’t write christian music, but her music isn’t full of curse words and its about one of the hugest things God created, LOVE! i”m right that listening to her music isnt bad right?

      • another swiftie! Hi:) i completely agree and i own 47 of her songs (tho my brother bought like half lol). Especially the albums before 1989, but Bad Blood is a ton of fun to jam too every now and then

    6. I decided 8 months ago to listen only to christian music and some time to listen to secular music that talks about faith and many of my friends asked me when I can listen to secular music and I just said them that I made a promise and I like to be different not being one of them 🙂

    7. Nicole, I don’t listen to Christian music, hardly at all i don’t know why i just don’t like it I LOVE praise and worship music and i listen to that but i mainly listen to country and i monitor the ones that i do listen to. i don’t listen to lady gaga or anything but i go to a private school and when i say that i don’t listen to Christian music they stare at me like I’ve committed the biggest sin ever in their minds! PLEASE ANSWER!!

    8. I have my limits with Christian music—I go for more of the indie music type, but I’ve done my research and I’ve found indie Christian music! Not only does it sound good and fit my music taste, but doesn’t fill me with bad messages.

      The problem is, you may not think you’re relishing in all of those bad words and messages that you listen to in songs, but it still has a way of sticking with you and influencing you without you noticing. As a music enthusiast, I know that everyone likes what they like! I loooove calmer music, and rock sometimes doesn’t do it for me.

      But really, just go for what you like, but pay attention to your conscious. God will let you know what’s right and what’s wrong! ♥

    9. I listen to mostly Christian music and it rocks! I sometimes listen to Owl City, who is a Christian but doesn’t always sing Christian songs. His newest album is mostly Christian though. I suggest, for people enjoy pop, Britt Nicole, 1 Girl Nation, and OBB. For acoustic people, Ellie Holcomb, Gungor (a little electronic), and Brandon Heath. Those are just a few suggestions, if you type Christa. Followed by the genre you can get a bunch of good albums.

    10. I think I tend to listen for a general theme: are they uplifting? Do the songs help me find positive and Godly thoughts through the message I hear, even if their intended message is less-than wholesome? Then I listen. If I begin to notice an unwholesome message, even if it’s in a wholesome song or from a Christian artist, then I don’t. If anyone questions my decision, I explain where I’m coming from and how I view the music. I know my reasons, and I try my hardest to keep others from stumbling in spite of my reasons.

    11. Uhmmm. It’s perfectly fine to listen to secular music. I really like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and all the other artists that you would probably call “evil” or whatever. You shouldn’t build a wall around yourself. If you are mature and confident in your faith there shouldn’t be any trouble listening to music like that. I love Jesus, I love songs with curse words in them. Oh well.

    12. Katy Perry’s “Unconditional” song I believe has a Christian message but the rest of hers do not.
      Try listening to FM Reset. I know they don’t have any songs at the moment, but there purpose is to put out songs that have thy message of hope on order to reach both the Christian and secular communities. They are a young band that could use some encouragement from Christians as to if they are on the right path 🙂 they have a lot of God given talent and a desire to use it for His glory.

    13. I can’t stand Christian music, sorry. It sounds very bland and mellow, which is something I don’t like. I listen to a lot of psychedelic/alt/indie rock like MGMT & Bastille. I try to limit my exposure to bad messages. For the most part, the bands I like don’t have many bad songs anyway.

    14. Great question, and wise answer! Here are my two cents:
      I really feel like this is a heart question, rather than just a music question. I once heard an awesome man of God say “there are worldly songs, and there are secular songs. Not all secular songs are evil. Happy Birthday is a secular song, but it’s not evil.” Songs like Happy by Pharrell and What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong are not songs about God, but they’re innocent and fun. Here’s the real question: Are we seeing how close we can get to the line, or are we turning with humble hearts toward God and asking “Lord, what can I do to be closer to You and make You happy”? It’s tough to be humble like that and give our life decisions to God. It’s especially tough with friends. I’ve found (at least with my friends) that if you ask “hey, I’m really not comfortable listening to this. Can we put in my CD instead?” They’re pretty cool about it.
      For me, when I listen to worldly music, I feel grimy inside. I want to get away and just worship, getting all cleaned up again in His presence.
      So, I’d say just seek God’s face, ask for His wisdom, and have faith that He will show you THE best answer for everybody (James 1:5-8)

    15. To you guys who are saying how bland and boring Christian music is, have you ever checked out some different styles of Christian? Christian only has to do with lyrics, everything else is free reign as far as style. If you like music that will get you on your feet, check out Israel and the New Breed, Clint Brown, Martha Munizzi, and Hezekiah Walker. That’s my jam! I also totally recommend Indiana Bible College. They have some rad stuff in all genres!!!

    16. Thank you SO much for this article. As a young Christian teen girl I have struggled with this a lot but have come to realize that if the song had swearing in it or inappropriate use of words.. I shouldn’t listen to it. Here are some artists to stay AWAY from:
      Katy Perry
      Nicki Manaj
      Lady Gaga
      Justin Bieber
      Major Lazor
      Here are some awesome Christian artists I listen to:
      Britt Nicole
      Jamie Grace
      Andy Mineo
      For King & Country
      Brandon Heath
      Third Day
      Dara Mclean
      Francesca Battastellie (cant spell her last name right :))
      Jordan Feliz
      Casting Crowns
      Jeremy Camp
      Mathew West
      Chris Tomlin
      Anthem Lights

      And yes.. I DO listen to some secular music… However, the song never has swearing or Inappropriate stuff in it. They are always just fun and awesome beats!

      Here are a few songs I like:

      Titanuim- David Guetta feat. Sia
      Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
      Centuries- Fall out Boy
      Inmortals- Fall out Boy
      Gone too Soon- Simple Plan
      Smoke and Fire- Sabrina Carpenter
      Eyes Wide Open- Sabrina Carpenter
      I see Fire- Ed Sheeran

      -Music Addict 101 ♥

    17. I mostly listen to christian music and I love dubstep, EDM and rap so I listen to capital kings, 116(reach records), group 1 crew, rhema soul etc but l also listen to some other dubstep songs which aren’t christian but have good words in it and no swearing so I think I’m good tbh.

    18. I personally don’t thin it’s okay. Of course that’s just my opinion but I will explain why I feel that way. I for one used to listen to bad music constantly and now I don’t at all of course there will be a time when a tune gets stuck in my head but i do my best to bounce my thoughts to something else or another Christian song. One of the reasons why I don’t listen to circular music is because it can become addicting to where you form a habit of not singing songs that glorify God. My sister always tells me (it’s really effective when you think about it) is the same way God can enter a room with a powerful Christian song is the same way the devil can enter a room with even the most casual circular song.

      This is just my opinion but I think their are a ton of Christian songs that sound just as upbeat as circular songs

      Some personal favourites of mine

      For King And Country
      Colton Dixon
      Social club misfits
      Love and the outcome
      Moriah peters
      Kari jobe
      Toby mac
      Group one crew
      Natalie grant
      Jesus culture
      + loadssss more!!

      • 3for3
        Britt nicole
        Anthem lights
        Capital kings
        Natalie grant
        Aaron shust
        Jeremy camp
        Phil wickham
        Jordan feliz
        About a mile
        Brandon heath
        Danny Gokey

    19. I listen to plenty of Christian music, but I also listen to other artists. However, it’s rarely modern. Songs (or artists) where I draw the line have swearing, sex-filled topics, or what I describe as being plain ick. There are some romantic-type songs that I do listen to, but they are almost always by Owl City, so it’s super clean.

    20. I have a big problem when it comes to music, I am a huge punk-rock fan, I try my best to not listen to songs about sex and drinking and I try to stay away from music that cusses but there are alot of songs I do like that has swearing in it and I can’t seem to stop listening to it. ALot of the punk rock songs have meaning to me too, and quite frankly a lot of christian music annoys me..Because its mostly pop. I dont know what to do. I can’t seem to stay away from it.

    21. I love music, and I like pretty much any type including EDM and pop to rock. Pretty much since age sixteen I felt that the type of music you listen to, secular or Christian, doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t listen to anything with a bad message or profane language. So I’d listen to all sorts of things, but mostly songs about romance that didn’t contain sex. The way I saw it, there’s nothing wrong with an innocent seeming song about a crush. But I soon realized the more and more I listened to that type of music, the more and more I longed for a boyfriend. I went all the way to age 18 without ever having dated. The music I was listening to about an innocent relationship set my mind on the wrong things, instead of trusting God with my heart I got impatient. Then after a relationship that I almost entered into at age 17 failed I started seeking out secular music that reflected the heartbreak I felt and I realized that the music I was listening to was pulling me deeper and deeper into depression and away from God’s hope. So I decided whenever I’m feeling down to only listen to positive music, but at that point it still didn’t matter if it was Christian or not. Then I moved out after I turned 19 and life started falling apart. I lost sight of and ended up making really bad decisions. Then by God’s providence I ended up being forced to move back to my parent’s, which opened up the opportunity to attend camp in Falls Creek, Oklahoma. At Falls Creek God gripped my heart and healed all the hurt I had caused and redirected my desires. I committed my entire being to Him and desire nothing else. So now, as much as I love music, I see no point in the God-given art (that is music) to do anything with it other than give Him the glory. Everything in our lives should point to Him. So, even if it seems innocent, if it’s not glorifying God, perhaps it’s not the best idea to participate in it.

    22. I can’t stop listening to my secular music, even the stuff with inappropriate messages. I can’t help it. I listen to Rocky Horror and The Gorillaz and Avenue Q but all that music is a part of me and it’s hard to let go of. I want to, for God, but I’m really struggling.

      • I definitely understand your struggles. I too have had things I knew was not beneficial to my relationship with the Lord that I just didn’t think I could let go of. Those things no longer hold me bondage but it wasn’t an easy journey.

        First I would say: Pray, pray, pray. Give it to God, He understands your struggles as well. He is also powerful enough to help you overcome it. Ask for His guidance and direction and help. Also dig into His Word. That book is full of encouragement and help in overcoming. Also seek council and accountability from other strong believers you trust who also have overcome similar struggles. They’ll be able to share of their own struggles and how they overcame with Christ’s help.

        I do know this, once you fully surrender your heart to Him and give everything your holding onto to Him it will be an immediate and radical change. So pray, read, and fellowship. I will be praying for you dear sister!

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