Q&A – What Are Good Songs to Listen to While You Study?


    What’s a good playlist to listen to while you study?


    I wrote about this when I first launched the site because I am SO PASSIONATE about music, I wanted to share my favorites right away with you! Although they are more upbeat, (and not the best study music.) they are some of my favorite songs in general!  Here are my recommendations, with their videos.

    There are lots of posts on the site about music, but now I want to hear from you. What do YOU listen to when you study? Share your favorite songs in the comments below.

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    1. I listen to my Falling In Reverse playlist, which has; The Drug In Me Is You, Tragic Magic, Good Girls Bad Guys, Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards, I’m Not A Vampire, Pick Up The Phone, Listen Up, Goodbye Graceful,Caught Like A Fly, Sink Or Swim, The Westerner, Raised By Wolves, Red Alert, The Worst Time, and The Departure. 🙂 They are my favorite band.

    2. A good Christian rock band is House of Heroes- they are very original and my favorite rock band period. They have a few cute love songs too.
      I also really enjoy show tunes (from Disney movies or Les Miserables etc.), anything I can sing and dance to (when no ones around lol).

    3. I am not trying to be judgemental, and i hope no one gets offended but on the song list, there wasn’t a single Christian song, and that kind of defeats the purpose of this webpage because this IS a Christian webpage, right?

      • totally agree with you, I opened this expecting to see good uplifting christian songs 🙁 not saying any of these other artists are bad, but just not what I was expecting to see

    4. COLDPLAY! They are a more mainstream band that does not have filthy words or comments in their songs. I got their newest album and love it! They remind me of Lifehouse sort of–clean, good message, etc. I love them because I can relate to a lot of their songs. Just a thought. 🙂

    5. i think any song is becuse if your doing something you dont nessisaraly like (for me math) but your listing to your favriot music at a lower level it helps you stay focased becuse your balincing it out.

    6. Heres a list of all of my favorite artists and my favorite of their albums. (caps=all time fave albums)
      Lecrae- REBEL, Real Talk, Rehab
      Flame- Our World Fallen, Captured
      The Ambassador- The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat
      Grits- The Art of Translation
      Trip Lee- THE GOOD LIFE!!!!!, 20/20
      Da truth- THE WHOLE TRUTH
      Phil Whickam- CANNONS, Response
      Misty Edwards- Relentless, Fling Wide
      Jesus Culture- Your Love Never Fails, Consumed
      IHOPU- Unceasing: 10 Years of Night and Day Worship.
      Laura Story- Blessings
      Kari Jobe- Where I find you

    7. Ho, mostly Thousand Foot Krutch, like Let the sparks fly and such. I also love Manafest and Relient K. Anberlin, Stacie Oricco, and Nichole Nordeman also help me study as well.

    8. So I’ve only ever listened to Christian, classical, and country music, but lately I decided to “branch out” and listen to some other genres. And honestly ladies, I found NO encouragement, NO hope, NO joy, and absolutely nothing pure, beautiful or lovely in secular music, and I don’t want to listen to it ever again. I know there are plenty of good songs out there that aren’t classified as “Christian”- I’ve heard a few! 🙂 – but I can wholeheartedly say that true, God-honoring worship music is my favorite music to listen to. When I’m studying, I love to listen to the Prince Caspian soundtrack from the Chronicles of Narnia! It’s so inspiring! 🙂

    9. i like more chill and relax music. so im really into people like Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Lana Del Rey(i’ve been in love with her music lately) and Meiko whom i just found:)

    10. I’m homeschooled, so I listen to music all day when I do my work. It’s hard to find a good song to listen to. All the songs I know don’t work because I find myself singing with them and concentrating more on the words of the song than the words of the lesson. I also don’t like listening to song I don’t know, it’s just weird. I bet you’re thinking “You can’t listen to anything then!”, that’s what I thought too until a few weeks ago. You see, I know so many christian artists I can’t even count them, but one of my favorites is Kari Jobe. When I was looking at her songs I saw that she makes Spanish versions of her songs. I tried listening to them and it was perfect! You know the tune, but it’s like, impossible to learn the words without reading them! It was the PERFECT school music! You HAVE to try it!!!

    11. I know I am a horrible, unwholesome Christian and to be honest, I could never be fully righteous or like what the average Christian girl should be…but I cannot stand Christian music. I’m not a fan of pop or raps. There are good Christian rock ,metal, and parody groups, and of course, Veggie Tales. I love hymns, gospel, country, most soul, and opera, but stations like Kay Love bother me. I’m in chorus, so I may be a bit harsh on this.. but the singers always have horrible diction. I love country music, but not the way these musicians incorporate it into pop rock. Also, their songs always have the same messages, horrible tunes, and they play the same songs over and over. There are a few I like, but are rarely ever played. A lot of the singers are very breathy and their songs can’t reach me. I love all forms of rock, metal, country, orchestra and musicals. I like most genres, but I find emotional relief and self expression in certain songs. Some songs let me play roles as I sing them. I love music from all decades and I listen to Christian artists occasionally. I get am taboo for Christians. My parents don’t have a problem with it, even if it is explicit or has bad words. They know and trust that I will remain pure and won’t use dirty language. Purity isn’t ignorance, it’s refusing to partake in dirty behavior because God calls us to! My dad is the one who got me into rock and metal in the first place. Y’all are probably reading this as if I am an atrocity. From what the Project Inspired devotional told me, I’m horrible and will never achieve wholesomeness and real faith. Help,I guess?

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