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Quit Being Envious About Other’s Instagram Photos—Here’s Why

We get it—comparing ourselves to others is something all humans do. It’s almost impossible not to do it. Today our social media feeds are filled with glamorized shots of people doing incredible things and looking gorgeous in the process. The more we look, the more we compare. The more we compare, the lower our self-esteem gets. We start to over-analyze our own lives. We start to rethink where we are and what we’re doing.

“She’s so much better looking than me.”

“She gets to go on so many more trips.”

“I want her life.”

“I want her boyfriend.”

I’ll bet you pictured one friend for each of these, didn’t you?

That’s because you’ve created a story in your head that this person’s life is better than yours.


Sure, not all of us get to travel to Paris.

Sure, not all of us have fairy-tale love stories.

But let me say something that we’ve said a lot here at PI: That person in your head, the person you’re comparing yourself to, is probably envying someone else’s life, too. It’s a vicious cycle. Everybody is made in the image of God in their own unique way. Love who you are, love the life you’re given.

But if that’s not enough, we want to show you something. Those highly glamorized shots of the people you find yourself over-analyzing? Many (not all, but many) of those photos are taken with ART DIRECTION in mind.

A recent blog post on Quartz.com took this to a whole new level. We recommend reading the whole post here. The post showcases what goes on beyond the image that’s posted on Instagram. The part of the photo you don’t see. It’s actually quite incredible, and yet so true.





[Photos by Chompoo Baritone]


Again, we welcome you to read more here: http://qz.com/506916.

Look, we all want to feel loved. We all love a little bit of instant gratification when our photo gets the double-digit mark on Instagram. But we must realize a photo doesn’t tell the WHOLE story—it tells 10 percent.

So, when you’re scrolling today, realize that person you’re envying isn’t any better than you. Love that person for who they are; don’t create jealousy about what they post. If you have a problem with this, maybe social media isn’t a great place for you to be. Maybe it’s the plank in your eye.

Today before you scroll, say to yourself: “I will not compare myself to others. I will love them for who they are. God made me unique and I love myself for who I am.”


Image: Chompoo Baritone


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by apater16 on October 8, 2015 at 18:37

    This blog post is very accurate, because I know that I struggle with comparing myself to others as I scroll through social media. I sometimes have to just stop looking at it for a while until I stop comparing myself to others. It is a sin trap, and we must remember to love everyone and OURSELVES. God created us in his own image, and we must not think bad about ourselves and we can’t compare ourselves to others. God made us all different and unique.