Quiz: 10 Famous Christians — Do You Know Them All?

    Test your knowledge about Hollywood and the music industry’s young Christian stars! Jot down your answer to these ten questions, then see how many you answered right with the answer key at the bottom of the questions.

    Go for it!

    1. This Christian, originally from Canada, was discovered via YouTube in 2008 and has grown to be one of the biggest pop stars in the U.S. today. This young heartthrob says that he deals with temptation in the “tried-and-true way”: by turning to a Higher Power.

    2. This American singer, musician, actor and dancer grew up Christian with his two brothers and got his start acting in a Disney series as the character Joseph Lucas.

    3. She just released her third album in June of 2011 along with her band. The name of the album is”When The Sun Goes Down”.

    4.This blond and beautiful Grammy award-winning singer was born March 10, 1983. She’s an animal lover and a vegetarian and has publicly credited her then-fiance (now husband) with helping her “walk with God”.

    5. This American Idol season 3 contestant can now be seen singing back up vocals for Jennifer Hudson. His song “A Brighter Day” contains these lyrics: Believe that there will be a brighter day / Situations tend to weigh us down / And its easy to let ’em steal your joy away its always when you are the closest / To almost getting through change seems far away.

    6. The name of this Christian rock band is derived from a surfing term: “We all love to surf and have been surfing all our lives so to us, the name made sense. To switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. It’s about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music.”

    7. This Idaho-native Christian is the lead singer of the band, The Fray who produced the pop hit, “How to Save a Life”.

    8. This Christian pop artist’s hit song “Stronger” contained these lyrics: Try and do the best you can / Hold on and let Him hold your hand / And go on and fall into the arms of Jesus / Oh, lift your head it’s gonna end / God’s right there…

    9. This American acoustic/folk-pop/contemporary Christian singer-songwriter made the switch from being a mainstream artist to a Christian music artist. He confessed to the Christian Post: “I was so tired all the time, I didn’t even have the energy to reach out to God, and I started having this longing for more God in my life,” he explained. “And I wanted more God in my music. Everyday, I can count on connecting with him there.”

    10. She is the lead singer of the band Paramore.

    Don’t look until after you’ve taken the quiz!! 🙂


    1. Justin Bieber 2. Joe Jonas 3. Selena Gomez 4. Carrie Underwood 5. George Huff 6. Switchfoot 7. Isaac Slade 8. Mandisa 9. Jason Castro 10. Hayley Williams

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    1. Wow I knew about Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, Carrie Underwood, Switchfoot, and Mandisa but I had no clue about the others! I’m very proud that they do have a relationship with Christ. (: of course the only radio station I listen to is 88.1 wayfm so I knew some of them (: haha

    2. I am kind of worried about Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez.They hit their adult ages and are trying to shed their “Mouse-House” images. Let’s hope they do it in a more mature way than most did!

    3. I knew Justin Bieber (I love him haha), Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Switchfoot, Mandisa, and I knew that Paramamore girl only by her hair I’m thinking that redhead! But I did not know her name lol.:)

    4. Wow! I new about Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Switch Foot, Mandisa, and Carrie Underwood, but had no clue about the other’s .I will admit- I LOVE Selena’s music! I’ve replaced Katy Perry’s music with her’s.

    5. Hey Nicole!(: I knew about some of these but the others wow! This is a great article! But i do think it’s picular that hayley williams is a christian but shes on the cover of cosmo? Thats kinda werid :/

      • Carrie may have been on the cover of Cosmo, but she was still appropriate on it. she also expresses her faith in numerous ways, such as in her songs, and recently she was in the movie Soul Surfer. Hayley Williams on the other hand…not so much.
        Mandisa was on American Idol, but altho she didnt win that season, she is more known for being ridiculed for her weight by Simon, but then publicly forgiving him, saying that if Jesus could, she could too.

        • Yeah, but Catholicism is mostly crooked, because they rely on the crucifix and other relics, procedures and actions, and saints, all instead of just JESUS.

        • Hmmm, Jenna and Addy, I’d recommend that you look into Catholicism more. I’m not looking to start an argument, but I would like to make it clear that all Catholics are also Christians. We baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and believe that Jesus is God. We don’t rely on the crucifix, relics, actions, or saints to get us to heaven, but those things help us on our journey. The crucifix is just our reminder of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the cross for us, to open the gates of heaven for us. Did not St. Paul say “Faith without works is dead”? If we only believe in Jesus, but do not act on that belief, that does not help us in our faith. Please let me know if you have further questions about Catholicism- I’d be more than willing to talk to either of you more. 🙂

        • Jenna and Addy,
          As Allison said, you should look in Catholicism more. I’ll also be willing to talk to you as well, but I do ask that you please refrain from making ignorent comments. Making a final judgement based on your bias never brings you foreward. It’s ignorence that causes wars and hatred.
          God Bless.

        • I think she has taken a slight move in the same direction as Miley Cyrus and the others. Her latest album has the d-word repeatedly and a suggestion to another profanity. Her “puppy love” lyrics don’t seem as innocent either. She seems to put emphasis on doing whatever feels good at the moment.I didn’t really like her TV show either.

    6. You know, it’s cool that these people are Christians, but some of them… well, if nobody knew they were Christians, doesn’t that say something about their lifestyle? And that last one really got me. Christian or not, I didn’t think you’d put someone who has been on the cover of Cosmo in this list.

      • I totally agree with you Emily. In the Bible it says not to judge non-believers because they don’t know what they are doing is wrong (most of the time). But if they are professing to be a Christian then they need to be an example to non-believers by living the way God wants us to live. Because if you say you are a Christian, non- believers are going to think thats how Christians are supposed to act and thats not the case. Why Hayley chose to be on Cosmo is between her and God, but regardless if she is professing to be a Christian than she definatly shouldnt have been on the cover of the June issue.

    7. Woww.. I Only Knew Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, And Hayley Williams.!! Those Are My Favorite Singers To.. Wow.. Crazy Huh.. Iim Glad Nicole Made This Website.!! It Helps People Understand Things In Life.. And Whats Behind Closed Doors On What These New Celebrities Do.! Umm.. Nicole Can You Do A Culture Shock About Rihanna, Beyounce, And Katy Perry… I Mean I Love Katy And Rihanna But Not Beyounce.. And I Want To Know More.. So Can You Please Write One.? Thank You.! -Jiselle

    8. If haley williams is a christian..why was she on cosmopolitan magazine…as a huge fan of paramore i was very dissapointed because I thought she was strong in her faith.. so I am a little confused…

    9. i think that younger celebrities listed here are christians but are losing their way in hollywood.

      i have never been a big celebrity fan but i just saw selena gomez and her racy stage outfits. the fact that she and justin bieber have way to much pda in public already signals something bad. i personally think carrie underwood, switch foot are good models.

    10. You can’t say that someone isn’t a Christian anymore because once you’re saved, your saved. Now, it may be possible that these artist either: ARE Christians and have strayed away from the truth (I believe this is what happened with Justin Bieber) or NEVER were Christians to begin with and only claim(ed) to be which is why their lives don’t seem to reflect the Christian lifestyle.

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