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Rapper Lecrae Gives Compelling Performance About Racial Injustice at the BET Awards

At this year’s BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards, Lecrae took the stage with a compelling performance addressing racial injustice in America. This isn’t the first time the rapper has been vocal about social issues. In fact, he’s publicly verbalized that it’s more than politics—it’s a Kingdom issue.



We’ll never forget the 2011 BET cyphers where Lecrae made an impact on the secular hip-hop stage with lyrics such as “They looking for a savior, but we killed ours/Still he rose like Derrick, no bull/You wanna meet the Lord? Come holla, I got pull.”

Some may be wondering if the artist has begun to lose sight of the gospel by turning to racial controversies. However, it’s clear Lecrae advocates that racial injustice is not separate from faith, but should be an issue that concerns the church.

You can watch the full BET performance here:



How do you think the church can play a role in the racial controversies America is facing today?


Image: BET.com


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