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Real Girls, Inspired Style…Featuring PI Gals’ Fun Selfies

We love seeing which beauty and style trends you girls are trying out! When we aren’t connecting with you here on the PI site, we’re chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter and searching for fun “top 5” trends to share with you. One place to get style inspiration? Instagram! So every Monday, we pool our favorite style pics centered around a specific trend.

Up this week? PI gals snapping fun selfies!



Gorgeous necklace, Nicola!


mary goodale

“Well, guys, I’m in the Anchorage airport waiting for my night flight to South Carolina. I’m really nervous for basic training even though I know I will be fine. So please keep me in your prayers. This is probably my last post for 10 weeks.” Mary’s last post for 10 WEEKS! Good luck, girl!


gaby compres

Gaby posted this unique and gorgeous selfie along with some beautiful words: “Beauty does not come in lipstick tubes, in concealer, in eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner. Beauty isn’t perfection, beauty isn’t fashion, beauty isn’t grabbing everyone’s attention. Beauty hides in the soul of she who faced her fears, beauty hides in the heart of he who is brave, beauty hides in a joyful heart, beauty hides in brokenness made new.”



Ashton posted this selfie with an inspiring message: “In Song of Solomon 4:7, it says, ‘For you are altogether beautiful my darling; I see no flaw in you.’ You are beautiful without the makeup, without the filter, covering your body and being modest. Love yourself for who you are because there is no one like you and that should be an honor. This world has too much of the same. Strive to be different.”


julie davis

Julie, you are sporting some awesome makeup in this bright selfie!

Girls, do you have a favorite photo that you’ve snapped recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Do you have a great modest outfit, accessory or look you love? Post it to Instagram or the Project Inspired Facebook wall with the hashtag #ModestIsHottest or #ProjectInspired for your chance to be featured in one of our Real Girls, Inspired Style roundups!

Image: Instagram


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