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Real Girls, Inspired Style…Featuring PI Girls Snapping Fun Selfies

We love seeing which beauty and style trends you girls are trying out! When we aren’t connecting with you here on the PI site, we’re chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter and searching for fun “top 5” trends to share with you. One place to get style inspiration? Instagram! So every Monday, we pool our favorite style pics centered around a specific trend.

Up this week? PI gals looking sweet in selfies!



What’s the story behind this funny snap? “So privileged to be with the kids of Living Stone Orphanage today. Since I can’t post a picture of them, here is a happy Patrick headdress for you. I am happy with all of their hugs and kisses. Guess we need a lot of that lately. How can you inspire others?”




Sadie–whose outfit we LOVE!–posted this shot on her way to church.




Yana looks bright and beautiful in this post-church Sunday snap.




Melissa posted this gorgeous shot with an awesome quote: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn




Sarah shared this thoughtful selfie with an inspirational message: “Cerebral Palsy is no fun, but ya know what? It’s taught me tons: Hugs. No seriously! If I’m not holding on to something, I’ll fall flat on my face. *SMACK!* like that, so people have to hold on tight to me, and needless to say, I hold on for ‘dear life,’ LOL. Hugs. I get to give and receive hugs probably more than most. My shoes have lead me to become a public speaker and to have opportunities like filming for documentaries, doing interviews, or the blessing of being heard on National Public Radio and having your magazine cover be voted by local readers as the favorite Special Needs Ed. of the year! I get to travel to different local schools and talk to kids about loving yourself, letting God be your light and going for your goals. I get to see things from a whole new perspective; I’ve crawled around the house my whole life and am often sitting down, so I tend to have time to see the things that people don’t notice like the fact that ‘Hey, someone just had McDs, ’cause there’s a fry by your shoe!’ or ‘Did y’all see that bird do the Macarena just now!? (Just kidding, but I wish).’ Oh, a few months ago, I went snowmobiling, and got to be escorted and driven by firemen who put me in a sled, and wrapped me up like a burrito in a fire blanket. The whole ride I was like, ‘Yo! These clouds, though, man!’ I get carried a lot by guys. And when that happens I feel like Cinderellee. I’m really grateful for what I have and for the people that impact my life in a positive way. Dear Instagram followers, thank you for wearing green today to honor those like me. I’m so thankful I get to share my journey with you all and how God changed my life!”

Girls, do you have a favorite photo that you’ve snapped recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Image: Instagram/@hamlinsar


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