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YouTube Star of “Stay at Home Chef” Proud of Her Looks


This young woman, Rachel Farnsworth, started a food and cooking blog called “The Stay at Home Chef.” You can go to her official website here.

Her story was featured on Today.com: “Food blogger Rachel Farnsworth, better known as The Stay at Home Chef, said she has fielded comments for years about the spattering of grays she has in her dark brunette hair, but recently she posted a video response to one particular commenter who suggested she dye her hair to avoid looking like ‘such an old hag’ in her recipe videos.”

Watch the video that Rachel made after this negative comment was written on her blog and how she reacted to the criticism:

Rachel confessed in the video that she actually likes her gray hairs, and so does her husband, and he doesn’t want her to dye her hair because it shows she is alive. She suffers from an auto-immune disease which doesn’t guarantee she will grow old.

What a beautiful way to combat this negative comment with such a heartfelt and gentle response. She is spreading love and inspiration through not only her blog, recipes and YouTube channel, but also through sharing her testimony.

We need more role models like this beautiful young lady who is standing up for the right, honorable thing in life, and to be content with your flaws and to not compare yourself to media and to culture. We live in a world where beauty is falsely portrayed. So let us learn something from not only this story, but let us also be the change on social media and be careful with how we use our words because they can really hurt someone.

We love that Rachel turned this around for the good and is spreading a message of hope, life, love and inspiration.

Remember, Project Inspired girls, you are beautiful regardless of what Hollywood or media says or declares is “pretty.” God made you and you are His treasure and one-of-a-kind masterpiece! (Psalm 139)

PI Girls, what do you think of this video? Comment below with any prayer requests or questions you may have!

Image: YouTube


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