Ring in the New Year in PI Style!

    2012 is fast approaching!

    Will you be attending a New Year’s event? If so, do you have your style all figured out?

    On the editors offered some fashion tips, but I think the sampling is completely inappropriate for teens.

    As you can see, the examples are primarily minis and stilettos.

    So I’ve decided to present you girls with some Project Inspired style ideas to ring in the new year. These are just some fun items that peaked my interest as I browsed around online.

    Stylish Self Di-sequin -$65.99

    This dress is so fun and glitzy. It’s perfect for ringing in the new year.

    Note: I only recommend the strapless feature to girls over 17 years of age. I think that a strapless dress can look great on the right person.

    I also only suggest wearing a strapless dress to those who have a small bust. If you like this dress but have a large bust, consider a similar style with straps or short sleeves.

    Another option would be to wear a bolero jacket or shrug or a sheer shawl wrap with this dress. The length of this dress should be at the knee or just above it. -$99.99

    Red is a great color for a New Year’s dress, I think.  This style is so beautiful. I love it because it’s fashioned like a dancer’s dress.

    When wearing dresses or skirts, I always recommend wearing nylons.

    If you cannot find a dress for the occasion, consider the always reliable black skirt, nice jeans or pants. Whether tailored or jersey, a black flowing knee-length skirt or black pants can be paired with a glimmering top. Check out the following two examples.

    Lush Oversized Metallic Graphic Boxy -$26.00

    h.i.p. Sequin Camisole -$32.00

    Metaphor Womens Sandals Grace -$24.99

    A ballet shoe or a flat shaped like a ballet shoe is always adorable when matched with an elegant dress, especially for girls and young teens. I don’t think that it’s appropriate for a teen to wear a stiletto shoe. Instead,  consider a shoe with a little heel.

    And don’t forget to accessorize. Accessories bring an outfit together. Just don’t allow them to outshine your ensemble.

    Small and simple is always the best way to go when it comes to jewelry. The cubic zirconia hoops below add a little sparkle to the head area, and if your outfit shimmers, all the better. Glitzy purses and clutches are always a fun addition to an evening ensemble.

    Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver$8.99

    La Regale Beaded Sequined -$21.00

    La Regale Women’s Evening -$24.50

    I hope my tips were helpful and that they remind you that modest can still be beautiful. I wish you all a wonderful break into the new year.

    Be safe, be smart, and have fun.

    Do you have your outfit for your New Year festivities all picked out? What will you be wearing to ring in 2012?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I wear 5 bloody inch high heels, stileto or no… It means nothing. Heels are in style. Also Seventeen is for teens. As soon as you hit thirteen… you are thrown into the world as an adult, you are fed to the wolves. But heels, are a way of you saying you are all grown up! Since the time you wanted to be a pretty princess… you wanted to wear heels. Nothing is wrong with them. Demi gods!

      • Heels are not a way of expressing that you are grown up. And at thirteen you are not all grown up. If you were, you would be old enough to quit school, get a job, move out of your parents’ home, and pay your own bills. I wrote this post because I don’t think that the suggestions in Seventeen are appropriate. As far as being fed to the wolves, you are correct. Did you read my post, “Too Young, Too Sexy, Too Fast”? Just because young girls get pushed into growing up too fast, doesn’t mean they should follow blindly. Stilettos are for adults. Trust me, I like high heels, but I don’t think a child should be wearing them.

        • I agree with both of u right now, because I don’t think that soem of seventeen’s material is appropriate , but high heels are a fashion statement. I don’t believe that 8 yr olds should b wearing heelz, but does that mean that 12 yr. olds cant? or 13 yr olds? (i personally love flatz tho)

        • Heels are a fashion statement? Are we supposed to follow fashion statements simply because they are presented to us? What’s the statement anyway? Have you read my post, “Too Young, Too Sexy, Too Fast”? And no, I don’t think 12 and 13 year old children should wear high heels.

        • Ok. Let me try to put it this way, I know girls from other countries who know who they are going to marry, and who already are running their households at ages of 8 and 9. IF they can do it there, why can’t we. I am fourteen,and I wear heels all the time. But i prefer going bare foot. Just because someone says that is style, doesn’t mean that it is bad. Here you are saying wear strapless, and bright red off th shoulder, I mean, That is too sexy. It is very provocative. And A child is only one who thinks as such. We may be children in age, but some of us know more horrors, and are wiser than some.

        • As Christians we should be set apart from the world and glorify God by obeying his commands by not acting like everybody else. (So just because people from other countries or even our own country do things a certain way doesn’t mean we as Christians should too.) Personally, I am almost 19 and 1/2, and I rarely wear high heels at all; I prefer flats. High heels are really uncomfortable to wear after a while of walking in them and flats are often designed just as fancy/nice as heels. I’m not saying that high heels are evil and Christians should never wear them, but there isn’t any real good reason why high heels are so much better than other shoes you’d wear to a party. I believe it’s mostly for the fashion statement; high heels give off an air of sophistication/matureness/sexiness that does not match up with girls that are still in middle school or early high school. Basically the moral of the article is “Just because “everyone else” (which is definitely not true) is wearing immodest clothes/inappropriate shoe choices does not mean we as Christians should follow their examples”.

        • I’m 13 and wear kitten heels semi-regularly (One every 1-1.5 weeks, maybe?) and I see nothing wrong with it, though that is just my personal opinion.

      • No, there is nothing wrong with heels. A shorter height for younger girls are more appropriate though. I think what the opposers are trying to say is, certain heel heights and styles can look a little slutty or too racey.

        • While I do really luike high heels I rarely ever wear them. im somewhat of a clutz and i dont think they are the most comftorable plus ive never looked at them as age appropriate for someone of 16 years of age. I agree with kamisamanoko we are Gods chosen children, we are anything but ordinary so why should we conform to the ways of the world? Im not saying I dont think high heels are evil and can never be worn, Ive worn then a total of 2 times: one of the six weddings Ive been to and my graduation (but I wore wedges- NOT stillettos) and I plan on wearing them on my wedding day as well if God allows me the gift of marriage.

    2. I love your suggestions on clothes!! I love the strapless dress but my parents wouldn’t let me wear it b/c i’m only 14 but its super cute!! My favorite one though is the red one! It is so stunning and elegant!

    3. If I were to go to a party, I know exactly what I would wear! I have an outfit thats partially from mom from Christmas: see-through flower print top (brown) with a beige cardigan thingy with a brown tanktop underneath over semi-rugged Seven For All Mankinds (that I got at a conseignment shop gently used) and cute brown ankle boots that I got for $30 at JCP! Sure the see-through top is probably borderline immodest, but mom does a pretty good job of making sure i’m dressed well, and the boot’s have a 1-inch heel.

      If you’re willing to splurge a little on a new years party outfit, I’d say Forever 21 or
      They have everything party for prices that won’t break your piggy bank! 😀

    4. I love the idea of us teenage girls dressing more modestly. But I actually love the mini-skirt from Seventeen Magazine. I am wearing a mini-skirt from Forever 21 that is kinda like the one that is from Seventeen Magazine, BUT I am wearing it with tights. I do not think that DRESSY mini-skirts are a modesty issue, however I do believe that denim ones are inappropriate. The heels I also do not find are an issue when it comes to modesty….IF you don’t wear them inappropriately! If you are wearing a super short, super tight dress then no the heels are not being worn in a very modest or appropriate fashion. I do believe though that heels can be worn appropriately. Now I actually love the sequin dress, I think that it is absolutely beautiful all year round, for any event. The red dress is absolutely beautiful, so elegant. We should take modesty into consideration. God I’m sure does not want us in clothing that is too revealing, or too much like club-wear. We have to represent God but we can still be in style while doing that. We just have to find the right alternatives, such as tights, or a jacket. Plus, modest is hottest after all!



      John 14:6 <3

      • If that skirt was longer, it would be perfect. Tights with a mini skirt still show off the shape of your thighs. Mini skirts accentuate the shape of your butt too. And sitting and kneeling in a mini skirt can be more revealing. Let’s be honest, mini skirts are supposed to be sexy, not modest.

    5. Awesome fashion tips! I love them!

      I’m 15 (turning 16 soon) and I LOVE wearing 3 1/2-4 inch heels; I see nothing wrong with a mature Sophomore wearing high heels. I usually wear them with skinny jeans and a modest top. All my clothes are modest (skits/dresses to the knee, top half covered up) and I like it that way.

      I do, however, see a problem with younger teens (preteens and kids) wearing high heels (especially stilettos). A few weeks ago, I came across the Disney channel (which I never watch except for Phineas and Freb) and a character of 10 or 11 years of age was wearing a short dress and very high stilettos! I was shocked, and after reading the artical “Too Young, Too Sexy, Too Fast,” I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what this world has become.

      Again, I love the fashion tips! Keep them coming! 🙂

    6. I personally don’t think heels are bad, I wear them most of the time. I just balance them out with more modest tops and bottoms such as baby doll dresses, tights, or dress slacks. But this is pretty helpful.

    7. i agree about being modest and all and i understand that you may look slutty and provactice if you wear high heels with like short shorts or a short dress but i totally think there a great way to dress up, but only on special occasions. You just need to be careful what you wear with them.

        • definitely. My dad has a rule about heels- no taller than 2″. Now that I’m older I can wear them a little taller, but for my 14 yr old sister and me at that age, it was absolutely the right thing!

        • What, in your opinion, makes heels inappropriate specifically? Not heels in general. Like what paired with heels is inappropriate? Not trying to be rude, just wondering.

      • I’m ok with heels, but I think you guys are kinda over exagerating with the ages.. 2 inches in middle school? I was wearing 2 inchers in kindergarden. I think by 12 or 13 you can start wearing full out high heels.

    8. I agree! Some girls are wearing skirts up to their butt! My school had a band concert (I am in band)and I saw girls wearing butt high dresses/skirts when we were supposed to be wearing knee-length skirts/dresses. I just dont get why! Cant girls look nice without showing TOO much? I think that our generation is getting worse and worse. 🙁

    9. I love this site, but I believe that God loves all of his children no matter what. Remember how Jesus took what we all deserved? That shows just how much he loves us. I don’t think being a “good Christian” is wearing certain clothes or doing specific things, to me, that’s like putting on a show. I believe that a good Christian will truly love and believe in him in our hearts. God made us imperfect. We need to love our imperfections. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing some heels, a cute skirt, or a strapless dress. It’s all just clothes. But marketing yourself by showing your booty or showing too much, I think isn’t a good choice. God loves you for how he created you. The right people will too. And that doesn’t mean you should have to reveal yourself to look good.

      • God does love his children no matter what… but he hates the sin…. God does not want to throw any one in hell but he will…. and one thing to consider about modesty is that God called showing the thigh “nakedness” meaning he doesn’t aprove of that….. Making someone lust after one is also a big NO so careful what you wear…God did not make us imperfect… God made us and we made ourselves imperfect and jsut because we are not perfect doesn’t mean we should not strive for perfection……

        • What your saying is ‘dont wear short skirts’ , how the heck is wearing heels immodest. Being immodest is showing parts of your body right? So we aren’t supposed to let people see our feet now?? O_o Riiiighhht.

    10. Why in the world would you ever wear heels? They’re horrid for your feet and, in the event where you should have to walk a mile or two, you would regret ever wearing them. I wear Converse and Punkrose shoes, flats, and tennis shoes. Heels are just not a good shoe option.

      • Cause they are adorable! Plus, wearing them to an event wear you are walking for miles is dumb, I don’t think anyone does that haha. I just got a cute pair of about 3 inch snakeskin bandolinos! They have are “low cut” and slightly pointy toed.

    11. I personally think that it is ok to wear heels when your 12 or 13, it just depends on the size. I would say a maximum of 2 inches when your in middle school. I usually just wear converse or go barefoot, depending on the weather. I think that even if something is “in”, that doesnt mean we have to wear it. I prefer being unique without standing out like a sore thumb.

    12. There is nothing wrong with high heels. Sure 5 y.o shouldn’t wear them because they would freaking sprain an ankle. Its JUST A SHOE. It doesn’t make a difference how old you are. Its just something fun to wear. All my friends (Who are devote Jesus loving christians I might add) wear 6 inch heels all the time. Because its fun and harmless. Your saying we aren’t grown up. But, think of it like this.
      By the time we hit middle school, adults expect way more then they should from us. They expect us to act like an adult in front of company, to be mature etc.
      And yet the refuse to treat us mature? Dont expect us to act like something if you can’t treat us like it..

    13. Besides, I’m a ballet dancer. And to me heels mean nothing since I dance on my toes. So I think it depends on the person, and I personally see nothing wrong with me wearing 5 inch heels. I dont wear them because, I don’t like being so tall, but other then that they are fine.

    14. I made an account solely to comment on this article that I stumbled upon. (I know this article is almost five years old at this point, but I would like to submit my input regardless). First off, the silvery ModCloth dress is amazing. I wish it was still offered but it probably isn’t. I respect your opinion on it, however I feel it is acceptable for girls eighth grade and up. I mean 17, really? Anyway, moving on.
      Shoe-wise, I think girls ages birth-four can wear 1/2 inch heels. Girls ages five-seven can wear one inch heels. Eight-ten, 1.5 inches. Eleven, two inches. (Block heels up to this point) Twelve, 2.5 inches. (Slim but not full blown stiletto heels yet) Thirteen-fourteen, 3.5. (Stilettos okay) Fifteen+, four inches. No higher than that or you can truly do irreversible spine damage. And also above that point is when heels get a bit too mature, for all ages, I’d say. There’s no reason a fourteen year old, for example, can’t rock a classic black or nude 3.5″ pointed toe stiletto once, maybe say, bi-monthly for special events.
      Remember that it’s all just my opinion.
      I am currently wearing plain black, pointed toe, 2″ slim kitten heels right now, as I type this. (I’m thirteen). I paired them with modest clothing. In my opinion I dress modestly. I don’t think shoes matter all that much when it comes to modesty.
      Getting to more relevant topics, I just Can. Not. Stand. when young ladies are expected to cover up because, you know, boys will be boys and be distracted and that is apparently the fault of young women. This article didn’t touch on that as much as other articles I stumbled upon on this site, but it is no doubt implied. I even found one article (I can’t find it again and it’s driving me crazy, but take my word for it), saying that a celeb’s dress that had a cutout at the waist and a high slit might even cause some boys to “stumble”. What? Not only is it demeaning for girls, but boys, too.
      Sorry for my rant, I went a little off topic there, but I will leave it. It’s a topic I feel passionate about.

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