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Rise of Secular Musicians Proclaiming Christ with Tori Kelly, Justin Biebs, Selena and More!


There seems to be a rise in secular influencers who are being more outspoken about their faith while still maintaining a relevance in culture. The movement of Holywood I felt would take place in entertainment is well on its way, with evidence in Justin Bieber’s new album, even titled Purpose: The Movement.

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We also have Selena Gomez’s new album called Revival, which may or may not be connected to her Christian faith, but she has been more recently public by posting scriptures on her social media pages and even hanging with the church. Gomez was recently at the Hillsong Conference in New York with Hillsong, a global church that is known for their worship music and being able to reach society outside the norm of traditional church, as they have the gifts of art, creativity and innovation while glorifying God.

Tori Kelly is someone I followed on YouTube for a while before her rise to success and whose music I am a fan of. Kelly has penned her own lyrics not wanting to conform to the politically correct culture of being a cookie-cutter pop-music sex icon, but rather one who attends church, can laugh and have fun, and, of course, make amazing music with her guitar and vocal runs that remind me of Mya, the “Lady Marmalade” singer. (Well, her tone at least reminds me of it, anyway.) Watch her video with positive lyrics called “Unbreakable Smile,” right here.


[Image: Billboard]

The list is growing with influential leaders who are stepping up and being vocal about their faith. I love the new song “Children” by Justin Bieber, discussing and provoking a challenge of “who will be the change for the next generation?” Here are some of the words to his new single:

What about the children?
Look at all the children we can change
What about a vision?
Be a visionary for a change
We’re the generation
Who’s gonna be the one to fight for it?
We’re the inspiration
Do you believe enough to die for it?
Who’s got the heart? Who’s got it?
Whose heart is the biggest?
Wear it on your sleeve
That we can make a difference
Who’s got the heart? Who’s got it?
Whose heart is the biggest?
Wear it on your sleeve
That we can make a difference…

Proud of the Biebs for stepping up and really making some changes, although he is human and will never be perfect. Neither will any of us, but props to his new single and album! Watch his new VEVO music video here.

Another favorite who is known for her faith, and wasn’t a Christian-labeled artist but rather rose to popularity because of the television talent show American Idol, Carrie Underwood is still a light to many. Her single “Something in the Water” was about baptism, and her latest single, “Smoke Break,” is an interesting song about the pressures of life. Underwood is a believer and is unashamed of her faith, but still manages to rise to the top of the charts whether in country music or in the pop realm…go Carrie! We need more people like Carrie and more who will be verbal about their walk with Jesus!

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PI Girls, do you see a “Holywood” movement on the rise?


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  1. allisinger

    Posted by allisinger on November 30, 2015 at 11:23

    While I’m super happy that these celebrities have been talking about Jesus, it really bugs me that they have been “talking the talk” but not “walking the walk”. They continue to do unmoral things (like Selena Gomez posed nude for the “Revival” album cover), which makes it look like they aren’t really followers of Christ.

    • martial_artist_for_Jesus

      Posted by martial_artist_for_Jesus on December 1, 2015 at 05:44

      Amen, sista!!! And it would be fabulous, if they did start walking the talk!

      (P.S. We really, really need “like” buttons on here LOL)

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by mfriesen101 on November 30, 2015 at 08:49

    Awesome!! I’m glad.