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Russell Wilson and Ciara Announce Pregnancy After Abstaining Until Marriage

In an interview with The Rock Church last year, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson shared that he and singer Ciara would be saving sex for marriage. While this countercultural news made headlines everywhere, Russell made it clear that God called Him to lead her. He shared:

“And so I’ll never forget: She was on tour, she was traveling, and I was looking at her in the mirror. I was sitting in the dressing room, and she was getting ready to go, about 15 minutes before she went on stage. And she was sitting there, and God spoke to me and said, ‘I need you to lead her.’ And I was like, ‘Really? Right now?’

“He goes, ‘I want you and need you to lead her.’

“So I told her right then and there, what would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table and just did it Jesus’ way?”


While admitting it wouldn’t be easy and asking for much prayer, both do profess to being believers and followers of Christ.

Good news followed as the couple got married in England this past July.


We are The Wilsons!

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Three months later, on Instagram yesterday, the Wilsons announced they’re expecting a baby boy.


The Greatest Blessing of All. Forever Grateful. #BabyWilsonOnTheWay

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It’s always encouraging to hear of these stories where those with a platform set an example of dedicating to follow Christ in spite of the rest of the world. We’re praying for the Wilsons, a healthy pregnancy and their new little one! Will you pray with us?


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