This is me without makeup, I usually (almost always) wear mascara, although I don’t wear eyeshadow except for special occasions, because it aggravates my eyes. I’m in seventh grade and homeschooled, which doesn’t help me feel much better about myself. I sometimes see a girl walk by me and I think “Whoa, she’s gorgeous!” and can’t help but feel a little depressed. But, I always have a voice inside my head saying, “You’ll always be beautiful, just the way you are.” and it comforts me. Other times I’ll look in the mirror and pose, thinking “Hello, gorgeous!”. I’m always brought back to the thought that I’m made in the image of the almighty God, and with that in mind, I make it through each day, knowing that God is all I need <3

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    1. Your very pretty! I love your smile and your eyes! I am homeschooled too! I have at least 7 friends that are homeschooled and it really helps to have friends going through the same things as me. I would definitely advise trying to make some christian homeschooled friends if you don’t already. Also, remember that you are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside because you have Jesus in you! 🙂

    2. I’m homeschooled too! I totally understand where you are coming from with feeling a little depressed. Keep shining your light for Jesus!! You are beautiful! Your eyes are a gorgeous blue as well! Love in Christ ♥

    3. Hey! I’m homeschooled too! I wear mascara almost every day, even when I go to school on two days a week with other homescoolers. But I really don’t bother with any other make up. I always think, ‘If I went to Public School, there would be SOOOOO much more pressure to wear make up and look good!’ I’ glad I have friends in both situations, (Homeschooled and Public School, since I went to Public Grade school), so I have the chance to feel beautiful witout too much “help” from people who’s opinions I don’t really want. My friends at Homelink don’t really wear make up at all!

      You are beautiful, and your eyes are an amazing color! Don’t forget all of the pressures that come from “friends” in schools. You are so lucky!!!! 🙂

    4. Hey! I’m home schooled too, and i don’t think you need makeup. i have the exact same thoughts sometimes. One day i’ll be depressed and the next i walk into the n=bathroom and think “man, i look good!” lol.:) Most of my friends were a lot of makeup, but i have never worn makeup out in my life. 🙂 yeah, i have almost no eyelashes, but who cares.When i was in public school, i learned that giving into to peer pressure isn’t all that fun, It’s easier when your focusing on Jesus, cuz he’s a way better friend than anyone else. peace in the middle east. <3

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