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Back to School

School Hacks: 10 Back-to-School Essentials and DIY Videos!



PI Girls, back-to-school shopping has begun and I’m sure you are preparing for your upcoming school year. Here are 10 essentials that you will need for BTS! Hope you enjoy the tips and advice, and also have a good laugh at some of the videos, especially with Jeffrey from Awesomeness TV. Good luck, girls—you will do great, and remember the best is yet to come! (Jeremiah 29:11)


1. Backpack/Book Bag and Snacks: This is kind of an obvious one, especially for us girls, as we love our supplies and makeup bags, and we love to be organized. Watch the video below on how to make YOUR own unique backpack from home with your own design! So much fun! Or you can go to a school supply store to find a bag that suits you. Just be YOU and find a style you feel comfortable with!

Watch this tutorial on how to design your backpack and shoes with @LaurDIY.


2. Detox Water Bottle: Cleanse your body and mind with a Blogilates-designed detox water bottle that you can put fresh fruit or cucumbers into. This water will not only hydrate you, but the fruit will give you essential vitamins and help keep you healthy and sharp for learning. Click here to order yours!


3. Planner: Stay organized and get ready to start writing down your agenda for the remainder of the school year! Target and Big Lots may have some cute organizers, and your school may very well be handing out free organizers for homework, too!

Watch this video on five back-to-school hacks. You will have a laugh with Jeffrey Fever!


4. Notebooks, Binders, Paper, Pens, Pencils: Get the usual supplies you will need to stay organized for class. Check with your teachers if there are any required supplies, because teachers usually will let you know what you’ll need for the semester.

Here is a DIY for back-to-school supplies with Awesomeness TV.


5. New Devotional Reading Plan: Make sure to stick to God’s Word and to be faithful in reading your daily devotional. God’s Word will give you the strength you need to start the semester and to stay strong! Click here to download the Bible app.


6. A Positive Attitude: You don’t want to start on the wrong foot this semester by murmuring or complaining about the school year. Let’s stay inspired all year-round, amen?! Be optimistic—you be will be learning, changing, growing and becoming a BETTER YOU!


7. Get to Sleep Earlier: Get to bed earlier so you can rise earlier. We are all guilty of sleeping in late during the summer, so prepare in advance and get your body clock adjusted prior to the night before school. Avoid caffeine and sugar after 5 p.m. to avoid staying up super late and being exhausted for your first day. You want to be refreshed and renewed for the school year, right ladies? 🙂


8. Set Out Your New School Outfit or a New Look: Make sure you set out your outfit the night before so you can get a jump-start on your day and not feel stressed or pressured. Maybe even set out some cute, simple jewelry to add a touch of color! Shine and be YOU!


9. Order Your Books in Advance and/or Get Your School Schedule Prior to the First Day: Usually your school will host an orientation day, so make sure not to miss that. There may be important information given that day, such as when back-to-school ID photos are taken and so forth, so ask your parents if they have any 411, or you can always look at your school’s website!


10. Be Yourself and Be Excited: Be true, be you, be loving, be kind, be positive, be excited to see your friends, be optimistic! Remember, girls, there is only ONE you! No one can be you but YOU! God created you to be yourself and to be unique! Remember to walk in your divine royalty! Don’t compare yourself to others, and maybe you can even encourage someone who feels down and lonely this school year, amen?

Another idea: Look up college blogs or YouTube vlogs for ideas on how to decorate, DIYs and more! Download the “Made For You” Target app to take the quiz on YOUR room style if you are in college.


PI Girls, what do you get excited to buy when you go back to school? Comment below!


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