School Hacks: 10 Tips on How to Succeed in Math and Why You Don’t Need to Fear

    Many students tend to struggle with subjects like math and science, unless there is a natural gifting in this department or you have a strong calling to these areas of study. If you happen to be afraid of your math courses, don’t fear, because there is hope! There are many different resources to get you through to success and for you to finally earn that diploma or degree.

    Here are some resources that you can refer to when you are having a hard time understanding your mathematics class. You can also decide if you want to go further in your education regarding math and science and what is necessary to graduate. You can also look up careers at your potential college or university to see what jobs require math.

    From the University of California, Irvine, there is a list of resources that you can find regarding tutoring, research and other online tools. There is a good online site called Why Do Math and there are several other links for careers in finance and business. Go to your school’s official website for help and/or your college or potential place of study to find out where you can be assisted. Another study guide platform is We Use Math.

    Another great way to get better at math is to hire a tutor or mentor who can help you. What is key in really understanding math is practice, and really giving yourself time to focus on your work and not rushing. Joining a study group or finding a math partner to quiz you is a great idea as well. Exercise, sleep, water and health are vital in being a better student, too. Be sure to make flashcards and mock tests to practice and memorize what is necessary to succeed—and have fun with it!

    You can do it, PI Girls. I believe in you!

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    Tips for Succeeding in Math

    1. Study and take your time: Don’t try to cram before exams and make sure to complete your homework. Do study guides if necessary, or ask your teacher for other assignments if you need extra help.

    2. Go to math club or find a tutor: It is important to recognize if you are struggling with math, which is not abnormal. Many people are not very skilled in the math department, and if you are, good for you! There are places on campus where you can go and get extra assistance for free. If finance is not an issue, then consider hiring a private tutor.

    3. Practice: They say practice makes perfect, but perfect practice really makes perfect. Try to go through your former exams and review the problems you got wrong or give yourself a practice quiz.

    4. Study with a friend: Maybe this would seem distracting, but maybe make mock up tests like in tip #3, and correct each other’s problems. If you are stuck and unsure of something, two are better than one, right? You can never go wrong with working with a friend; they just make everything better.

    5. Only use a calculator when necessary: This may be a temptation for many of you, but seriously, if you are trying to ace your next test, refrain from using technology. Only break out the calculator if you need it for trigonometry problems.

    6. Make flashcards: Create a question on the front with the answer on the back and…repeat.

    7. Try memorization: Create a memory game or song to help yourself learn faster. You can do it!

    8. Use online resources: As mentioned above, you need to go to your school’s website and find out places where you can practice or learn beyond your textbook, if you are still struggling with a tutor. Check out some of the links I referred you to.

    9. Eat healthy and sleep well: You may have heard this before, but when you are hydrated, well rested and eating healthy, your brain will function better. Try eating “brain foods” like walnuts, almonds, and spinach and other greens. Replenish your body and mind so you can be strong to succeed!

    10. Reward yourself when you succeed: When you get that math exam you so eagerly are waiting to get the results back from, remember when you DO SUCCEED—because YOU WILL—you can reward yourself or treat yourself to something special. Whatever your vice, whether it be some fro yo, a movie, a special purchase or clothing item…go for it! Reward systems always prompt us to do better and to keep improving.

    Remember, don’t be so hard on yourself—just keep doing the necessary steps in becoming a better math student. 🙂

    PI Girls, do you struggle with math or is it one of your strengths? Comment below!

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. I’ve always been good in maths. But as I entered high school, things got a lot more difficult and the workload was a bit much. Now I know I just can’t depend on my “smarts”, I actually need to take the time to practice and study. Good tips and advice. Thank you

    2. I have struggled with math my entire life. I know IRL it’s different, but am I the only one who hates asking for help? I’m always the only one in my class who doesn’t understand and my teacher does a math tutoring thing, but I’m the only one who shows up. I feel so stupid and inferior when I’m the only person to get it wrong and when I’m the only one who gets homework wrong. I’m in high school Geometry and I don’t even grasp basic number sense!

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