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School Hacks: 10 Ways to Prevent Procrastination

It’s common for many students to be procrastinators nowadays with the distractions of social media, cellphones and Netflix. Don’t want to get behind on your school projects or are you sick of being sleep deprived? Then read these tips on how to avoid being a procrastinator and start creating better habits in school and in life.

1. Mark your calendar right away: Don’t wait to pen things in your calendar or put dates in your phone. Things can easily slip your mind, so as soon as you know of your deadline or time frame, set reminders along the way to avoid procrastination.

2. Work on your project or goal daily: If you chip away at something little by little, before you know it, you will be ahead in your timeline.

3. Don’t make excuses: It is easy to put things off by coming up with a list of a million reasons why you shouldn’t start now. Don’t fall into the trap.

4. Don’t worry and overwhelm yourself: Worrying doesn’t add anything to your life, so avoid doing it altogether.

5. Start early: So you want to avoid waiting until the last minute? Start early and work hard at setting an earlier deadline than necessary. You will begin to train yourself to do things in advance.

6. Write reminders down: Making lists and goal sheets really helps in accomplishing homework, projects and other work. Writing things down will help you if you tend to forget a lot.

7. Take a social media break before your work: If you want to avoid waiting until the last minute on studying or an assignment, make sure to complete your work before getting sucked into the “World Wide Web…..” It is a web, isn’t it?

8. Keep your balance: Don’t overwork yourself so that you push your work to the edge of your deadline. Pace yourself and treat yourself when necessary. Learn to take care of your body and get good rest, yet work hard as well.

9. Work with a study/project partner: Sometimes having someone keep you accountable, like a good friend, will help you maintain focus.

10. Post sticky notes where you will see them: A reminder note or two will keep you on top of your assignment and will help you to complete your work instead of cramming at the last minute. Try this tip and let me know if it works! Remember, the earlier you start something, the sooner you will be relieved and feeling accomplished!


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PI Girls, do you have any tips on avoiding procrastination?

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