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School Hacks: Everyday Makeup Tutorial and Tips

I wanted to share a YouTube tutorial for everyday school make-up for you PI girls. The video blogger is named Marla Catherine and she is in High School. I like her simple, and down to earth homemade video and step by step routine. I think her products are well known (high quality) and she explains her tips for under eye concealer, and blending. She has over 1 million subscribers and so I thought you would be inspired to see her channel! 

Watch the “Everyday Makeup Tutorial” here: 

Some of the tips or hacks she shares is that she uses a facial mask in the morning, (or even you can before bed). Typically you can do this facial mask weekly, but if you have a break out, you can daily to remove the outbreak. Next, she talks about how she blends her under eye concealer with her ring finger, as that is the weakest finger (best for this part of the face), and we must use for the sensitive areas under our eyes to avoid tearing the skin and or causing unwanted wrinkles. Next, she discusses how bronzer brightens the skin and makes you have a natural glow and much more! 

The video is sponsored by Sephora and the products she used in the video were: 

The Primer Mask – https://seph.me/2LsP3HU  

Bright Future Sephora Collection Gel Serum – https://seph.me/2LEDYCO  

Bronzer – https://seph.me/2LVTqY7  

Posietint by Benefit – https://seph.me/2NOmaCE  

Brow Pencil by Benefit – https://seph.me/2OliUQi  

Cush Fiber Brow Gel by milk – https://seph.me/2Om1YJi 

Too Faced Peach Palette – https://seph.me/2LW1Nmz 

Shiseido Eyelash Curler – https://seph.me/2LXvgN4  

LashCraft Big Volume Sephora Collection – https://seph.me/2LuxIOV 

Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter – https://seph.me/2LIS1XV 

If you would like to contact the video blogger you can write to her at: 

✭ P.O. BOX ✭

Marla Catherine

P.O. Box 50774

Provo, Utah 84605

From her official YouTube Channel, she has some frequently asked questions: 

✧ FAQ ✧ 

+ how old are you? 15

+ how tall are you? 5′ 6″

+ what do you use to edit videos? My sister films + edits the videos, she uses Final Cut Pro! 

PI girls, do you love makeup tutorials? I totally do! Although our beauty doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside, we can still take care of our bodies and look our best! I hope you get some good ideas for daily simple make-up! Have fun! 


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