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School Hacks: How to Stay Motivated and Get Organized

Watch the study tips and organization tips for school with YouTube’s Alisha Marie!

Below is a recap of her study tips and advice for staying motivated in school until the end of the year! I hope you enjoy, PI girls, and I pray you do well on your upcoming midterms!


10 Tips for Staying Motivated in School


1. Make studying fun: Get a study buddy or study outside, at a coffee shop or at a library. Meet up with a friend and do some work together!

2. Make a study nook/corner: Make a fun study area with blankets and a desk, a candle, music…oh, and let’s not forget coffee! ; )

3. Make a music playlist: Listening to music while studying (especially instrumental or classical music) has been proven to help boost brain activity.

4. Gather everything you need BEFORE you sit down to study: If you don’t do this prior to your study time, then it is likely you will have to keep getting up for either supplies or snacks, and so forth.

5. Make a flashcard of the day: Weeks before your midterms and final exams, make sure to do a flashcard per day and use different colored markers to make certain words stand out. Have a “know” pile and a “study” pile for terms or material you still need to learn.

6. Use highlighters: Highlighters and markers are lifesavers when it comes to making your notes stand out and/or interesting. Make sure to have different colors so you can brighten up your study time!

7. Invest in a planner: Calendars help us all stay on top of our to-do lists and our busy schedules. You can design, create and/or even scrapbook your planner to make it more fun to look at.

8. Use a dry erase marker on your mirror: If you want to remind yourself of what you need to do, a dry erase marker comes in handy for mirrors for those extra vocabulary words or those final reminders you to need tell yourself while you do your makeup or hair, or when you walk by. It is easy to see either on your vanity mirror or in your restroom. Make sure it is erasable and that if you share a restroom with a roomie, sibling or someone else, ask or tell them beforehand.

9. Don’t procrastinate: Study hard before your exam weeks ahead little by little. You can do it!

10. Reward yourself: If you want to reward yourself AFTER studying, this is a great idea! If you decide to reward yourself between long projects, it can help refuel you for the long haul (see Alisha Marie’s video). Remember, you worked hard and you earned it! Motto in life: work hard and play hard.


Watch the video below and subscribe to Alisha Marie’s channel for more life hacks and fun videos:


PI Girls, what are your study habits and do you have any tips or advice regarding staying motivated and being organized?

Image: Youtube


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